December 31, New Years Eve

They settled on a picnic in the grass; Their last date.

Donna Robinson really didn't want to think about the "Last date" part, nor think of it as that. She didn't want to think about how tonight they'll have their last kiss, how she'll have her last chance to call Seth "Skinnyjeans", her nickname for him. And she especially didn't want to think about how this was the last night she'd be known as Seth Macfarlane's girlfriend.

"I know you don't like cold weather all that much-" Seth began, but Donna cut him off.

"Of course I like it! It's just I don't like wearing heavy clothing-"

"Donna, you hate it. You're just too stubborn to say you hate it." Seth said firmly, grasping her hand abit tighter.

Donna's cheeks turned a noticeable shade of red. "Preposterous. You are so judgemental."

"And you're a liar." Seth countered, rolling his eyes as they continued down the path.

The slight bickering was sort of a relief for the both of them; it helped them forget that this was their last night to do it.

Donna was wearing a very alluring black v-neck sweater, Seth was quite accustomed to it's lovely softness. Her black jeans brushed against his blue ones as they kept walking. She was a inch or two taller than him, and much thicker, and that's how he preferred.

Seth on the other hand was skinnier, thinner than she was. His round glasses adored his face, like he needed something to make him look even more like a nerd.

The stars above them sparkled with such cool beauty, Donna could only watch as the night's hours hurried on. She almost wanted to grab fathertime and force him to slow it all down..

"Okay, we're here," Seth said, bringing her out of her fierce trance.

Seth spreads out the picnic blanket, it flutters and gently drops on the grass. Donna takes the picnic basket and places it down, as she lowers herslef to take the food out she feels fingers pinch her buttocks-

"Very funny." She mumbles, hearing Seth chuckle from behind.

"Couldn't help myself," He says, wrapping his arm around her waist when she straightends. "You know I heard you singing to yourself in the shower this morning, *And I'm saving all my loving for youuu~*"

"I fucking hate you," Donna snorts, gently taking his arm away before sitting down on the blanket. "When are you going to let that go?"

"I think you have an amazing singing voice," Seth muttered, reaching across to kiss her neck. Donna resisted a moan as he sucked on the skin close to her ear.

"You sing better than me, Skinnyjeans. You'll probably be the next Frank Sinatra-"

Seth stopped kissing her neck, looking bewildered, "Surpass a legend?" He said, almost offended. "I think not."

"I never said you'd surpass him..."

"You implied it."

Donna smiled mischeviously. "I guess miracles can happen."

"You know what?" Seth began, putting both hands on the side of her neck. "I.." He trailed. Suddenly moving his left hand to remove his glasses, piercing brown eyes met Donna's grey ones. "I'm going to miss you so much.." He said, his tone much more serious than before.

Donna shifted uncomfortably, she didn't like the sudden change in Seth's voice. Nor where the conversation was headed. "I'm going to miss you too.."

"Promise me something?" Seth asked, pressing his forehead to Donna's.

"Depends on the something.." Donna said silently.

"Promise..You'll try and find me someday?"

Donna's heart felt like it was melting, and she felt her cheeks resort to red again. "Only if you promise the same thing."

"I promise." Seth said soothingly. "Goodness, this is all cheesy."

"That's what I was gonna say," Donna said, removing his right hand from her neck. "Though, you're more of a romantic than I am."

Seth nodded. "I can still spot a cheesy movie moment when it comes about."

Donna touched her heart; It's not as if she had been disappointed alot in her life. Infact, the majority of people that she knew usually kept to their word. But Donna had a feeling that if Seth let her down, that would really sting.

So she thought, one more kiss for the night probably couldn't hurt.

February 1st, 2012- 6:34 am

Donna Robinson, now thirty-seven years old, looked down at the L.A beach as the water rumbled and arched over the black rocks.

"Never should've gotten my hopes up," She says. Her eyes drooped with depression. Her heavy blue eye-shadow could be seen by a passer-byer from a mile away.

And that promise? The promissio? Now fifteen-seventeen years old. Seth Macfarlane was long gone, even if they were now in the same city. Funny, Donna thought, he had done nearly *everything* he had said he wanted to do. Found his perfect spot in animation, released his own classical-themed album. Donna should've predicted what with all his upcomming success he would've forgotten about their promise to reunite, given acouple years, three or so.

Donna wondered how long it had taken him to forget about it? Probably when he went to Risd Art School. That most likely did it.

