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Chief Segai was calmly relaxing in his rolling chair, doing some crossword puzzle on his outdated cellphone, slowly spinning from left to right every now and then. He shot a devilish grin at his colleague, Rowan. "So tell me, Rowan, how's Ouma Shu doing?"

He quickly reported, "Ouma Shu has... How do I put this? Snapped? Also, chief, Menjou, Hare has been reported to be dead. You are quite a perverse man, Chief Segai."

"Haven't I already told you this before? Don't flatter me too much." Segai smiled, "I intend to shake things up a bit more. I want to completely break Ouma Shu. Anyways, it'll be boring if I don't. In our current position, we can't interfere directly, as I've said before, but I don't think they'll have a problem with me having a little fun, no?"

Rowan stiffened, "So... What do you intend to do this time, Chief?"

Segai stroked his chin in deep thought, "I'm not exactly sure at the moment..."

"Let me think for a while. In the meantime, send Daryl undercover. I'm bored, so maybe I can get some entertainment out of this. Now... Back to this crossword puzzle."

Daryl Yan strolled through the campus, trying to avoid any physical contact whatsoever. It's quiet... At least they're not holding a dumb festival this time... he thought. His mind quickly wandered to an image of the "runt" he met when he went undercover the first time. If Ouma Shu is alive, then she must be as well, right? But... How? He finally took notice of his surroundings and saw something completely different from the last time he came. It was a dark, desolate place. Students patrolled many areas carrying voids, and everyone looked miserable. Maybe she's around here somewhere?

He quickly shook his head. No, no, no! I shouldn't get my hopes up... Daryl took a seat on a nearby bench and sighed, still deep in thought. I said I would torment her, but, really, all I want to do right now is see her face. He could distinctly remember her appearance. Her sharp eyes, her long hair, the color of midnight, those fake cat ears which were strangely very attractive on her, and her smile. Last but not least, her attitude. She was just so friendly. It was almost overwhelming.

To help pass the time, Daryl decided to call Segai to check in with him. He opened his near-empty contact list and called him.

"Oi, I've arrived at the school campus. Is there anything you want me to do specifically?" Daryl asked.

Chief Segai exclaimed, "Ah! That's great! But really, there's nothing in particular that I want you to do..."

Daryl furrowed his eyebrows, "...Then what exactly was the point of sending me here?"

"That's because I was bored– Actually! You know what? Here's a mission for you since you're absolutely no fun: Befriend the Funeral Parlor members. Get into their inner circle, and try to learn as much about them as you can. Report to me every now and then to share with me what you've discovered. This may help my schemes in the future. I trust that even you are capable of making friends? Now, don't go and disappoint me Daryl Yan. You proved to me in our last mission that you can probably still pull the trigger. I trust that you can do something as simple as this. By the way... Your mysophobia is a serious issue you need to deal with."

"Understood. And... I CAN MAKE FRIENDS!" Daryl shouted and muttered, "And my mysophobia isn't that bad..."

Then he hung up.

He leaned back, massaged his forehead and groaned, "He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes... But first thing's first... I can make friends without physical contact right? Wait... No one in this school is actually contaminated and infected, right? They only quarantined it because Funeral Parlor members were hiding out here, right? But what if the germs... touch me?"

Daryl cringed at the thought of being touched by a human being.

His chain of thought got interrupted when he heard an all-too-familiar voice.

"Hey! It's you!"

Alarmed, Daryl quickly jerked his head to his left. He looked up to see a familiar face. That runt!


Tsugumi laughed, "Ho, ho! I see you remember me! I haven't seen you around lately. Come back for more candy?"

Daryl was about to explode from anger, but he restrained himself from tackling her to the ground. He slowly breathed in and out and readjusted his glasses.

"So what are you doing here?"

"Coincidence. I was just walking around, and I saw you!"

She put her hands on her hips and shifted her weight to one side, "And you? What are you doing here?"

He snapped back, "Why do you need to know what I'm doing right now? And shouldn't you be with your friends, those Funeral Parlor guys?"

There was a long silence, and her bright smile turned into a frown. "It's Shu. Ever since Hare died, Shu has been so harsh and strict on everyone, almost like a tyrant. He treats and looks at us all very coldly, except Inori though. It's almost scary, but why am I telling you all of this?"

