"Link, I wish to talk to you." Link walked towards Princess Zelda's throne. He bowed when he was a few feet in front of her. He was not in the traditional Hero's tunic. He wore a light blue tunic with the royal family's coat of arms on the left side of the tunic. His dirty blond hair was in a low ponytail, his bangs on either side of his pale face.

"What do you wish to discuss, Princess?"

"It has been made mandatory that the Hero of Twighlight has a personal maid. She shall be the only one to do anything you ask of her. She shall be the only one allowed to come into your room and touch your belongings, unless told otherwise. Let her in."

A young lady, about Link's age, came into the room. Her flowing black and blue hair behind her. Her head was bent forward, black and blue hair shadowing her eyes. She stopped when she was a few feet away and bowed.

"Link, this is Synder, your personal maid. She should not cause you any trouble."

"Thank you, Princess." Link began walking away, Synder right behind him.

"Link!" He turned and looked at the Princess. She motioned him to approach him. He did so. "She is a mute. If you wish for her to speak to you, then allow her to write it out. She has a small notebook and a portable writing utensil." She whispered.

He nodded and began walking out of the throne room once again.

"Synder, let me see your face clearly." She stiffened, but did as she was told. Her face was fair, nothing wrong. Her eyes were a violet blue that stood out of her beautiful face.

I've never seen such beautiful eyes. They're so bright and yet so dark.

"Okay. I guess I should let you know what you can do. Um…" He thought. "My weapons are off-limits, that is, until I teach you how to handle them properly…" He thought and thought. "What else do maids usually do?"

Synder got out a small notebook and a piece of charcoal (It's supposed to be a pencil) and wrote something. She gave the small notebook to Link, who read the message to himself:

Maids do the cleaning of the rooms assigned to them. They also do what is asked of them by the ones with a higher position than them.

"Well, then. I doubt you'll need to clean up much since I don't make much of a mess. I guess, if necessary, then you'll send message to Princess Zelda. Is that all right?" She nodded.

It has been a week since she has been working as the Hero's personal maid. Just like the Hero said, she did not actually have much to do. He is what he said: a clean guy.

"If you hold it like this, then you'll be able to see if there is any rust or anything undesirable. See?"

Synder leaned over Link's shoulder to see how to clean the clawshot, one of the many weaponry he had used to save Hyrule from the Twighlight.

There was a soft knock at the door. Synder opened the door. Princess Zelda walked into the room.

"Hello, Princess. How may I help you?" Link greeted the princess, placing his clawshot on the table in front of him. "Synder? Could you get tea for us?" Synder nodded and left to the kitchen.

"What are you doing here? I thought they fired you." Sneered one of the cooks.

"Ever since you disappeared to the throne room, we haven't heard anything 'bout you. We hoped they fired you!" laughed another.

"Hey! If you aren't finished working, then I will have you doing cleaning duties!" Everyone became quiet as the head of the servants came into the kitchen.

"Synder! How've you been? It's been a month since I last saw you. My goodness! You've grown thin, are you eating properly?" Emma, Synder's mother, babbled as she hugged and looked Synder over.

Synder began to talk in sign language.

I am fine, mother. I am eating properly.

Emma stared at Synder, her adopted daughter, listening to her.

"Where have you, though?"

I have been made the personal maid of the Hero of Twighlight.

"Lucky you! Now, I know you're here for something. What is it? Tea? Alright. How many cups? Three? Okay. Here you are. Now get going."