Title: What You Already Know
Prompt: Three Little Words (not "I love you")
Pairing/Characters: Luffy
Rating: K
Word Count: 300
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece.

You'll never forget the time you first met him, when he bounced into your life completely uninvited. Back then, you were just a nobody with a big dream and almost no way of achieving it. He was only a boy, one with an even bigger and crazier dream than you, and you laughed at him because his dream was absolutely insane. He was absolutely insane. But then he flashed you a smile, one that was brighter than the sun on a cloudless day, and it made you feel warm. You didn't know what he saw in you. Be my nakama! You hesitated because you knew you couldn't measure up to him, not when his dream overshadowed the whole world.

But then he saved you when you didn't know you needed saving, pulled you out of the dark past that threatened to overwhelm you. And it was then that you knew you could never follow anyone else but him. When he asked again, you said yes, of course you said yes, was there really any other answer to begin with? You know you're not the only one; you look at the rest of your nakama and exchange knowing smiles. It was the same with them.

And he doesn't stop. Time and time again, he goes to hell and back for you, for all his nakama. And you have to wonder.

One day you decide to ask. You know it's a silly question because deep down, the answer is already there. So you keep it simple and to the point.


And of course he knows exactly what you mean, knows that you already know the answer yourself, knows because he's Luffy, but he replies anyway, his whole face lighting up in a smile that's wider than any ocean.

"Because we're nakama!"