Daryl just sat there and stared into her eyes, leaning forward, taking in everything she had to say. Normally he wouldn't care about people's problems and probably completely disregard their feelings and bluntly tell them, "Shut up! You're annoying! Get out of my sight before I kill you!" But, this time, he just felt the urge to listen to her voice and just... listen.

He stared intently into her eyes and said, "I don't know. Why are you?" He continued, "Besides, you should be with your friends if you're upset. Aren't you... What's the word... Lonely without them?"

"Hmph. Lonely? Why would I be lonely? Besides, you don't know anything about me." Tsugumi said with a sense of superiority.

I'm not... lonely, right? Inoreen says that loneliness feels cold and empty, but I don't feel cold. Really... I still don't understand her.

"Anyways... Not like I see them as much as Aya-nee. Shu always keeps me in the kitchen peeling vegetables. I hate it. Anyways, don't you have friends to be with?"

"No... I have no friends here..."

All of a sudden, Tsugumi's eyes widened as if she had reached an epiphany of sorts, "I know! I can introduce you to them! Maybe Shu still has some good left in him, right? Maybe you can help change him too! It'll probably involve a lot of convincing though... So... What do you think?"

"M-Me?" Daryl asked, stunned by her sudden request. If I say yes, we can become friends, right? Not like I want to become friends with this runt, but it's a good thing, right? I mean. I'm doing what Segai asked me to... But I don't want to sound too happy. That's just not me. Ah crap. I need to cover this up somehow...

"Me... Me... MYSOPHOBIA!" Daryl yelled. "Yes! I have Mysophobia!"

Tsugumi raised an eyebrow, "Hm? Mysophobia, eh... I can help! Before I introduce you, I'll cure you of your mysophobia. Just stay still for a moment!"


Tsugumi bent over, her face now in front of Daryl's. W-Why is her face so close to mine right now? What the hell is she trying to do? She then poked his cheek.

"Poke!" She giggled.

Stay calm, Daryl... She's not infected, right? If she were, it'd be very obvious. Yes, Daryl. It is perfectly okay... Perfectly... Perfectly... Okay. Sure! There are germs all over her finger. No big deal... Daryl took deep breaths. In... and out... In... and out...

Tsugumi removed her finger and grinned, "Not so bad, right?"

Daryl looked away from her, trying to avoid eye contact, "Y-Yeah... Are we done yet?"


Scared for his well-being, Daryl ran behind a tree. He poked his head out to see that Tsugumi was casually walking towards him. A few feet away from the tree, she glared at Daryl, "Come on! GET BACK HERE! I'm trying to help you!


"No!" She screamed back, "Come on, Daryl... I'm trying to help you. How can you make friends with mysophobia?"

"I-I don't care! Just don't touch me with your filthy hands!" Daryl screamed.

Tsugumi proceeded to close in on Daryl, invading his personal space. Daryl, clearly paranoid at the moment, was about to run as far as he could, away from her.

She reassured him, "Don't worry! Just stay still! I'm not going to hurt you or anything. Sheesh. And I'm not infected! No one here is. Well. Only the F-Ranks are, but that's another story. Besides, most of us have taken a vaccine within the past week or so, but we're kind of running low on vaccines... But that doesn't matter right now! Anyways, just trust me!"

Tsugumi smiled and purposely put herself millimeters away from his body.

"Just... stay still! For at least five more seconds."

Five seconds passed, and another silence ensued. Tsugumi thought her plan was successful until Daryl sprinted back to the bench, looking like he was going to scream any second. Tsugumi sighed, "I won't stop until you get over your mysophobia."

She cautiously approached Daryl and was about a meter away. Just as Daryl was about to make his escape, Tsugumi made one final dash and pulled him into an embrace. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and Daryl stopped in his tracks. W-Why is she hugging me? Why won't this runt just leave me alone? Why? She's so annoying, but why do I feel... happy? Why is she hugging my waist? Hugging... me...

She's hugging me?

Daryl's face grew hot. "L-Let go of me, runt!"

"No! And stop calling me runt!"

