Ok, everyone, this is a one-shot about the pairing, Boon and Kasha. This is how they met when they were only kits. If there is something that I messed up on, please tell me.

My fur bristled as the bush rustled. I lifted up my stick, which is all I was allowed to use since I can't use a spear yet, ready to attack anything that moved.

Suddenly a big, growling creature came out at me. I closed my eyes and wacked the creature upside the head. "Ouch! What the heck was that for?"

I opened my green eyes and hissed at the smaller kit, in front of me, that was rubbing his head. A tear formed in the brown kit's yellow eyes. "You scared me half to death, you little nit-wit! I thought you were one of those tangs!"

He snickered and grabbed my paw, trying to be romantic. "Well let me apologize then. The name is Boon." He leaned down to kiss my paw, but let go and fell on his but, when I punched him in the face.

"Hmf. Don't you dare touch me again!" I started to pad off, when I heard him sobbing. I sighed and tunred around. "My name is Kasha." He whiped his tears away and ran up on all fours.

"Kasha? Now that's a funny name." I picked up my stick and was ready to hit him again. I stared down at his terrified face and laughed. "Don't push your luck Boon. Espessially if you want to hang with me."

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