February 4th, 10:43 pm.

Donna felt a great Deja Vu as her fingers intertwined with Seth's. The actual fact of how long she had waited to experience this moment with him, to fully be reunited, was ironically the thing that was keeping her from talking. She had pictured and rewined this very moment inside her head for years, yet she didn't know what to say.

But, she gave it a try. "I guess you're not going to tell me how you got an entire orchestra to come and play outside my apartment window."

"I don't mind" Seth said, smiling at her. "Everyone there were mostly friends of mine that helped me with the Music Is Better Than Words album, I told them about our..um..predicament, and they agreed to help me out."

Donna emitted a soft chuckle, although her eyes never left his form. He looked so irresistible in his black suit, he wore no tie, giving Donna a full view of the small hairs on his toned chest. Donna blushed furiously, becoming very interested in her shoes. They must've looked odd togehter, the sharp gentlemen and the curly haired blonde in jeans and a sweat jacket.

She held on to his hand a bit tighter, and wasn't planning on letting go.

February 4th, 11:12 pm

They arrived at his house sooner than Donna had anticipated, Seth had led her to the backyard, where his large pool resided. The clear blue water reflectign their images back at them.

"It's almost sad, because I never use this pool unless I have parties." Seth said, looking back at the water with some sort of guilt. "And even then I never get in it."

Donna smiled mischeviously. "How about you get in now?"


Before Seth could react at all, you had pushed him. Causing him to lose all balance and fall not-so-gracefully into the cold water.

She. . She was always stronger than him.

Donna let out a loud laugh, lifting her left leg to remove her heel, then the right to do the same. Running quickly to the pool and diving in for her lover. When Seth resurfaced, surprisingly, he was smiling.

"You came in for me?" He asked, slightly louder than was necessary.

"Was I not supposed to?" Donna replied, pushing her dripping curls out of her face.

"No, you weren't. That's the rules of. . of pushing someone in a pool."

Donna chuckled, and suddenly, the whole world was insignifigant. In comparison to how Seth looked at this moment in time.

He's so cute. . . She thought. Glancing into his dark brown eyes.

Seth smiled, pulling her closer to him. Donna emitted a chopped breath as she felt his aftershave brush against her moist lips.

Donna smiled slightly, shivering as she felt the sensation of Seth's fingers pressing against her waist. "S-Seth. . What are you doing?"

Seth laughs, closing his eyes. "I have no idea. ."

Seth pressed his lips to hers, moaning softly at the soft impact. Donna automatically wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing her right hand to go to his cheek. Seth reacted with more enthusiasm, gently nipping on her lower lip, his hands trying to undo the slash that kept him painfully away from more of Donna's flesh. For he had never wanted to feel, to touch skin so much.

Donna had her hands in his tresses, ruffling his dark brown hair. Suddenly she forced herself away.

"Come on," She urged huskily, pulling herself out of the pool. To Seth's pleasant surprise, she began to undress. Beginning with her cloak, then her shirt. "I've waited long enough for this."

Seth smiled, at a loss for words. "Are you s-"

"Hurry up or I'm going home." Donna says, jogging into the house.

And she can hear Seth's loud laugh as he climbs out of the pool and follows after her.

February 11th, 12:00

Donna is delighted to know that, after all these years, Seth is just as soft and cuddly.

Well. . Perhaps not soft in all places, but. .

Donna let out a breath as she straddled him, latching her mouth straight to his neck. Seth grits and makes a soft grunting sound once she finds that oh-so-sensitive spot on the back of his earlobe. Seth's curious hands roam the rest of Donna's body, feeling the thickness of her thighs as he moves them up to entangle in her lacy panties.

Donna returns to kissing Seth's lips, leaving red marks across his neckline. Seth raises his hand to his chin, feeling the assaulted skin.

He pulls away slightly only to say sarcastically, "Thanks, Donna. How on earth am I going to cover up those."

"Then don't cover them," Donna replies softly, pecking his chin. Almost as an apology. "Let them stay there to let every girl know you're mine."

Seth remains silent; Instead grasping the sides of her face with his shaking hands, feeling the soft texture of her cheeks.

Donna blushed, smiling jovially at him while flipping over, allowing him to be on top.

"Maybe you should make your mark on me too?" She suggested, rubbing her leg against his.

Seth took a moment to take in the sight of Donna, how delightfully curvy she was. How her smooth flesh felt against his mouth, how she shivered when his hands barley grazed it. Any other man would've ravished her and been done already, but as much as his loins burned for her all he could do was marvel at her unique form.

A moment later, Donna couldn't help but roll her eyes. "I'm so flattered you're this distracted."

Seth met her eyes again, smiling lazily. "Don't be so smug, you're not that great."

"Yes I am." Donna said, frowning slightly.

Seth raised an eyebrow. "How so?" He said softly.

Slowly, Donna raked her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her. "Because I know you think I'm great."

