After all the craziness ended things were peaceful in Ohu again, but however something has been bother Gin. "Father what's wrong?" Weed said. "I'm just sad right now that's all." Gin said. "Why are you sad tell me please, I'm your son and look Joe doesn't hate you anymore and loves you like a Father again, plus you're a grandpa now." Weed said. "Well it's just you see your Mother and I were so close I thought nothing could separate us, and then she wound up dying because I should of brought more dogs with her other than smith then maybe she might have not died, also because I was a terrible Father your brother Yukimura died….. I must be the worst father in the world I guess it's because I never really had a father." Gin explained. "Don't say that you did the best you could Dad and what do you mean 'I never really had a father.'?" Weed asked. "Well you see Weed your Grandfather Riki died protecting me but however before that he had amnesia so he didn't even remember that I was his son, but when he came to rescue me he remembered, but he died you see Weed I was emotionally scarred and my only family were Gohei, Your grandmother Fuji and Daisuke. When I visited Gohei gave me a hug but died right after my Mom died from natural age all I had left was Daisuke, Then I met your Mother that's when everything changed." Gin explained. Gin was then crying as he was explaining. Weed then licked off his tears and said. "Don't cry Dad I'm sorry I never knew you went through so much." "Please don't worry my new family I now have you, Joe, my grandchild, and all of Ohu." Gin said. "But I can't believe I caused the deaths of most of my loved ones." Gin cried. "Stop it Dad you didn't cause it plus when Yukimura died he didn't die hating rather he loved you in the end please your suffering will cause their souls suffering, I bet right now Yukimura is feeling bad for mistreating you I bet they're watching over us." Weed said. "Thank you Son." Gin said. "Also one more thing never call me leader because you're my Father you don't need to follow my orders and you can sleep with me in Gajou the leader sanctuary plus Joe and his son, as a happy family and that's an order." Weed said. "Alright Weed." Gin said. Back at Gajou Joe, Weed, Gin, and Koujiro were eating food. "Dad?" Weed asked. "Yes what is it?" Gin asked. "You see me and Weed were talking." Joe said. "And we think you should find a new mate." Weed said. "What! Why!" Gin Asked surprisingly. "Well Dad we thought you would be more happier when you have someone new to love." Weed explained. "But even though Your mother is gone… I don't think that would be right she loved me and I don't want to break her heart… Besides I'm happy knowing she's in a happy place and she's with Fuji, Riki, And Yukimura I don't want her to be heartbroken, Weed Joe this cannot be an option please." Gin said. "But don't you think Mom would want you happy, she knows that you're not only happy when she's happy you should let her go, stop suffering I bet she would of said the same thing." Joe said. "….Fine I'll look for a new mate but before I do I'm going to go to your Mother's grave first and pray and tell her.." Gin said. "Dad don't be sad please you don't have to do it." Weed said. "No Sons you are probably right but the thing is it won't be easy." Gin explained. The next day Gin left Ohu to go to Sakura's grave and was accompanied by Cross, Weed, and Tesshin. Joe stayed behind to look after Koujiro. It took a couple of days to get there and pray, and then they went back. "Dad are you alright?" Weed asked. "Yea I guess you see I feel like I betrayed your mother I don't want her to suffer for me. "Dad let me tell you something, I saw Mom in my dream last night she told me that me and Joe were doing the right thing even Yukimura agreed." Weed said. "I believe you Weed I guess this means you'll get a new mother then." Gin said. "Yea." On the way they found an injured female dog on the road. "Oh my are you alright?" Gin concerned. "Yea.. I'm alright I'm a little wobbly though." The female said. She looked at Gin and looked very dazed at Gin. "What's your name?" Gin asked. "Felicia and you?" She asked. "My name is Gin former leader of Ohu." Gin introduced. "Here let me carry you on my back do you want to go to ohu we'll help make you feel better?" Gin Offered. "Sure." She said. From that moment on Weed felt very odd about her. They went back to Ohu and took care of Felicia till she got better. "hey um Gin.. Could I stay here in Ohu?" She asked. "Uh yea sure.. He Weed Joe could she stay with us at Gajou?" Gin asked. "Sure." Both Weed and Joe said. "Alright it's settled." Gin said. It was in the middle of the night Felicia woke up. "Hey Gin could I ask you something?" Felicia asked. "Sure." She then went on a pose seductively and went on top of Gin. "What are you doi…" Gin was interrupted. Felicia then licks Gin chest and successfully seduces him. They eventually made love but a couple hours later. "Ugh what's all the noise?" Weed asked. He then saw his father he was dead. "FATHER!" Weed yelled. "Wake up wake up what happened! FATHER!" Weed yelled. "Oh boy kid what me and your Dad did was so much fun how would you like to do it with me?" Felicia asked. "YOU WHAT DID YOU DO TO FATHER!" Weed screamed. "Oh my I'm sorry I guess you're too young sorry for even asking." Felicia said. "ANWSER ME!" Weed screamed. "Weed what's going on?... FATHER!" Joe came in and asked then yelled. "Joe that bitch she murdered Father!" Weed said. Joe gasped. "Beat it kids I plan on having so more fun with other males." Felicia said. "YOU WHORE!" Weed screamed. He then attacked Felicia but missed. "Oh violent are we? Well I'm tired so I'll just get out of here." She said. "Where the hell are you going GET BACK HERE!" Weed yelled. "…Weed…Joe…" Gin said in pain. "DADDY!" Both Weed and Joe yelled in concern. "Weed Joe I'm sorry she took me by surprise I never thought she would do this to me." Gin explained. "Dad you're going to be alright I'm sure of it!" Joe cried. "I'm seeing a light… Sakura I'm sorry for what I did please forgive me….. Weed Ohu is in your hands….. Joe Take care of your son…" Gin said. Both Weed and Joe cried. "I'm sorry Sakura, Yukimura, Father, Mother, Weed, Joe, and Koujiro. I'm sorry for dying in a foolish way." Gin apologized. He died. "DADDY!" Both Weed and Joe yelled. The next day everyone in Ohu gather and at Gajou. "Everyone listen we will go to my Mother's grave and bury My Father's body with her grave." Weed said. "That's an Order." Weed said. "YES LEADER!" Everyone cried. Everyone went to Sakura's grave and buried his body with her grave so they could be together forever. "*sniff*" Weed sniffed. "*sniff* Daddy I'm sorry…I was so cruel to you when we first met I'm sorry for everything please take care *sniff*" Joe Cried. "Weed Joe." Akame called. "Akame?" both Weed and Joe said. "I'm sorry for everything that has happened." Akame apologized. "No Akame you had nothing to do with it, it's not your fault." Weed explained. "Weed and Joe would it be alright if I raised you two as my own children?" Akame asked. "huh" Both weed and Joe gasped. "You see my children died a long time ago and I was frustrated I thought I could never be a good father. So now I want to try again I want to raise you please will you accept me as your new Father?" Akame begged. "YES!" Both weed and Joe said. "You will?" Akame asked. "We're all pretty much victims so I would never turn down an offer like this." Weed explained. "Same here." Joe said. Everyone was crying because of Gin's death but now he could enjoy the Heavens now and see Yukimura and Sakura also his beloved Father Riki. Weed clinked immediately as if Akame was his Father.