Elena had gotten over a hundred texts and calls from Caroline, Damon, Stefan, and others of that such. But she didn't answer or reply back. Her paranoid brain told her continuously, trust no one.

She gladly listened to that part of her brain, as the rational part lost the battle and slowly shut down, as Elena drove herself into insanity. She was bored in the house by herself. She had to admit that to herself. But she wasn't able to sleep correctly.

Her dreams were to vivid and uncontrollable for her to even fathom peaceful sleep. She had remembered to keep her necklace on her 24/7. She had a small vervain plant growing outside her window, so she'd be able to have it in her tea or whatever she consumed.

She realized soon enough she would have to go out and restock the house with food and all the essential needs for a normal person. As she laid in the darkness of her house, she heard her phone go off on her nightstand once again.

She groaned in annoyance, getting irritated by the same ringtone playing over and over again. And Elena knew who it was calling. Caroline sure knew how to be persistent.

She screeched and finally darted up, answering her phone finally. "What?" she groused into the fun, seeming quite annoying. "Finally! You answer," Caroline said graciously, ignoring Elena's rude tone.

"What do you want Car?" Elena whimpered, feeling too paranoid for her own good. She suspected, Caroline must be compelled. Her nails dug roughly into the skin of her palm, sprinkling small bloody crescents across her skin.

"Are you ok? You've been gone forever and I've been worried sick," she said in an innocent tone. "I'm fine Caroline. I've just been home a lot, haven't been feeling well," she whispered, lying slightly.

"Well I'll come over then," she said brightly. "No!" Elena practically yelled into the receiver, panicking. "Elena are you sure you're ok? Why can't I come over?" she asked.

"If you come over, then he'll know. I can't let him near me," she whispered, looking around the room hesitantly. She was hoping he wasn't outside her window or anything, listening in on this conversation.

"Elena. What are you talking about?" Caroline seemed too clueless…..way too clueless. "Nothing. Just don't come over and let me slowly parish on my own!" she yelled into the phone, quickly hanging it up.

She rolled onto her stomach and screamed into the pillow, feeling to overwhelmed with emotions. She sighed deeply, moving her face away from the pillow slowly. She laid on her side, eyes closed. Looseness overwhelmed her, it was surprising and rare for her. Ever since she isolated herself 7 days ago.

Slowly she lolled herself into sleep, finally feeling at ease.

Break the skin. Cause I can't tell where your body ends and mine begins

As she was in the peaceful black she suddenly felt the paradise shatter. His face was suddenly there. In her subconscious she gasped and was ready to bolt. But his painful grip on her arm stopped.

She groaned and tried to fight against him. But she soon realized that struggling only made it more painful for her. She froze and tried her best to hold back the tears threatening to spill over. Showing weakness in front of him would only amuse him further and she didn't want that to happen at all.

He smirked. "I was starting to miss you love. Why did you leave?" he asked, seeming completely innocent. But Elena easily saw through it and just glared instinctively.

His grip tightened, the echoing crack of her muscle underneath his grip was audible in the silence between them. "Answer me," he grounded out, bowing his head down close to her ear.

She gulped and shivered, unable to control her body's spasms. "I don't know," she whispered lamely. He pulled his hand away and backed away slowly from her.

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to take that as an answer," he rolled his eyes, his tone dripping with detectable sarcasm. For some reason, Elena flinched from his tone.

"I- I didn't want to see you," she bowed her head, not wanting to meet his gaze. He was suddenly close to her, his breath audible to her ears, his surprising warmth radiating off of him in waves, seeping into her.

"Did my brother successfully scare you off?" he asked seriously. She nodded honestly, unable to lie anymore. He roughly yanked her chin up, forcing her to look him in the eye.

"Well darling he's right. I will take every last drop of your innocence. I admit it, but you're to sinful and if you let me, I won't ever get rid of you," his teeth bared as he grinned down at her wolfishly.

She blinked vigorously, unable to actually answer or reply. He leaned down and captured her lips passionately, seeming to slowly suck her energy away. She couldn't fight it, so she just froze and let it happen.

"Now wake up and invite me in," he drawled, pulling back and staring deeply into her eyes. Her pupils dilated as his did. Her mind hazy and blank. "I'll wake up and invite you in," she repeated back mechanically. Her vocal cords working on their own accord.

Everything went black and in a wink she was awake and walking out of her room. Her rational mind screamed at her and she quickly stopped herself. But it seemed her limbs were working against her mind.

She grabbed onto the banister, fighting against her limbs. "No!" she screamed, seeming to try and command her body to stop moving towards the front door.

But her limbs won the war and she opened the door to see Kol standing there. She gulped and tried to hold the words that so badly wanted to spill past her lips.

He smirked, it seemed his power was pushing out to her, practically forcing her to speak. "Come in," she stifled unwillingly. He walked across the threshold and stopped in front of her.

He leant down and captured her lips in a searing kiss that made her head spin. She inclined her head back more and replied back hazily.

Tear the flesh. I woke today feeling like some kind of masochist

He pulled back and smirked victoriously. "Thought you could escape me," he whispered against her hair. He pulled her hair away and his tongue immediately darted out to lavish the carotid vein that was thrumming to it's own beat.

Causing Kol to become hungry. His canines lengthened and he wasted no time to sink them into her neck. She stifled an unreadable gasp from the stinging feeling that seeped through her bones.

Her blood pooled down his throat, she slowly slipped into the blackness of her dying mind. He felt so out of control when around her. He found it very hard to stop feeding from her.

