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"I told you I don't know," JJ snapped, turning away from Hotch. Somehow she managed to stop the angry tears that threatened to flow.

"JJ, how do you know the Winchesters? Do you just know Dean? Have you known where they have been?" Hotch pleaded. This was a worst case scenario. He hadn't seen it coming. Not at all. Their own JJ, being associated with Sam and Dean Winchester?

"I'm not answering any more questions," JJ said in a softer tone. One that tugged at Hotch's heart. The expression on her face pained him. He didn't like being in this position. But now that it was known that JJ knew Dean they had no idea how much longer they would have the case.

JJ leaned back on the chair, her eyes flashing several different emotions at once. "I'm sorry," she mumbled looking down at the table. Meeting his eyes just made her feel guilty. How could she explain to their Unit Chief that the Winchester's were the good guys? That they'd saved her life? That monsters were real? There were no words. No words that could make any of her team believe it.

How could she explain that the reason she knew Dean was because he and his father had saved her life a few years back? And that she'd since stayed in touch with Dean every now and then. It wouldn't fly well with the team. In fact, she'd expect they'd put her in a psych ward. He wouldn't understand. He wouldn't accept her explanation. And this was hard. She was being forced to lie to someone she greatly expected.

How could she tell him all those creatures in the dark, the creatures of your nightmares actually existed?

"How do you know her?" Emily asked, now sitting in front of Dean.

"Who? JJ?" Dean responded, tilting his head to the side. He knew he was playing it dumb, but he felt guilty. He really hoped JJ was able to talk her way out of this. It'd be better if he didn't say any thing. That way she could say what she wanted...

"Agent Jareau," Emily corrected before nodding her head.

"That's really none of your business, now is it?"

"On the contrary, it is very much our business," David Rossi said as he opened the door to walk in. He refused to look at Dean. He loathed men like him. Men that killed solely for their own pleasure.

"Why are you in Quantico, was it to see JJ?" Emily demanded, her anger at the situation nearly making her fall out of character.

"No. I'm here to stop a killing ghost actually," Dean said casually, leaning back in his chair again. What was the use? They already thought he was a psychotic killer. They may as well think he was crazy, too.

"Enough," Rossi said suddenly, slamming his hands down on the table.

Dean gave him a quick look before he raised his eyebrows and laughed. "You want to know why you don't believe me? Why you refuse to accept the truth that is so obviously right in front of you?"

"Enlighten us," Emily said in a tone of forced sweetness. Her eyes flashed in anger. Her friend was in trouble. Why was JJ hiding?

"Because you don't want to believe it. You want to believe you can solve everything. That you can stop everything. But let me tell you this," Dean whispered as he leaned over the table, "there are things in the dark. Things that would take your children, rip your hearts out and torture you just to hear you cry. There are things out there that are truly evil."

"You're right," Dave said, looking the older Winchester up and down. "And you're one of them."

Shaking his head angrily, Dean leaned back. They were sitting ducks in there. Him and Sam were being hunted by demons that were very angry with them. And here he was trapped in an interrogation room and he couldn't properly defend himself.

"You don't know anything about me," Dean hissed. He closed his eyes, pleading that Sammy would make it there soon. Or find some way to get him away from the FBI.

"Don't I? Dean Winchester, brainwashed by his Dad whom also murdered countless-"

"Shut up!" Dean snapped, losing all composure. "Don't. Don't talk about my father. You have no right."

"Do you know how many unsubs we come across with daddy issues?" Emily asked, not giving Dean a glance. Something felt wrong about this but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"This doesn't line up." Spencer Reid set the black marker down and began to pace the room.

"How?" Derek asked, leaning back in his chair. This was spinning out of control.

"The Winchesters are always spotted in town after the murders start. We have a cop claiming Dean saved her life. We have a witness from the bank robbery claiming Dean saved hers. We have his corpse in the ground. It's just not lining up," Reid said his tone taking on that of a frustrated one.

"You're right. It doesn't make sense. We know that. But he's our guy," Morgan insisted, his jaw twitching in anger. "He's a monster."

"He doesn't stick with the same victims. He's all over the map. I get that he's our guy but I don't understand him," Reid said, a bemused expression on his face. It wasn't often he was stumped. And he was very stumped this time.

Garcia tapped her pen against the desk in some sort of rhythm. This all sounded so familiar. She was experiencing some extreme deja vu and didn't understand why this all sounded so familiar. As if she'd heard this before. It wasn't a previous case... She knew that. And that's when it hit her.

Flying up to her feet, her pink heels clicking along the floor, she bolted out of the room, ignoring Morgan's voice calling after her. She knew where she'd heard all this before. It all made sense. But was it real? It surely couldn't be real. The stories, they weren't coincidence. Maybe the author just heard the stories on the news and gave it a twist. But still, she had to get her books...

The team had to know about the stories about the boys, whether they were fiction or not.