This is an IF story. IF Ace and Luffy were really brothers and had the same mom.
Summary: Luffy always sees Ace smiling. But behind his smile, Ace is hurting thanks to his mom. CHILD ABUSE! AcexLuffy!
Disclaims: I do not own One Piece or any character from the amazing manga/anime. If I did… ACE WOULD BE MINE~! AHAHAHAHA! Ace: No, I'd be Luffy's… I swear, some of these fangirls are insane… Shuraiya&Luffy: Agreed.

Beyond The Smiles, Beyond The Reason

Portgas held her new born child close in her arms, rocking him gently while humming a lulling tune. The small child had messy black hair, childish freckled cheeks and big innocent blue/gray eyes. It was rare in the East, West and North blue for children with black hair to have gray eyes. The small child sleepily blinked, looking up with his big rare eyes at his mom who slightly giggled at the yawning child.

"Now what shall I call you, my lovely child?" Portgas thought for awhile, staring into her child's eyes as she did. "I'll call you Ace. Portgas D. Ace." Ace smiled at his new name before giving off another tired yawn. Dragon had just walked into the room, hearing his sons new name. Even though Ace wasn't his real child, for the father was Gol D. Roger, he still saw the child as his own.

"Ace...that's a nice name for him." He kindly commented, earning a smile from Portgas.

"Thank you. I decided to name him that cause of the looks in his eyes."

"Oh? And what looks were they?"

"The looks of luck and love. Don't they say the Ace of spades bring good luck?"

"Yes, they do say that." Dragon took a seat next to his wife held carefully took the child from her arms and placed him gently into his arms. Dragon looked deeply into this sons tired eyes and saw two different looks. He saw pain and desire.

~~~4 months later~~~

Portgas sat cross-legged on the carpeted floor while Dragon sat comfortably on the couch, both of them watching Ace. Ace was playing with toys when he suddenly looked at his mom with confident eyes.

"Come here, Ace." At first, Ace had started to crawl to her just like all 6 month old infants. But then he stopped and attempted to stand... and succeeded! He gave a big smile at his parents who were gaping. After almost losing his balance a few times, Ace then proceeded to try and walk to his mom... and succeeded in that too! He slowly (very slowly) walked towards his mom with his arms wide open. Portgas eagerly waited as her son was half way to her when he suddenly fell flat on his face, leaving her speechless for a second. There was an awkward silence that hung in the room between the two parents and 'dead' child.

"Oh my god, he died! Dragon what's wrong with him? Ace!" Dragon gave a small chuckle.

"Remember I told you my dad has that thing, Narcolepsy? Well I think little Ace has it too." Portgas gave a sigh of relief before she picked up Ace and laughed the whole matter off with Dragon.

~~~6 more months later~~~

Ace could now speed walk (he wasn't perfect at it, of course) at the age of one and was proud of it. Dragon instantly knew Ace was gonna be extremely strong and was gonna play a big role in the future world. Ace looked up at his dad and smiled, holding a picture up to Dragon.

"You want me to read you a book?"

"Yah!" Ace cheered before sitting on the couch next to his dad. Dragon lifted Ace into his lap and opened up the book. Ace let out 'oohs' and 'aahs' as he saw each picture, making Dragon smile softly.

~~~May 5th- Two years later~~~

Ace paced back and forth in front of the door of his mom's room. His mom was supposed to be having another child right now. 'I hope the baby's okay...I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl...' Ace was cut off from his thoughts as he heard his mom call for him. Ace opened the door and rushed to his mothers side, seeing his new sibling. The doctor who delivered the child smiled and walked out of the room with all his medical instruments.

"You have a younger brother, Ace!" Ace smiled happily before looking at his little brother. He had wild black hair, hugeinnocent brown eyes and goofiest smile you have ever seen! The small child reached its small fingers towards Ace. "Look, Ace! He wants you to hold him!" Ace took a step back when his mom held out the new child towards him. "Ace? What's wrong? Don't you wanna hold your new brother?"

"But what if I drop him?"

"You won't." Ace warily walked towards the bed and reached his arms out. His mom slowly laid the new born down into Ace's secure arms and then slowly let go, leaving the baby all to Ace. Ace looked down at his little brother who stared wide-eyed right back at him and Ace couldn't help himself from smiling. Dragon just walked in and smiled gently at his two sons. Ace looked up at Dragon with a big smile as he cradled the younger child carefully.

"Look, papa! He's so cute!" Dragon ruffled Ace's hair and knelt down to see the baby.

"So what are you going to name him, Dragon?" Portgas asked curiously. Dragon gave it some thought before taking the innocent child from Ace's arms.

"I'll call him Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy." The small family gathered by the bed and watched as Luffy slowly fell asleep to the sound of Portgas' lulling tune.

Ok! there's the prologue! The only reason I left Ace's mom Portgas was because i didn't wanna use the name Rogue. (Since Rogue's with Roger, I just used Portgas, if that's okay?) Characters are ooc too, i know. sorry ^^"
well anyway, i know Ace isn't really Luffy's brother and his real father is Gol D. Roger but I had to write a 'what if' story. i know, im weird but i dont care. in fact, i love it! :D
And I'm still so sad that Ace died! D: (it's his death anniversary)
I'm still crying! .

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