Joe returned to Ohu depressed like usual and Weed's attention was eventually caught by Joe's actions and decided to speak with him. "Joe what is wrong talk to me please." Weed requested. "Nothing… Just visiting Dad's grave again." Joe replied. "That's 8th time this week, and all you have been doing was visiting him what is wrong!?" Weed shouted at Joe. "I-I… nothing… Don't worry." Joe said. "No Joe it's not okay! It's been two months since his death you should be over with this by now plus you only knew Dad for like 1 month." Weed said. ((As an Ost Chocolat by Panty and Stocking plays)). "Shut up!" Joe yelled at Weed. "I'm just … upset that I didn't get to know him is all…" Joe said. "Or maybe guilt?" Weed asked. "Guilt what do you mean!?" Joe asked. "Well you and Dad are both Fathers… so I was wondering how you would feel if you were in Dad's shoes, being hated by his own child, and over something that couldn't be helped." Weed said. Joe gulps. "Awful isn't it you knew the love he tried to give you, because you were giving Koujiro that same love, and I know you saw Saehji after Yukimura's death, I'm wondering what he said to you, or perhaps how Mother would feel about your hatred towards Father." Weed said. "You're right… this is why I always feel this way… it's guilt, at first I tried forcing myself to love him and… by hearing what he went through but after seeing your smile towards Dad… It warmed me up inside I even like to imagine him as the one who raised me… that's when… I swore to never let go… but he was taken away by Felicia… so wait… Felicia… mistfiend… KOUJIRO!" Joe said. "What is it?" Weed asked. "Suwa is still recovering after the war with the monkeys… and we entrusted Saheji with Koujiro… Mistfiend must of…" Joe said. "Weed we need to go to Suwa immediately!" Joe requested. "Of course Joe!" Weed agreed. Weed got the ohu army and they charged towards Suwa. Hang on Koujiro Daddy is coming back! Joe thought.

Author's note:

Okay pretty short chapter and lol I know "Feelings" Gag derpz I sumtimes act like one of those girls that go all like Oh god Feelings! And fan boy shit and stuff lol I know there aren't a lot of fans….. or any fans out there but sorry that this chapter is late I have a very tight schedule :P so I'll do my best to keep this story going. And important note forgive me if my English is starting to suck I'm learning multiple languages: Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, Biscayan.