Chapter 11

He woke up in the midst of tangerine scent, feeling boneless and completely satisfied.

Maybe his love expert deserved a little thank-you note. Well, fairly speaking, that line Ussop had taught him was purely idiotic; but for what it's worth it worked and somehow made Nami forgive him.

So maybe girls like you being idiotic, as long as you are sweet. Zoro thought half-heartedly as he put his pants and boots back on. Standing up, he looked around for his shirt, only to find it gone, along with the girl who he had just spent the last two hours with.

"Nami?" he called out, slowly walking out of the corner they had snuggled in. Was it possible that she felt self-conscious after what they had done and ran off—while holding his shirt hostage?

He shook his head and chuckled quietly to himself. That cute little thief. She was so gonna get it.

Never in his life before had he described something or someone as "cute" (not even in his head). Chopper was a close one. That little guy possessed some sort of childlike quality that he sometimes found quite endearing, but even so he never called him cute.

Nami was different, though. She used to be this hot-tempered, foul-mouthed, money-obsessed friend of his and he gotta admit he was never her biggest fan, but now all he could think about was how cute she was when she was in his arms responding to all his kisses and touches.

Like Ussop had said, he was indeed infatuated with her, wasn't he?

Zoro's eyes lit up the moment he walked out of the orchard and saw Nami sitting on Sunny's railing, with her feet dangling outwards and her head raised up towards the moon. A dark green shirt covered her bare shoulders.

She looked so angelic in the serene moonlight. He didn't realize he was smiling as he silently approached her.

"There you are." He suddenly embraced her from behind, and when she didn't appear the slightest of shock, he whispered panting a kiss on the back of her ear. "You look great in my shirt."

"This is an ugly shirt. I made it work." Nami stated in a plain tone, her posture stiffening under his touch. But Zoro didn't seem to mind. Holding her closer, he continued to nibble her earlobe and her jaw line. However, when his lips moved to her left cheek he tasted something damp and salty.

"Nami?" he stopped his kiss, slightly pulling pack so that he could see her face. "Are you…crying?" his hand held out, touching the tearstains on her cheek. She brushed him off.

"I'm so screwed." She murmured. From the pale moonlight Zoro could see her eyes were red and puffy. There was no mistake she had been crying. But the reason as to why she had been crying was beyond him. If anybody asked him he'd say he was in a fairly good mood tonight, he had just got back with his girl and they had just made love under the shade of mikan trees. Everything seemed right in their places. What was to cry about?

"Hey, hey, what happened?" as he asked he tried to wrap his arm around her shoulder, but again she brushed him off.

"We shouldn't have done that." She said bitterly.

"Done what?" he asked confused.

"That! Use your head, Zoro!" she raised her voice angrily. Her face reddened. "I never wanted to do it with you again! Not like that! I even swore on my super expensive Doskoi Panda dress and now? I can't believe I'm so stupid and weak that I let myself slide back to square one!"

Tears were now cascading down her cheeks like a mini waterfall. Zoro could only stare with his tongue tied. He didn't know what to think or how to react. He was never one good at handling crying girls.

"What are you talking about, woman?" He tried to make conversation, still clueless. "What panda dress?"

"That's NOT the point!" Nami screamed, throwing both arms into the air in a huff.

Then something clicked in Zoro's mind. She said they shouldn't have done what they had done, which could imply …

"…Was I bad?" he asked in a nervous voice, and was obviously embarrassed by the question himself, scratching the back of his head uneasily.

For a short moment Nami was taken aback.

"NO~~~~!" Then she yelled, her face turning a deep shade of red.

Woah that's a relief. "Then why are you regretting this?"

"BAKA! You are hopeless!" she cried even harder.

"Just—stop with the tears already!" he demanded, rubbing his temples as he could feel his head was about to explode. "I can't think seeing you like this!"

"They won't stop! They just keep coming!" she sobbed, fanning her face rapidly with both hands. As if to prove her words, more tears kept rolling down.

"Well do something!" he yelled.

"You do something!" she yelled back.

He sighed in frustration. This was ridiculous. They just had what he'd like to call the most amazing makeup sex and now she was crying like a 7 year old little girl who'd just lost her favorite doll. He didn't understand. Something just didn't add up. For once in his life he wished he could at least try to grasp a little knowledge on how women's brains functioned. Because obviously they were so freaking weird and… different!

Letting out another sigh Zoro reached out, closing the distance Nami had just created between them. He held her tight, almost pressing her face into his chest. He didn't give a damn if she decided to blow her nose on his bare flesh or do something even less hygienic. If this could stop her from crying so be it.

"I'll buy you another panda something dress so just stop the tears for God's sake!" He growled.

For a second her sob actually seemed to stop. But much to his dismay it resumed in almost not time. "Don't say impossible things!" she chided, poking him in the chest. "You still owe me money!"

"Then WHAT? You tell me, woman!"

Nami lifted her head to face the agitated man. He was utterly desperate now. Seeing Zoro in such a defeated state somehow made her realize that although he was stupid and insensible in some way, he truly cared when she was upset.

Maybe she should let him off the hook this time.

"I'm only gonna say this once, Zoro—"she began, wiping off the tears with the back of her hand. "Next time I cry, you just hold me and kiss me until I calm down."

"That's it?" Zoro blinked. That's all he needed to do? Women are, like he said, really really weird sometimes!

"That, I can do." He tightened his arms around her waist and leaned down to place a kiss on the top of her head. Umm…although her crying was starting to get annoying, her hair smelled wonderfully soothing.

"…and then the next day you buy me something pretty." She added, her voice somewhat childlike.

