Super Broflovski Brothers.


CHAPTER ONE. The new girl.

The kindergarden class at South Park Elementary is sitting at the main table in the classroom, the teacher is writing something on the board.

Teacher: Okay class today we have a new student joining us please give a hand in welcoming Alyson Karzis.

A little Canadian girl with Brown hair done in a ponytail and wearing an apple red dress walks in, she looks nervously at the class Ike stares at her and smiles like a lovesick puppy.

Alyson: Uhm…. Hi .

Fillmore: Teacher what's wrong with her head?

Alyson starts crying.

Ike: (hits Fillmore, he cries) She's Canadian you bastard

Teacher: That's enough both of you sit in the corner.

Ike and Fillmore pout and walk to the corner, Alyson smiles at Ike.

At lunch Time Ike sits with other Kindergardeners Alyson walks up to them.

Alyson: Hi can I sit here?

Kindergardener: no go away weird kid.

Kindergardener 2: yeah beat it, floppyhead.

Alyson Cries and runs away, Ike Strikes the Kid with his lunch tray, and gets in his face.

Ike: Don't fuck with the new girl or I'll fuck with you

Kindergardener: Cries into his tray Alyson sees Ike stand up for her and walks toward him sniffling.

Ike: Hi I'm Ike.

Alyson: (sniffle) Thanks for standing up for me.

Ike: No problem. You want to play together at recess?

Alyson: Okay.

Meanwhile at the 4th grade boy's table the boys watch Ike as he and Alyson eat lunch together.

Stan: Dude I can't believe it, First day here and your brother and the new girl are already hitting it off.

Kenny (yeah do you think they'll have sex)

Cartman: Yeah Remember Ms Stephenson Kahl.

Kyle: Shut up Cartman this is serious I don't want my brother going through that kind of relationship Again.

Stan: Kyle buddy don't you think your jumping the gun a bit, I mean sure what Ike did with that teacher was wrong but I think this girl and your brother have going on is just a harmless relationship like me and Wendy have.

Kenny:(So what your saying is given the choice you wouldn't fuck Wendy ?)

Stan: no dude what I meant was…. He is interrupted by Cartman.

Cartman: what he means is that the thought of having sex with that ugly cow he calls a girlfriend makes him sick to his stomach(laugh's hysterically)

Stan Smacks upside the head with his lunch tray Cartman retaliates by throwing his peas at Stan, He misses and hits Craig.

Craig: you fat son of a bitch. He throws his pudding cup at Cartman and hits him. Oh and he flips him off too this is Craig after all.

Cartman: Craig you bastard. He throws his milk carton and misses hitting Wendy)

Wendy Glares at him menacingly and throws her broccoli at him, Clyde shouts Food Fight!
The whole cafeteria explodes into a massive food fight that would make Chef roll in his grave were he occupying it, the food fight lasts for five minutes until Principal Victoria and Mr Mackey step in.

Mr Mackey: All right that's enough mkay! Break it up.

Mr Mackey All right who started this?

The students all point at the four boys, Cartman get's pissed.

Cartman: Fuck You Craig, Fuck you Wendy, Fuck you Thomas.

Thomas: what did I AWE FUCK do?

Principal Victoria: Eric Cartman watch your language your four boys in my office now.

Mr Mackey: All right the rest of you get back to class Mmmkay.

Later At Recess Ike and Alyson are playing on the swing set

Alyson: So you're adopted?

Ike: yeah I've lived in South Park as long as I can remember.

Alyson: My parents Just moved here from Ottawa. My Daddy said He found a good paying Job here.

Ike: That's cool. Do you want to come over to my House and play after school?

Alyson: I'd have to ask my Daddy. But I would guess It would be okay.

Meanwhile across the fence two Canadians in Black suits and sunglasses watch as the two of them play.

Suit#1: Mother Goose this is Moose Goldilocks is secure over.

There is inaudible response from radio.

Suit#1: Roger Mother Goose will pick up Goldilocks on schedule. He signals to Suit#2 who beeps the horn on the black Car.

Alyson: My rides here I gotta go see ya later Ike.

Ike: Wow her parents must be loaded or something.

Unbeknownst to Ike and the Security detail two mysterious figures watch from inside the bushes.

Figure#1: Target in sight soon we will avenge our defeat all those ages ago and bring all of Canada to its knees.

Figure#2:Yes soon our dark lord shall rise once more.

The two figures put their hands under their armpits and fart.

An hour after school lets out the boys walk home exhausted.

Cartman: God Damn It why we have to stay after when Craig and Wendy got to go home?

Kyle: Because Fatass you had to Mouth off the Principal. My Mom's gonna kill me.

Cartman: Aww wah wah always crying because your big fat joo mom is gonna go pms on you.

Kyle: Don't about my Mom like you fat half Ginger son of a bitch!

Cartman: Yeah well at least I'm Half Bronco Jinger Jersey Joo

Kyle: Yeah well at least my mom isn't a dirty crack whore who slept with Jack Tenorman!

Cartman: shut your fucking jew mouth Kyle!

Stan: Will you two just shut up! I'm too tired to deal with this Shit right now.

Well we'll leave the boys to fight it out and go check on Ike who's been waiting Alyson to show up at his house for over more than an hour.

Ike looks at his watch then turns on the tv for Terrence and Philip.

Philip: Say Terrence what did the Cantonese scuba diver say to the Kazak dentist?

Terrence: I don't know Philip what did the Cantonese scuba diver say to the Kazak dentist?

Philip farts in Terrence's face they both laugh. Suddenly a Canada Channel emergency bulletin appears.

Canadian TV Anchor: We interrupt this program to bring to all Canadians at home or abroad this breaking News The First Born Daughter of the Royal Canadian Family has been abducted. A picture of Alyson appears on screen.

Canadian TV Anchor: Princess Alyson of the Royal Canadian family was abducted from Royal security detail this afternoon. We do not know is responsible but, This just in The Canadian Prime Minister has asked Canadians every where to open their box of faith.

Ike goes upstairs to get his box of faith, He has a new one given to him by the Princess after he was granted Knighthood. Ike presses the button and a signal shoots out of the box showing an iron maple leaf. A Canadian Forces Helicopter sees the Signal.

CF commander: We found him take her down. The pilot nods and Lands in the Broflovski's front yard.

The CF Commander knocks on the front door Ike answers in Full knight armor, full beard included.

CF: Sir Ike Brovflovski we've been expecting you, come with us.

Meanwhile Kyle is walking home after his Argument with Cartman , He sees the Canadian Forces Taking Ike onto the helicopter. He gives Chase but the Helicopter has Already taken off.


Ike: shouts from the Chopper, I'M GOING TO SAVE THE PRINCESS!

Kyle desperate to catch up to his brother grabs on to the landing gear.



Two Canadian soldiers pull Kyle into the helicopter.

Canadian soldier: what do want us to do aboot him Sir?

Ike: Looks like he's coming with us.

End of Chapter Commentary.
I got the idea to do this after seeing Royal Pudding. I kind of went to Deviant Art and someone had made a poster of that episode I can't remember what it was called but It had Tooth decay holding the Princess captive and Ike and the others going to save her and it reminded me of Super Mario Brothers.

Then I thought Ike and Kyle are Brothers and the rest just came to me.

I'm sorry about the shortness of this Commentary but I'm more of a Thinker and less of a speaker.

Anyway I just want to thank some of my Friends Project B you inspired me to write. SP Gooner you showed me that Ocs don't have to taste like bad Cole slaw I love Alec, Squirrel Keep your work on deviant art coming I love Nightmare and Chair and finally to my family of course for supporting me. Please read and review.