"Well! What do you want me to call you, chibi!"

"Not runt! Not chibi! TSU-GU-MI! And you! What's your name?" Tsugumi yelled, carefully articulating every syllable in her name.

"And why do I need to tell you anything, you god damn annoying runt," Daryl yelled back, "Let go!"

Tsugumi hugged him even harder, "No! Not until... You tell me... your NAME!"


"Well?" Tsugumi asked harshly.

"MY NAME IS DARYL! DARYL! AND YOU BETTER REMEMBER IT!" He screamed, trying to escape her tight grip. "NOW LET ME GO, YOU BITCH!"

Tsugumi just smiled, "Oh! Such vulgar language! How sca~ry." She teased. Her smile turned into a scowl. "Now! What's my name! Say it! Now!"

"...Tsugumi," he muttered under his breath. Pleased, Tsugumi began to tease him, "Hm? What's that? I didn't quite catch that."

"Tsugumi," Daryl said, very articulately, stressing out every syllable. "Now let me go!"

Tsugumi giggled and let go of Daryl's waist, "That wasn't so bad, desho? Now for the final challenge of the day! Now it's your turn to hug me!"

"W-Wha? Why! You just hugged me for five whole minutes!"

"You gotta take initiative, Daryl!" Tsugumi said, stressing out every syllable of his name, obviously mocking him.

"Fine!... Stupid runt."

Daryl gave in to her request and reluctantly put his arms around her. He pulled her in closer and closer, until her head was resting on his chest. Daryl blushed. This is kind of... embarrassing... He could feel Tsugumi's calm breathing and her body's warmth pressed onto him. Tsugumi's face softened, "See? That wasn't so bad." She could hear and feel his heart beat. It's... calming. She closed her eyes and listened for what seemed like an eternity.

Daryl looked down at her and said, "Oi! You better not fall asleep on me! Really... What are you doing, and when can I let go? Dammit! I really don't get you!"

"Almost done..."

Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours. Daryl sighed. I know I really wanted to see her, but it was just to reassure myself. I didn't ask for this! He was literally screaming in his head. He was so deep in thought, he couldn't hear Tsugumi. Her voice was fuzzy and it sounded like she was waking him up from a dream. He snapped back into reality and heard Tsugumi screaming.


Surprised, he looked down at Tsugumi, "W-what?"

"You can let go now..."

"O-Oh!" Daryl let go of her, his face slowly turning redder. "S-Sorry... I wasn't listening." Trying to be harsh so he could cover up how he really felt, he interjected, "Your voice isn't significant enough for my ears to take notice of!"

Tsugumi slowly nodded, not believing a single thing he said, "Mmhmm... Sure... Whatever you say, Daryl."

Daryl sighed and took a seat on the bench. Tsugumi followed and sat next to him. She gazed at the sky and was thinking. Daryl... His name is Daryl. What a coincidence. He has the same name as Daryl Yan... Could he be him? Could he be working undercover for the GHQ? No... He seems too nice. Daryl is a cold-blooded killer. This Daryl is too... Tsugumi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. ...Too gentle... But then again... I should make sure before I come to any conclusions. Tsugumi took another deep breath and asked, "Your name is Daryl, right? That's kind of funny! You coincidentally share the same name as Daryl Yan! He's supposed to be some cold-blooded killer who works for the GHQ. Have you heard of him?"

Daryl's eyes widened in shock. Shit! How does she know? Or is she just curious? What should I do? It feels like... Feels like... Shit just hit the fan. But... She won't judge me or rat me out if I told her, or would she?

"So... He's a cold-blooded killer? In what way?" Daryl asked, curious to see what she thought.

"He mercilessly murders people. He's an evil person, right?"

Daryl gazed into her eyes. Evil, huh...

Tsugumi noticed Daryl staring into her eyes and blushed. "W-Why are you looking at me like that?"

He opened his mouth to say something but quickly stopped and turned his head away.

"I think..." He began to say.

"So... You think what?"

Daryl turned his head back around and stared into her eyes one more time, but, this time, he had a lonely expression on his face, "I think he's just... misunderstood."

