Okay...so here's what happened.

The latest episode of the Vampire Diaries left me in a funky mood after watching it. I just...urrghh...disappointment can not express what I felt after watching that episode. Though I must give the show credit - after watching what could not be unseen, I was inspired to come up with a ton of different story scenarios. I figured we Bonnie fans gotta stick together and keep each others spirits lifted through these trying times. Thus I'm contributing a slash for those who desire it. I'm not sure if I'm going to make this particular story a one-shot or a multi-chap, I guess it depends on if it's something some folks want to constantly see. In any case, use Bonnie fans need to be satisfied with SOMETHING Bonnie-centric, so I'm doing my part to fill that void.

Here is a story that is suppose to happen the day after the episode 3x14 ball. It's a Bonnie/Kol (Kennett) fic. I listed under an M rated and placed it under Romance, cuz I'm not quite sure where I'm going to take this story in the future. Either way, I'm sure somebody will enjoy this bizarre pairing and relish in the vibe that is Bonnie Bennett. (Spoilers from 3x14!).

1. Bonnie, it's Kol Outside

Bonnie was growing rather tired of being unappreciated by the vampires she was constantly lending a helping hand to. First Stefan and his bad attitude, then Damon who practically threw her in harms way, and now this witch who she helped escape her coffin can't so much as invite her to a ball? Of course Bonnie probably would have respectfully declined the offer if there were no dire need for her to be there among a room full of murderous vampires and spineless council men and women, but a little gratitude went a long way. So what did the emerald eyed teenager do instead? Well, on top of studying her Grimoire and regaining the energy she had lost from opening the magic-sealed coffin, Bonnie partook in hours of awkward and forced conversations with her long lost mother, Abby. Of course the presence of Abby was something the young Bonnie had to keep from her father who would be livid, no doubt, if he found out what was really going on behind his back. Not to mention it would just open up more wounds among the Bennetts…wounds that seemed so much harder to mend than Bonnie had hoped for.

But what else was there for her to do? While everybody else was at this Cinderella-like ball, Bonnie was stuck at a Motel 6 having conversations about Abby's life, and the things she did for her "son", Jaime, throughout the years. Suffice to say, these were not the conversations she was hoping to have with her mother: Discussions on raising a child that wasn't hers while she left her own flesh and blood daughter behind? Just thinking about it made the teenager wanna cry in frustration. But she sat there on the rigid motel bed, listening to every word Abby spoke, and feigning a smile at every joke that she guessed was supposed to be funny. It seemed almost routine for Bonnie to be honest. Everybody she knew, no matter what the circumstance, was allowed at least one day or night to have fun; They were allowed for a split second to close their eyes and find themselves lost in a world that didn't involve all of this chaos and bloodshed. They were allowed to be in the presence of those they loved.

Bonnie, on the other hand…she couldn't afford to close her eyes, not for even a split second. She always had a job to do. Always had somebody that was in need of protecting. She wasn't allowed to ignore the chaos and the bloodshed because she was the only person in Mystic Falls capable of keeping it contained. For most people it would have driven them insane to carry so many burdens. And though Bonnie Bennett the witch was strong and able to handle the situations that came her way, Bonnie Bennett the teenager just wanted to roll up in a ball and cry. Cry until there were no more tears/fight left inside her. Fortunately (and unfortunately) for her, she was stubborn and prideful. Meaning no amount of crying was going to change the crazy shit going on in Mystic Falls. So she'd take this pain and turn it into strength. If there was one thing she learned throughout all this was that witches, despite their history of being used and abused by those around them, never gave up on what they believed in. They may have been called hypocrites and all sorts of other things - but when a job needed to be done, they were always there to do it.

And clearly Bonnie was always there…

"So this Kol guy did that to your hand?" Bonnie asks her friend, Matt Donavon, as she points to the bandages wrapped tightly around the young man's right hand. Matt only glances at his friend for a split second before continuing to wipe down the tables of the Mystic Grill. "Matt, I'm so sorry."

"Yeah," the man says disappointingly. He furiously tosses the washrag upon his shoulder as he goes to take leave behind the bar, Bonnie following closely behind. She watches as the blond haired blue eyed teenager shake his head as he looks up at the alcohol bottles before him, lost in a stream of endless thoughts. "Y'know, Bonnie, I don't know how you're able to do it." The young girl gives a saddened look for she's more than confident in what he's trying to say. Still, she humors Matt and his statement with a tilt of her head as he turns to look at her.

"Able to do what?" She asks.