This is what she did to him! She made him feel like a fucking insatiable newborn vampire. He had been way past that stage, or so he thought. But the lovely, little doppelganger changed it all.

Her mind was shutting down, she saw stars behind her eyelids as she blinked vigorously. He pulled back with a bloodied face, staring down at her fluttering eyes. He bit into his wrist and offered it out for her to take.

She took it without hesitation. All she cared about was getting healed and surviving. Katherine would be so proud, Elena thought bitterly to herself. Kol's eyes closed involuntarily and he felt her lips suckle his skin forcefully, driving him insane.

You bring things to be

He yanked his wrist back and captured her lips with his in a wanton kiss. Elena felt his lust echoing through her being, with them just having exchanged blood. It was infectious and she couldn't help but feel the same burning desire resonate throughout her body.

And your mojo witchcraft, Honey, it's working on me

She bit his bottom lip in pure wanton, not having control of her body anymore from what it seemed like. The sinful motion drove him deeper into a swirl of passion.

Oh, I go off like a gun

Suddenly she was slammed against the soft mattress that belonged to her. He grinded against her and pulled back to stared at her. She seemed to feel something primal go off within her. She used all her strength to quickly roll him over onto his back, with her straddling his hips.

She kissed him passionately, her lips traveled down to his bare collar bone. She bit at it, feeling her anger show. She hissed in anger, while he hissed in pleasure. "God I hate you," she whimpered against his lips.

"Hate you too," he teased back, letting his fangs scrape against her bottom lip. Drawing blood from two needle prick marks.

Grip me in your hands

His hands dug painfully into her hips as he manipulated her body to be underneath his. She hummed and yanked off his shirt, feeling her anger and lust mix together. Eventually she shed his shirt off of him. He was more urgent and foreful.

He split her tank top straight down the middle, yanking it away from her body. She lied there in her dark purple, lacy bra. Kol could only imagine what her panties looked like. His lips traveled down the smooth plane of her stomach, causing her to moan and thrust her lower half closer to him.

Soaked in sin. Baptized by your kiss and now I'm born again

As Elena stared up at him, she felt as if she saw him in a new light. Now was the turning point, she saw him completely different now. She didn't quite loathe him like before. He saw the changing gleam in her eye and smirked.

He leaned down and kissed her slow and sensuous, almost causing Elena to cum right then and there. Kol felt her passion filter into the kiss. It felt better than when she seemed unwillingly, like he was forcing it on her. When they both knew, she gladly accepted everything he gave her.

Bite your lip. Wrap my hands around your head and pull you in

She was pulled closer to him, which was near impossible with their already close proximity. Elena grinded her throbbing center against Kol's obvious hardened member. The heat becoming near unbearable for her.

So let's make a mess

He yanked her shorts and panties off all together, leaving her completely naked and open for him to devour her. She pouted slightly when she noticed he was only half-naked. She gripped his belt and tugged it off with a clumsy urgency.

Soon enough they were both naked together, and Kol dove into her. She moaned, egging him on. He felt his mind go haywire and he thrusted erratically into her. His hands roughly squeezed her breasts, causing her to practically screech in pleasure.

Her body shifted back and forth from the quick pace he started to go at. Kol continued to pleasure the little human, having her spiral into swirls of oblivion over and over again.

His tongue was diving into her folds, curling and hitting the right spot for her.

Tear up these sheets

She gripped the sheets with such ferocity, that they tore at her nails digging forcefully into the thin fabric. Kol was enjoying tasting Elena in every way possible.

He had his fingers take over the job his tongue was just performing. He trailed his lips down the apex of her thigh. Elena was panting and rocking against his fingers, feeling her orgasm coming close.

His tongue lavished the sensitive spot of her inner thigh. "Unn, Kol- pleasee," she whimpered, needing to feel the numbing sensation of unexplainable pleasure quake through her once again. Kol smirked, what he was about to do would probably give her the best orgasm of her life.

As his fingers curled and quickened, sliding in and out of her at an immortal pace. He felt she was starting to clench, he took the time to quickly sink his fangs into the salivated spot of her thigh.

It echoes in my head. Bang, bang, bang. Grip me in your hands

Her scream of pleasure echoed through the house. Thank god no one else lived there and she was on her own. Kol smirked victoriously, he pulled himself up to her level. Her eyes were fluttering and dark, a dreamy look filtering in them.

She seemed to be slowly coming down from her high. Kol kissed her slowly, causing her head to spin furthermore.

He pulled back and stared at her. "You need to get cleaned up," he noticed her ragged appearance. She nodded and let him lead her to the master bathroom with the large bath tub.

He ran a bath and he soon had it all ready. They sunk in the soapy, heated water together. Elena's back resting against his chest. They sat there in silence, feeling content with one another. "Finally accept it," he whispered against her shoulder.

"You're different from anyone. You make me feel almost like how I was before. Wild and reckless, with not a single care in the world. I know if I let you, you'll bring that part of me back and eternity could be a blast together," her hand grasped his own.

"My thoughts exactly pet," he purred, giving her a new nickname. She put away her pride and ignored it. She didn't want to ruin the moment with her values. She knew they were all down the toilet ever since she got involved in the supernatural. So she didn't know why she suddenly thought of them now.

She threw caution to the wind and decided to give into Kol. It would only make her life easier if he were nice and playful with her. That was how he naturally was, and Elena was the same.

Song: Bang by Armchair Cynics

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