First Gossip Girl fanfic, based on the TV show. AU, set during the 1950s during the era of McCarthyism.

The Los Angeles Review

Hollywood Says Farewell to Larry Birdman

It seems that Mr. Birdman has written a Hollywood screenplay for the last time. At 6:02 this past Sunday- the 12th of September, 1951, Larry Birdman was arrested in his home for communicating with Communists that were secretly staying in the United States. Birdman, who used to be a member of the American Communist Party, had already been inspected by the House Committee of Un-American Activities and had claimed that he had no knowledge of any known Communists. While he was once a successful and respected script writer (some of his most famous works include Dinner on Sunday, Julius, Man of the Hour, and the Red Queen, the last of which insinuated his approval towards Communism), Birdman has now lost his job at United States Film Co (USFC) and is now facing arrest for lying under oath about his knowledge of the aforementioned Communists. –Jacob Pullman.

Blair primly set the paper back on the antique coffee table and took a sip of her tea. She had never met Mr. Birdman. He wasn't a part of the classic 'old Hollywood' social circles that her and her associates moved in. Her mother Eleanor often referred to him as one of 'those upstarts'. Just as that thought crossed Blair's mind, Eleanor's heels came clacking towards Blair. Blair smiled politely up at her mother who acknowledged her daughter with a brief kiss on the forehead.

"I'm heading out dear; Edward Ashwood wants me to create a sketch of my costume line for his newest film. It's going to be absolutely marvelous." But just as Eleanor was about to leave, her lover Cyrus Rose- a renowned entertainment lawyer- walked into the room.

Cyrus and Eleanor were not married. In fact, Eleanor was still technically married to Blair's father, Harold, another entertainment lawyer working for a different firm. However, recently Harold had…eloped with one of his secretaries. A male secretary.

The couple had gone to Paris together where they bought a lovely Parisian apartment, and Eleanor had stayed in LA and eventually met Cyrus. Because Eleanor was one of the most sought after costume designers in Hollywood, and for stars themselves, none had verbally objected to Eleanor's indiscretions, and of course, the most anyone else knew about Harold was that he was in Paris while he and Eleanor had 'temporarily separated'.

At first, Blair had been bothered by her father's departure. While Eleanor had been somewhat dismissive of her only child, Blair had always been her father's pride and joy. So when Harold had first left, she'd been devastated. But recently, Eleanor and Blair had been getting along…better. It was improvement at least.

Cyrus had been another problem at first. Blair originally couldn't abide the tiny, balding man, with his loudness and excitement which was looked down upon in her society, but Blair had come to be genuinely fond of Cyrus Rose, especially when he proved that he was hiding a brilliant brain under his shiny, round head.

"Eleanor, you can't just run out of here without saying goodbye! I'm probably not going to see you until dinner! There's just not enough time in the day anymore, not enough!" And with that, he pulled Blair's mother into a fond embrace. Blair tastefully looked away, and her eyes glanced back to the newspaper. So did Eleanor's and Cyrus'. Eleanor scanned the article and tutted quietly. Communism brought nothing but trouble, and who was Larry Birdman to allow it to seep into Hollywood? Sure he wasn't the first, but to let it continue…it was preposterous.

"The lines people will cross these days. Well, at least I never did business with him," Eleanor stated staunchly. Cyrus picked up the paper, looking saddened.

"Oh, Eleanor! It's not like that, you know how the HUAC can be, why I knew Larry. Ran into him a couple of times at the office- a very friendly man to be sur-"

"Cyrus, be quiet! We cannot have any interaction with Communists. Birdman was a fool, and I will not let a connection with him sully our name along with his."

"But, Eleanor…"

Eleanor gave a resigned sigh, before saying in a softer voice.

"Now I know that you may have thought that he was a good man, but he's a Communist, and we cannot have that under our roof, Cyrus, you know that." Eleanor looked down at her platinum Cartier watch and sighed again. "I really have to go, I will see you all later. We can discuss this private issue more at dinner. Oh, and Blair, I suggest you get ready, you're friends will be arriving soon." With a quick kiss on Cyrus' cheek, Eleanor was out the door.

As Eleanor left, Blair turned to Cyrus.

"It's his fault, you know. He shouldn't have defied the Committee so blatantly. They have to punish suspected Communists. You know that, Cyrus," Blair said, trying to sound apologetic. Cyrus looked at her grimly.

"Blair, these accusations that people are making are very serious. It doesn't take much to be suspected of Communism anymore, all it takes is an enemy, and then anyone can be reported," Cyrus paused as he took in Blair's deepening frown of worry. "You couldn't have thought that all the people that were sent packing were Communists? Maybe one or two had some Communist sympathy in the past, but this bad business will haunt us in the future."

Blair let Cyrus' words sink in.

"Well, it's a good thing that we are out of this mess. They'll never accuse our family."

"I hope you're right Blair," Cyrus said affectionately as he too strolled over to the elevator and out of the building.

After Cyrus and her mother were gone, Blair called her maid, Dorota over to clean up. Dorota quickly gathered up the breakfast tray from the living room, and came back to straighten up.

"What is to be done with newspaper Miss Blair?" Dorota asked. Blair eyed the paper warily before quietly muttering "burn it".

As Dorota tossed the article into the flames, the firelight reflected into Blair's chocolate eyes, as she watched the paper burn until nothing more than a crisp was left.