"Be so strong," the boy replies. "Being able to block out all this craziness that seems to never end in this town. All these near-death experiences that just won't stop." 'You haven't the slightest clue', Bonnie thinks solemnly to herself. Though instead of speaking what she's thinking, the young witch merely smiles at her friend and shrugs her shoulders.

"We all have our strengths and weaknesses, Matt," Bonnie reassures, "and we use both to survive."

"I don't have the strengths you, Caroline or even Damon have. If I did, then maybe I would have been able to defend myself against Kol back at that party? Maybe I wouldn't be so useless to everybody?"

"Who said you're useless?"

"Nobody, but-"

"Then what you just said is irrelevant," Bonnie cuts off her friend's sentence. Matt can do nothing but sigh as he rubs the back of his head with his good hand. "Matt, if it weren't for you, Caroline and Tyler might not even be alive right now. If it weren't for you, the truth about hybrids wouldn't have come out and Elena would be dead." The young man is silent, trying to take everything that the girl is saying into consideration. "You've done more as a human waiter than most have done as a vampire or witch. You should be proud of that…I'm proud of that."

Matt merely chuckles at Bonnie's words as a small smile stretches across his face. "Technically I'm more of a busboy than a waiter," he says playfully causing the two of them to smile among each other. The young man nods his head as he catches the attention of a patron raising their hand for assistance. Matt starts to make way towards the customer but not before giving Bonnie a warm hug goodbye, and giving his thanks for the pep-talk. Bonnie give just as warm a hug back before saying goodbye to her friend as well, making her way outside of the establishment towards her car.

On route to her car, the young woman is taken in by the sound of a muffled ring-tone going off inside the purse clutched tightly on her shoulder:

'This is my genesis, a total metamorphosis.

Didn't think that I could handle this, but you gon' be a witness.

Watch me Evolve.

Through the heartache and pain.

Through the way you left me.

I'll be still here standin'.

Watch me Evolve…'

Bonnie ruffles through the useless crap in her purse (she doesn't even know why she carries most of the things she does) until she is able to reach her cell phone and answer it, placing it between her ear and shoulder while trying to open her car door with a handful of keys.

"Hello?" Bonnie says on the other end of the phone.

"Klaus is in love with me!" A squeaky voice on the receiving end of the cell phone is only met with silence and an inquisitive expression from the caramel-skinned woman forms.

"…Caroline?" Bonnie utters aloud as she opens the door to her car and hops inside.

"First he sends me this dress which, okay, was pretty but still pretty creepy, right? Then when I get to the ball he's trying to get me to go on a horse and carriage ride and then he shows me these paintings and then he…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…slow down, Caroline." Bonnie puts the phone on speaker as she tries to listen carefully to the woman freak out. "How are you so sure that Klaus is in love with you?"

"Bonnie, please…focus." The emerald eyed woman merely perches her lips together before rolling her eyes. "I know that Klaus is in love with me because on top of giving me all of these nice things, he says that I "fancy" him, which I'm sure is British for love."

"Well I hope you told him to go to hell, because you can't trust that prick."

"I tried that already, but it didn't work. If anything, he seems to like the fact that I was bitchy to him. He referred to it as being honest." Bonnie can't help but look surprised by that remark. She loved Caroline to death…but for somebody to be drawn to her "bitchy side" was more demented than she thought. "I don't know, I'm just so confused." This catches the witches attention immediately.

"Confused about what?" Bonnie asks. It grows silent for a moment. "Caroline?" Bonnie says the vampire's name sternly, afraid of where this conversation could be heading.

"Nothing, Bonnie," the blond responds. "Its just…nothing." Bonnie releases a sigh as she gives a worry expression. This did not sound good at all. "Look, are you doing anything later tonight? I could really use a girl's night." The young Bennett girl wasn't sure why, but the prospect of having a girl's night caused a small smile to appear upon her face unexpectedly.

"Sure, I'd love to. Just let me handle some things with my mom and Elena and we can talk more about, err, your situation." It wasn't long before both girls said their goodbyes and hung up their phones.

Situating herself to drive out of the parking lot, Bonnie sticks her keys in the ignition and waits for the engine to start roaring as it usually did. Strangely it made more a sluggish, wheezing sound. The young girl narrows her eyes and tilts her head as she glances over at the hood of the car. She turns the keys once more in the hopes of starting the engine of her car this time around, but again nothing happens. Throwing her head back against the car seat, Bonnie curses under breathe as she exits her car and goes straight for the hood, popping it open by using the ends of her sleeves as not to burn herself. She looks down at the engine, noticing no visible signs of smoke or anything out of the ordinary. Of course she was no automobile expert, so there could have been something that she was completely overlooking?