Donna curled her toes in the warm sand; She hadn't done too much with her life. Sure, she had travelled, seen great places and learned of brilliant things, but a broken heart can only descend so far.

After the Robinsons left Connecticut and moved to far out in the country, in Donna's eyes it was more like the edge of the earth. Miles of land and no one to take care of, it was like a dream. A dream that was missing a piece.

Donna *hated* closed in spaces, hated being as fenced in as her grandmother and father had always made her feel. Moving out in the country with so much untouched, virgin land was like dangling a doggy treat in front of her. And it was the only reason why she agreed to go in the first place.

After she graduated college, Donna couldn't keep her hands off a plane ticket. She'd never stay in the same place for longer than a month or two. And then off to the next part of europe.

Maybe, it was possibly that she could've done with a reminder or a little tap on the shoulder as well.

Donna cringed, knowing this to be true. She didn't exactly give up her dreams and all their entirety to find him either. She gave up him, too. She gave up the memory of them laughing together, loving together, crying together-

Psh, there she was, wishing to grab Fathertime by the neck again.

February 1st, 2012- 11:22 pm

From the very beginning, Seth had been having a rough day.

It just seemed as if someone had taken Seth's life globe a shook it far too hard; everything was off. First he spilt coffee on his table, then he got to the studio late (Okay, that wasn't necessarily out of the norm) and then the voice-recordings, he didn't even really want to talk about that hell.

Needless to say going home and relaxing with some whiskey was only thing Seth was going to be attempting for the rest of the night. Inserting the key into the socket, he opened the door to his home-

And then it came to him; Go to the attic.

"The hell?" Seth murmered, turning his head to the stairs that would lead him to the attic.

It was just one of those strange moments, he had the desire to get away. And the attic was a good place for that. Old relics. he could get high on his past.

Just like Paula Abdul- Oh, he really needed to get control over that. Ah, why not? It's how he made a living.

With his mind made up, Seth strolled up the steps to the old wooden attic.

It was full of old trophies he won from Spelling bees that his mother (Bless her soul..) didn't want him to get rid of. And clothes he wore on graduation. And a really, really old photo album that he had his eyes on.

He knelt down to get it, his fingers brushing against the beaten up, red cover. He opened it, the pages flew open-

And there she was.

She was like the answer to all his problems, she had to be.

Her endlessly curly blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she bent down in the picture, the female was standing right there in front of a younger version of himself. Her bright grey eyes staring at him from a different time. She was beautiful, and for five short seconds she was Seth's everything.

But, who was she?

February 1st, 2012- 12:30 am.


"No, Kate."

"Donna, please?"

"No, Kate, you please."


Finally, out of exasperation more than consideration, Donna rose her head from her pillow. "What?"

"You know I've never wanted to trample in on your life or your decisions," Here we go.."But, maybe you should give up on that Macfarlane guy."

"I knew you were going to get to that," Donna said hoarsely, her hand moving up to stroke her cheek. "And, frankly, that's why I didn't want to listen."

"I'm just thinking of you.." Kate said softly, grasping her hand. "And, I see you everyday waiting for him to drop from the sky without warning. That sounds more like fantasy than reality, sweetheart."

Donna hated Kate for this; the moments where Kate actually decides to make sense. And to spit some logical reality bullshit in her face. Still, she had a point.

"You've done nothing all these years but waste time," Kate began, her blacker than black hair falling in her face and nearly blocking her eyes. "I hate to call you that, but it's true."

"It's not true," Donna said firmly, clentching her fists, her manicured nails digging into her palm. "I've been all over the world! Italy, Russia, Japan, everywhere! How can you call that wasting my life?"

Kate's blue eyes hardened before replying, "Traveling is one thing, actually going somewhere is a entirely different story."

"Listen!" Donna exclaimed, nearly ripping the pillow. "I-I don't want to give up yet.. You just don't get it."

"What don't I get?" Kate replied hotly, stepping closer. "You've been waiting for him for years, and god knows how long he has for you. He may have just forgotten entirely, who the hell knows. And even if he did remember, how the hell is he supposed to find you? How the hell, if you both fell out of contact so long ago, is he supposed to track you down?"

Donna ignored Kate's presense, until finally, Kate turned to go.

Kate turned back slightly. "I love you, Kate. I really do. But, I just wish you wouldn't do this to yourself." She opened the door. "I'll see you in the morning."

She closed the door, leaving Donna to her stubborn thoughts.

For atleast an hour she laid there, a frown itched in her expression..

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