Tsugumi then looked Daryl in the eyes and gently spoke, "Daryl... I-I didn't know. I'm sorry. But..." Tsugumi stood up and turned her back towards him, "But... You're the enemy. If Shu knows about this, he would probably kill me. However..." Tsugumi stopped talking and twirled around to face Daryl. Smiling, she gladly said, "However, I'll keep this a secret! It'll be our own little secret. Just you and me will know about this!"

Daryl looked down at the ground, "Y-You... Run– I mean... Tsugumi..." He looked up at her, "Why?"

"Because we're friends!" She proudly announced. "And friends stick together!"

"Now... Tell me about your mission. You're here for a reason, right? And you were here for a reason last time as well. Tell me, and I'll keep this a secret," Tsugumi said, taking a seat next to Daryl again. She looked at Daryl, waiting for a response.

He sighed, "Well... I was sent here to learn more about the Funeral Parlor members, and the first time I came here, I was supposed to confirm whether you guys were here or not."

"I see," Tsugumi said, bending over, putting her arms on her knees, "Well. It won't hurt to tell you about ourselves. Okay. Let's get started! You better have a good memory because I won't repeat this twice!" She cleared her throat and began to to tell Daryl everything she felt like she could tell him, "Let's start with Aya, otherwise known as, Ayase, whom you almost killed, but I'll forgive you this time. Although she's disabled and is always in a wheelchair, she kicks butt! She's very independent. She hates depending on others and doesn't see her paralysis as a disability at all. She's very strong physically and mentally. Next is Inoreen. She's very gentle and kind. However, she doesn't really show a lot of emotion. She can be kind of clueless though. She doesn't really understand emotions very well. She's really pretty though! She's like a living doll! Anyways, moving on! Next is Ouma Shu. He used to be one of those weak boys who would always try hard no matter what. He's the kind of kid who'll do anything for the girl he loves. In this case, it's Inoreen. Well, that's what he used to be. Now he's just some tyrant. He has the power to draw voids and uses it to his advantage. I, personally, think he's abusing his powers. And finally, me. However, that's for you to interpret yourself."

Daryl quickly nodded and thanked Tsugumi for her information. He stood up and called Segai.

"Segai, I have received all the information you asked me to get."

He replied, "Good, Daryl. Come back to HQ immediately. I wish to know what you've learned."

"Understood." Daryl firmly said before hanging up. He turned to Tsugumi, "Well, I have to go now." He blushed a little and continued, "T-Thank you..."

He quickly turned around and said good-bye. Tsugumi ran towards him and tugged on the back of his shirt.

"W-Will I see you again?" She asked while sadly looking down.

Daryl turned around and, strangely, smiled, "We'll meet again. Trust me. I'll come back when I'm given another mission to go undercover. Sheesh. Stupid runt, being demanding until the end."

He turned around and left, "See ya."

Tsugumi smiled and waved, "Bye-bye! You better come back soon!"

Daryl left the school grounds and smiled the whole way back to the GHQ.

Daryl informed Segai of everything he had learned from Tsugumi. After telling Segai about Shu, he proceeded to tell Segai about Tsugumi.

"And, finally, there's Tsugumi. I didn't really learn anything incredibly specific about her, but she's very interesting. In fact, I actually got to talk to her for a bit. She's a very happy person. She always takes initiative. She seems kind of lonely though. Apparently, she seems very close to Ayase and is not happy with how Shu is turning into a tyrant. She's a bit too friendly and has no sense of personal space. She's a good runt though. I also cured my mysophobia. Anyways, why do you need to know all of this again? It feels like a completely waste of time."

Segai decided to explain to Daryl what he was trying to do, "You see, Daryl, there are a lot of things you can mentally and emotionally do to a person. You can use their personalities to your advantage, and eventually, you can break them. It's like slowly killing themselves on the inside. Only, the best part about this is that it's them who are tearing themselves apart."

"Hm... Oh. I see. That sounds pretty cruel. Just like yourself," Daryl responded.

Segai laughed and remarked, "Oh. And Daryl?"


"You've been looking a lot livelier since you came back. Something good happen?"

"Just glad my mysophobia got cured. That's all." Daryl responded while exiting the room, secretly smiling to himself, remembering every last detail of their embrace.

"Love is the best medicine."

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