A part of Zoro wanted to point out the fact that he still owed her money, but he knew better than to ruin this rare peaceful moment with her.

He held Nami for long enough, which felt like a century to him but in actuality he assumed it was about 3 or 4 minutes. The girl in his arms gradually cooled off, but still gave a light sob from time to time.

She needs some distraction, Zoro thought. A good one. And quick.

"Uh…"He cleared his throat, "wanna hear something funny?"

Nami looked up at him slightly surprised. Was Zoro trying to make a joke to cheer her up?

"…Okay." She nodded.

"That idiotic cook—" he said. "once did it in the kitchen."

"What? Our kitchen? No way!" Nami inhaled, instantly forgetting how upset she was a moment before. "It's GROSS! That's where people eat!"

"That's what I said!" Zoro laughed. So saucy gossip—he wasn't proud of it but whatever, it worked. She was successfully distracted and Mr. Ero-cook could bid farewell to his pretentious gentleman image.

"Speaking of the kitchen—"said Nami. "I'm hungry." Almost at the same time her stomach let out an unhappy growl.

Zoro smiled: "Let's go get some food." giving her butt a playful slap, he then grabbed her wrist and led her downstairs to the galley.

"Just you know, I'm still mad at you." Nami reiterated as she followed his lead. "And I still haven't forgiven you."

"Fine by me. Take your time holding a grudge, woman." Zoro shrugged. What she just said wasn't really convincing. He and she both knew she couldn't stay angry with him for too long.


One thing good about having Nami at his side was that he could now have free access to the cook's fridge.

"Lemme see…is this ok?" After handing Nami a little jar of yogurt Zoro kept digging inside the fridge.

Nami wrinkled her nose displeased. "Can't I have something low-fat?" despite her whining she tore open the lid and started licking on it.

"Wait a minute, what the hell is this?" Zoro suddenly said. He was looking at a bento box placed right in the middle. Its lid was transparent so he could see what was inside.

"Oh that." Nami didn't sound too surprised. "Sanji kun kept it there. He said it means the world to him since it's a memento of our, well, collaboration of love." She said casually, giving a shrug.

Zoro stared at the stupid box and its ever so stupid content. A green heart lied in there, as if to mock him. Yes, GREEN HEART. It looked so green and he'd never seen anything greener in his life.

"That crap cook." He cursed under his breath. And before Nami could register what had happened, he swiftly opened the box and threw the mochi right into his mouth.

"Zoro!" Nami screamed, grabbing his upper arm and shaking him violently. "What are you doing? That thing has been there for almost two weeks! Spit it out! You'll get food poisoned!"

"At least I deserve to have a taste—"Zoro's reply was sorta muffled by the act of chewing. "Since my girlfriend did half the work!"

"What?" Nami was stunned. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "…what did you say? Did you just call me…your girlfriend?" her grip on his arm tightened, to an extent that it actually began to hurt. But it wasn't Zoro's biggest concern at the moment.

"Yeah. I think I just did." He swallowed down the mochi and looked away. The edges of his ears were feeling incredibly hot as he shoot back a question. "You got a problem with that, woman?"

Nami had to blink three times to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. So this was real. Zoro was blushing and referring to her as "his girlfriend".

"Wow…I …" she felt a lump in her throat and was having difficulty stuttering out any reply. There were too many feelings welling up inside her. She felt sweet, touched and yet vulnerable. She could almost burst into tears but she was too happy to do that.

"I don't." she finally said, smiling at him. "I don't have any problem with that, Zoro." She didn't bother to hide the affection in her eyes as she looked right into his good one, finding the same expression in there.

So they were boyfriend and girlfriend now. Zoro just gave a disgruntled grunt as some sort of reply, but she knew he was happy about it too.

"So? How did it taste? Good? "she looked at him expectantly.

"Uh, it was…okay. I mean good. Really. " To be honest, it tasted awful. Maybe it was kept in the fridge for too long or something, it just didn't taste like a normal mochi would do. But Zoro didn't plan on pissing his new girlfriend off by telling her the truth. Instead he polished it up a little bit; just to see that lovely smile of hers again.

And there she smiled. It was a genuine, heartfelt smile and it was so beautiful. He swore it was totally worth the lie. He couldn't help but to lean in and kiss her full on the lips.

Their kiss quickly turned from chaste to passionate, until Nami pulled back and said: "No, we can't do it here Zoro…"

"Yeah." He agreed, chuckling. "Cause we are better people than that love-cook." Then he reached out his arms, pulling the girl he loved into his chest once more.


"NO WAY~~~~!"

The next morning Sanji's hysterical yelling was bursting the crew's eardrums. "Where is my green heart? I remembered putting it RIGHT HERE! And the fridge was locked! How come it's gone? Nami san—" he turned abruptly to his beloved navigator, comical tears rolling down his cheeks. " I think you are right! There IS a shameless thief on our ship! That bastard must've broken into my fridge last night and stolen one of my most precious belongings just to hurt me! "

Nami bit back a snicker as she gave a quick once over to a certain swordsman who was currently snoring like a thunderstorm on deck.

"Oh, I'm sure he is indeed…uh, very shameless to have stolen from you, Sanji kun." She smiled at the cook sweetly, not missing a beat. "Who could've done something like that? It's horrible!"

"Well," upon hearing his goddess's comforting words, the cook seemed to cool down a little. "Good thing that I waxed that mochi. I was gonna make it more preservable but I guess it worked out just fine for that food-stealing bastard. I bet he's busy hovering on some toilet seat throwing up right now!"

"Hehe, I sure hope he is…" Nami believed if her fake laugh was to get any faker her face was gonna go numb. It seemed that her new boyfriend needed an appointment with Chopper!

-The end-

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