Seth narrowed his eyes, bending down to kiss Donna's lips. His hands traveled to her chest, unclasping her bra, removing the fabric that contained her shapely breasts.

Seth then chuckled, "Front clasp, Donna? Really?"

Donna tried to kneel him in the groin, however Seth saw it coming and bounced to the side.

"Eey!" He exclaimed, laughing loudly while Donna huffed. "I'm going to need that in a minute."

Donna winked, propping herself up on her elbow. "You mean you actually want to. . ?" Taking the bra that was covering her chest, she threw it on the floor, waiting for Seth's reaction.

However, instead of a snappy remark, Seth leaned forward to bring Donna into another steamed kiss. Grabbing ahold of a her wrists, he pinned them down as he climbed slowly over her. His hands snake up to meet Donna's breasts, feeling the perkiness of her nipples.

"S-Seth!" Donna said, startled at his sudden dominance.

Seth didn't reply, his hands traced down Donna's stomach, down the curves of her abdomen. He hooked his fingers into her lacy panties. "It's like you wanted this to happen. . " He commented in a slurry voice. And with nearly no effort at all, sliped the fabric from her hips.

Donna hitched her breath at the sudden exposure, and began to relax underneath Seth. It had been so very long since she'd felt the touch of anyone, even if it was Seth. Donna fingers worked on the buttons on his shirt, every one that came undone she felt more of Seth's light chesthair, something that excited her immensely.

As the last button snapped Donna pulled his shirt open, revealing Seth's chest. Donna narrowed her eyes, he was toned but not at all muscular, not like he had ever been. And she found herself preferring it that way. Moving closer, Donna trailed her eager fingers across Seth's newly exposed skin. She knelt forward and kissed his right nipple, delighted when she heard him give a blessful sigh. But otherwise he is completely quiet, Donna knows from experience that he is completely at peace. Something she was happy about.

Suddenly Donna slides down the bed, taking hold of Seth's belt, unbuckling it and sliding it off, throwing it away to a place of irrelevance. She could feel Seth shake a bit more, and somehow she began feeling guilty.

Holding his hips, she frowned. "Do you not want this?" She asked softly. What if she had pushed him? Maybe she should've given him more time to think. .

"Yes," Seth said, his voice immediately assertive. "I do. . I'm just not used to it being like this. ."

Donna closed her eyes, emitting a warm smile before sliding Seth's jeans down. She moved out of the way for Seth to work his jeans all the way off, letting them slank to the floor. Then, Seth turned to her. The firm expression on his face telling her that he needed her, that there was no time to dilly-dally. There would be time for foreplay some other time.

With that thought in mind Donna grabbed Seth's shoulders, pulling him on to her. He grasped her leg, pulling it up to get a better angle. Positioning himself above her, Seth slid his member inside. Donna gasped, it was a mixture of ache and pleasure. Seth had started slow, thank God. Moving and pushing himself inside of Donna's warm slick cave. Donna kept one arm wrapped around Seth while the other gripping on to the semi-wet bedsheets.

Soon the pain had long subsided, it wasn't long before Seth's actions began to get more aggressive, pulling himself out and forcing his way back in with fevour. Donna was desperate for some composure, but with every thrust, ever grunt and groan that emitted from Seth's mouth made her mission for that one thing more and more futile.

Seth sunk his head low into Donna's shoulder, biting the skin that was there. With the little mind he had left he always remembered Donna never being the loud type, though more of the kind that would beg for some restraint. He wouldn't allow for her to be this quiet, he wanted to hear her. with swift quickness, he pulled himself out of her. Donna opened her eyes, looking up with mild confusion.

"What's your deal?" She said, the irritation in her voice evident.

Seth looked her in the eye, gave a wide smirk, and forced himself back inside Donna's cunt. Chuckling loudly as Donna screamed, the pleasure washing over as she flung her head back into the pillows.

Seth's thrusts were non-stop from there, Donna pierced her nails into his back. She had no clue of how he was able to muster this much strength as he grabbed her hips, rocking the bed back and forth.

"Oh.. Oh.. God. .Yes. . Oh!" Donna moaned, her hands moved from his back, which was red from her nails moving across it, and traveled to his his shoulders.

"Donna. . " Seth groaned, grasping one of her breasts.

Donna's voice became hoarse, her walls began to ache at the perpetual thrusting, then finally, waves of pleasure reverberated through her. She thrashed around, kicking her legs and and wrapped them around Seth's waist. She could feel him back out of her, his male liquids landing on her stomach and chest. Donna watched as Seth's eyes fluttered, sucking in his lower lip.

A couple seconds of realization and silence rolled themselves by, Seth's eyes met Donna's, and she smiled.

She raised her hand to grasp Seth's head gently, pulling him down to her chest as she let out a heavy sigh.

"You know what?" She began, sounding content.

"What?" Seth replied, eyes closed.

"I think I could go for a drink now."