Standing with one hand on her hip and the other hand gripping the edge of the open hood, Bonnie stares down at the engine a couple more seconds, wondering why there were spells for everything else in the word but nothing for machines - the one force of "nature" that got completely ignored? An obvious answer could be addressed, sure…but still.

"Pardon me?"

A foreign voice made itself present suddenly behind Bonnie. The young teen gasps a bit as she twirls around to come face to face with the stranger that had greeted her. She looks up at the man with the dark messy hair, and even darker eyes. Goodness, how those eyes were dark. He stands before the witch with his hands behind his back, a small smile placed upon a baby face which only showed adulthood by the thickness of his eyebrows. This face looked all-too familiar to Bonnie as she found herself narrowing emerald eyes at the man in an attempt to think where she had seen him before. Why did he remind her of somebody she knew? When she couldn't think of anyone in particular right away, Bonnie merely smiled back politely at the stranger and nods her head.

Turning his head in the direction of the Mystic Grill the stranger spoke once more, "I was curious to know whether or not a Matthew Donavan had employment here at this establishment?" Bonnie raises her eyebrows and finds herself looking in the same direction as the man before her, staring at the giant Mystic Grill sign that has been the hub for so many meetings and supernatural events. It tickled Bonnie to think that not a couple years ago this use to be a place where stupid teenagers would go and get drunk without having to worry about getting caught. She'd know…she use to be one of them. A smile grows even wider on the Bennett girl's face, and the stranger takes notice.

"Should I take that smile as a yes, then?" His British accent cuts through Bonnie's thoughts immediately as she turns back to face the man in front of her. Giving a serious expression, the girl merely nods her head in response to his question.

"Yes, it is," she says.

"Perfect." The man's smile grows devious and sinister. Okay, there was something extremely familiar about this man. Something that Bonnie was more than sure of. Just the same, trying to figure where she had seen this strange looking man was not going to get her car fixed anytime soon. Thus she figured she'd seize the opportunity and ask the guy if he'd be willing to help her with her car troubles. "My apologies, love - but these contraptions are beyond my comprehension." He gives another smirk before taking a few steps back and turning in the direction of the Mystic Grill. "Now if you'll pardon me," he continued, "I have some business to attend to with an old friend."

Bonnie watches the man as he begins to walk away. The way he utters the word "love" surprisingly brings a chill to the woman's spine. And this guy claiming to be an old friend of Matt's? Bonnie didn't admit to knowing all of Matt's friends, but she was smart enough to know that most of the friends he did have originated from the school they both attended, Mystic High. And if there was one person she was sure she hadn't seen in the four years she was a student, it was the face of the beautifully-creepy stranger that walked by. She was cheerleader once…she practically knew everybody.

Then it hit her. How could she have been so dumb not to have seen it sooner, to not have picked up on that weird vibe the minute he came face to face to her? God, the British accent should have been the fist tip off. Seriously, how many British people were running around this small backwoods town of Mystic Falls? Bonnie's eyes scale the ground below her as she picks up on a face in a coffin. Then she focuses her thoughts on two other faces that the stranger strongly resembles; two men she knew.





"…Kol," Bonnie whispers below her breath.

Suddenly the man who is several feet away from her stops dead (no pun intended) in his tracks. Bonnie takes notice immediately, knowing a vampire could only have heard her from that distance. The man tries to play it off by rolling up the sleeves of his fitted brown sweater and placing his hands behind his back once more. Though Bonnie was no fool. It took more than an adjustment of clothing to pull the cloth over her eyes.

"You're one of the Original Vampires," she utters aloud, knowing the man would be able to hear her. The vampire continues to walk forward, still acting as if though he didn't hear a word coming out of the teenager's mouth. "I saw you in one of the coffins." The man still continues to walk forward. "You hurt my friend Matt at that party last night, didn't you? Is that why you're here…to finish the job? Or was Damon kicking your ass not good enou-"

Suddenly without warning, Kol was back in front of Bonnie within the length of a second. His eyes dark and mouth curled up into a snarl-like gesture, and a low growl rumbling from his chest. The young witch had come across her share of vampires in her days, but none who looked as animalistic as this one. It was strange almost. Within the coffin this man looked peaceful, calm, strangely nonthreatening. But now…there was almost this crazed look upon his face while an emptiness filled both of his eyes.

