Authors Note: Well after reading Son of Neptune I can say Percy x Hera is officially justified.

Percy carried Hera well technically Juno across a lake twice.

Also new ships.

Percy x Reyna, Percy x Kinzie, Percy x Hylla, Pluto x Marie, Frank x Hazel, and Tyson x Ella.

Canon guys, all this is canon.

That and the Romans were a little more…affectionate than I imagined.

Stupid Jason and his amnesia.

"Praetor! Praetor!" The Romans chanted carrying Percy high upon a shield.

Yes its true Percy Jackson had just become the leader of New Rome and just in time for the feast of Fortuna.

The Roman mess hall had become full of life as Campers and Amazons alike mingled, ate, and flirted/arm-wrestled.

"So I hear you became Praetor." Kinzie said batting her eyes.

"Yeah, though I feel bad because I took Jason`s title." Percy said.

"Still, I think you`d make a good leader, and if Reyna and Hylla aren't looking for a relationship, I'm available." Kinzie said giggling and batting her eyes.

"Thanks but…I already have a girlfriend." Percy said nervously.

"Well if you need a new one. I think you would look great in a collar and orange jumpsuit." Kinzie said.

"Okay I want to change seats now." Percy said.

"Okay, meanie, oh and good-luck with tomorrow." Kinzie said with a wink.

Percy raised an eyebrow and moved to a new seat which thankfully held Reyna.

"Hey Reyna, do you know what's up with tomorrow?" Percy asked.

"Yes, but first eat your food, I made it special for you." Reyna weirdly said.

Percy could swear one of her locks made a tiny heart.

"Enjoy." Reyna said lustfully, biting her bottom lip and sweating.

"Um thanks?" Percy said as she left.

He was about to dig in when he saw what she served him.

Needless to say it made him scared but I`ll explain anyway.

Reyna had served him spaghetti and meatballs with mashed-potatoes however the spaghetti was shaped in the form of a massive crotch with the meatballs as an inverted junk.

He thought that the mashed were supposed to be cum but they were in the shape of a vagina there was also ketchup in the writing that read 'Fuck me'.

Dakota: "Somebody's".

Octavian: "Gonna".

Don: "Get."

All: "Raped."

Percy threw the potatoes at Don, the spaghetti at Octavian and the meatballs at Dakota.

"That's cruel." Dakota protested eating the meat.

"And yet delicious." Don said licking the mash.

Octavian cried and ran off as Percy stormed back to his barracks.

Percy fell asleep and in his dream he saw Jason and Leo flying the ArgoII on the way to camp Jupiter.

"Hey Percy." They said to him.

"Don't hey Percy me, I got a bone to pick with you dicks." Percy said.

"Geez what's wrong?" Valdez said.

"First these Amazons are trying to enslave me, which I can understand." Percy said.

"Then Reyna hands me debauchers food, is there something special after the Feast of Fortuna that no one told me about?" Percy asked.

"Well that depends, is there a new male Praetor? Jason asked.

"Yeah, me." Percy said.

"Oh…well we can't land till next Monday then, bye." A nervous Jason said waving and disconnecting the signal.

"Wait no…bastards." Percy said.

Percy`s next dream had him running across a lake carrying Juno in her hippie form, singing an Ancient Greek lullaby.

"Do you still want to slap me dear?" Juno said.

Percy dropped her and tried to step on her.

"My that wasn't very heroic, meanie." Juno pouted slipping into her real form.

"Eight freaking months, Eight damn months of my life you've taken away from me for a one week gig, what the hell's wrong with you?" Percy said.

"Aw you're so mean, it's obviously because of the prophecy of seven, oh and you will see me again tomorrow." Juno said.

Percy blasted her with a water vortex but she just teleported behind him.

"Ooh you're being so mean right now, I think you need a hug." Juno said.

This time she picked him up and held him tight to her chest.

"Breath, cant *cough* breath." Percy said turning blue.

"See you tomorrow, my cute little sea spawn." Juno said.

Percy woke up gasping for air and decided he needed to take a walk.

Percy walked up to the borders of New Rome and saw Terminus forcing a faun to tuck Julia in.

Percy walked up to Terminus for a conversation.

"Ah Jackson, not regulation, and your swords still in your pocket, I hope a light conversation is all you came for." Terminus said.

"Yeah, is there something about tomorrow I should know about?" Percy asked.

"Sure, just move Julia a couple of feet north." Terminus said nervously.

When she was a couple feet away Terminus continued his talk.

"Okay, shifting eyes, I'm not allowed to tell you but…tomorrow is rape the praetor weekend." Terminus said sweating marble.

"Rape the WHAT DAY?" Percy shouted.

"It's sort of a pleasure role for any female praetor and any visiting female warriors and goddesses." Terminus explained.

"WHY? THAT'S HORRIBLE, JUST WHY!" Percy shouted.

"Well, it's a custom that was invented ten years ago, and it has been an enjoyable pass time to the campers to laugh at the humiliation of any male Praetors who are unfortunate enough to be molested by Rome." Terminus said as if he were being forced.

"Fuck! How do I get out of this?" Percy asked.

"Well you could run…or you could be thankful THAT YOU HAVE A PENIS ASSHOLE!" Terminus shouted then he started to cry.

"I'm sorry I guess no arms is okay, but no penis , which must suck." Percy said rubbing Terminus's head.

"Thanks I'm glad you understand, enjoy getting molested…Because Mars knows I would!" Terminus said crying again.

Percy went into his Praetor house and saw some of Jason`s weapons.

"Seventy two hours, an army of women, and even stronger Roman versions of my family. Let it begin." Percy said picking up a lance.