But Bonnie wasn't afraid. Original Vampire or not, she would not show fear in the face of death itself. Even though she is caught off guard by the way Kol rushed in front of her at superhuman speed, she merely grips the car behind and raises her head up high in the presence of the snarling vampire.

"You have quite a mouth on you," the man snarls out. "It most certainly will get you killed if you don't watch it cautiously."

"Wouldn't be the first time a member of your family tried to kill me…and fail." Bonnie was confident in the face of this Original Vampire, Kol. Perhaps, even, too confident. But Kol wasn't like most vampires, especially the ones in his family. He wasn't easily impressed by the simple things in life. No…it took so much more than a compliment, or a sign of strength, or a gesture to truly gain the man's respect. This brave act that Bonnie was putting on didn't decrease the chance of him killing her right there on the spot. Kol figured there was no reason to let go of this free kill, especially since the girl seemed to know a lot more than she needed to. But even still he had to wonder, how did she know?

"I assume you're an acquaintance of Elena Gilbert?" Kol asks, his expression diminishing into something less menacing and more stoic, though his towering stance over the young girl is still accompanied with dark eyes. Bonnie never breaks eye contact with the threatening man…nah…monster, in front of her.

"That's right," Bonnie responds back.

A smile only grows wider upon the Kol's face, "then I guess I'll be killing two friends of her's today: Matt Donavan, and…I'm sorry I never caught your name."

"You're not going to hurt Matt again." Bonnie challenges the man, taking a step closer to him, fists balled up by her side. Now this was a gesture the vampire was not prepared for. He would say he was impressed by the foolish girls attempt to size him up, but he only felt a bit more insulted that she wouldn't show him the respect he damn well deserved.

"Your overconfidence is painfully annoying," Kol said with furrowed eyes before reaching his hand out and taking hold of the woman's throat. Bonnie immediately reached up with both hands and took hold of the vampire's wrists, gasping for air as her eyes widened in horror. "You humans have certainly grown some form of a backbone over the centuries, that I'll give you credit for." A maniacal smile only widened across Kol's face as he watches the caramel complexion on Bonnie's cheeks glow redder and redder with every squeeze he forced upon the girl's slender neck.

But it was going to take a lot more than that to take the Bennett witch down. Narrowing her eyes at the man and allowing for several tears to fall from the sides of her eyes, she watched as a surprised expression overtook Kol's once psychotic look. Almost instantly, the man let go of Bonnie's neck and fell to the ground in a fit of pain. Gripping the car once more and raising a shaky hand to her red hand-printed neck, Bonnie looks down at the vampire who growls loudly in pain. Usually, such an attack wouldn't have any sort of effect on him, but after 900 years sleeping and not having a full fill of blood in his system, he was quite vulnerable to certain attacks that came his way (e.g. Damon being able to take him on in a fight the night before). And though Bonnie wanted so badly to kill this vampire, to end him right here and now…she knew she couldn't. No…that would only cause more troubles between the Originals and the rest of her friends that she was trying to protect, though that didn't mean she couldn't send a message loud and clear.

After a couple more seconds, Bonnie finally stops with her infamous aneurysm on the Original Vampire and watches as he rolls around on the ground still groaning and moaning in pain. However, it's not long until the man starts to chuckle aloud. The girl looks down at him with immense confusion as she still tries to catch her breath.

Kol struggles back on his feet with a crooked smile planted upon his face, "Second night in a row out of my coffin and I'm being tossed around like a rag doll by beings that are inferior to me." Wiping his clothes clean of the dirt and clearing his throat, the man takes notice of the girl in front of him. "If there's one thing I know, it's the power of a witch," Kol mutters aloud. "I must say…it's actually refreshing to see one after so many centuries."

Bonnie narrows her eyes at the man in front of her while also taking notice of her surroundings. Though it would be so much easier to run away, something told her that this guy would just grab the closest "meal" that caught his eyes. She had to think of something that would not only get this psychopath off her butt, but Matt's and anybody else who crossed him…for now.

"You know," Bonnie starts to say as she tries to think of anything to talk about in an attempt to stall the man wanting to kill her, "you're making me regret ever having any part in releasing Esther from her coffin." The vampire who was stepping closer to Bonnie with those dark eyes still planted on her neck stops moving momentarily. He glances up into the two liquid green pools to search the truth in her eyes. Narrowing his eyes and tilting his head to the side.

"You released my Mother from her coffin?" he asked curiously. Bonnie was silent for a moment which causes the vampire to move forward towards her, taking hold of her arm and squeezing it tightly. "Answer me." The young woman wants to bring forth another wave of painful aneurysms, but she goes against it for the time being. Instead she closes her eyes to try and ignore the pain while preparing to answer the vampire's question.

"Yes." Bonnie responds between gritted teeth.

Kol looks at the woman before her. At this moment it shouldn't really matter whether or not the girl is the reason as to why his mother is now present once again, he was hungry and in need to kill something immediately. But then again…he had gone so many generations thinking Esther to be dead - to be gone forever. And now that she was back…well, to be honest…it really didn't change all that much. He still went against her rules and tested her patience ever so often. Not to mention the two of them were finding that even now still they were on opposing ends with each other. And though he was sure he'd still continue on living his eternity the way he was starting to live it now (filled with rebellion and childish/murderous motivations), knowing that his mother, Esther, was still present on this planet only filled a small void in the rather empty man. So Kol did what he thought he'd never do to any potential kill…he let Bonnie go.

"Consider yourself fortunate today," Kol said with a smirk. "If it weren't for the fact that you saved my mother and were a witch, a lot of patrons would have found delicious pieces of you up and down this lot. Though I'm afraid that mortal friend of yours will not be so fortunate." Bonnie finds herself taking in a deep breath and releasing a nervous exhale. It seemed this vampire was hell-bent in kill her friend. The thought of fending Kol off for as long as possible seemed like a plausible idea, but she knew that it would be futile. Not only would he kill her, but he'd turn right away and kill Matt anyway. Then all of this hard work would have been for nothing. "And what should I refer to you as?" Kol asked coolly. The wavy haired woman stands silent for a moment, trying not to partake in conversation with this man in the slightest, but if it would get him on a calmer side, so be it.

"Bonnie." The girl's response is simple. To the point. Kol merely smirks to one side completely.

"Is there a last name to accompany you with?" he asks.


Unexplainably, Kol's expression shifts drastically. He gaps his mouth slightly open as he glares up and down at the woman that stands before him. Bonnie takes notice of the wondering eyes and is all but weary as to why the vampire is so taken with whatever it is that she said.

"A Bennett," the man finds himself snidely smiling, "standing in front of me once again." The young girl can't help but bring her arms to her chest and cross them over each other. "Well, it certainly makes sense now." Kol's words were falling on deaf ears with Bonnie, and quite frankly, she didn't care. Her biggest concern was getting the lunatic's mind off killing Matt.

Bonnie was just about to open her mouth when Kol lifted a finger, causing her to flinch a bit, "I must say, you are certainly a Bennett through and through. Not only have you saved your own life, but you just saved the life of that Donavan boy I was planning to have so much fun with." Okay, now Bonnie was really confused. "Of course that could all quickly change should the time come when I've grown bored and need to entertain myself…but consider this round yours, Bonnie Bennett." There was nothing Bonnie could do more than shake her head disappointingly as she perched her lips tightly together.

"This isn't a game, Kol," she says.

"True," the man responds as he backs away from the young witch. "But that might have more to do with the fact that I haven't yet made my move." Another sinister smile upon the man's face. "Goodbye, Bonnie Bennett. I do believe we will be meeting each other sooner than later."

With one blink he was gone. With one exhale of breath and he was already taking the wind with him out of the parking lot of the Mystic Grill, taking leave wherever it was he came from. Bonnie didn't know what to make of the vampire other than the fact he was clearly unstable. There was something dark and hollow about the brother of the hybrid. Something that rang terror in the mind of the young witch. But most of all, there was something about the "game" in which he spoke of, and how she was sure she had inadvertently found herself caught in one with an Original Vampire.

An Original vampire named Kol Mikaelson.

One thing I can say about Kol after watching him in action is that the dude is LOCO! A bit on the psychotic side. But then again, we all like to see Bonnie involve in danger in one form or another, don't we? lol. Though it don't matter, cuz we all know Bonnie's a BAMF who can handle her own. So how do you think she'd fair against a guy like Kol. I don't think he's anything like Damon, so the dynamic is a looooot more different than I anticipated when I was writing that (but it's still pretty early to determine just WHO Kol Mikaelson is.

Either way, I'm excited to get some more Bonnie-related stuff out there for you guys. Don't worry Brigade...the time will come, lol. Just the same, thanks for taking the time out to read my lik' story that could, and perhaps, I'll have another chapter soon after. In the meantime, thankz and peace :)