"You know I just wanted a nice easy life, one where me and Annabeth can retire, have kids, and grow old together," Percy said. "Not being asphyxiated in the darkest pit in the world so some insane primordial being can rise."

"I just wanted to change the world." Luke said.

"And I want you two to SHUT THE HELL UP! You idiots are ruining my moment!" Gaea huffed.

The giants had Percy and Luke chained to a pair of golden slabs, Annabeth was also tied down to a golden slab, though she was still asleep. Gaea took up the urn and poured the ashes over a silver reflective glass. Gaea carefully placed the glass on a golden slab. Gaea laid herself on another golden slab and looked lovingly at the glass filled with the ashes of Tartarus.

"Wake the girl." Gaea said, not taking her eyes of the ashes.

A black light flashed over Annabeth`s face, her eyes flustered open and she looked around, very confused.

"Percy and...Luke? Where are we, and whats happening." Annabeth asked.

"Short version, Gaea captured us, put us to sleep and now she`s going to take our blood and end the world." Percy said. "Oh and Luke is here to say hi."

Before Annabeth could respond a thrity-foot giant dressed in beastial like bronze battle armor walked in, his green dragon legs and dread-locks were dripping with poisonous vipers. The giant`s toothy grin left a foul oder which oddly enough made the pit smell a little better.

"Polybotes." Percy said.

"Ah child of Neptune," Polybotes said, "It`s so good to see you again, especially under these conditions,"

Polybotes ran his trident against Percy`s face, careflu not to cut him.

"Mother, when you`re done with him, I can keep him as my pet right?" Polybotes asked.

"Of course sweetie, and as for the girl...well I really don`t care what happens to her." Gaea said.

The sacraficial pits on the archway steps lit up and the goulish giants began chanting in ancient greek. A snake slithered out of Polybotes`s scalp and onto his shoulder, the snake coughed up a small knife that levitated twoard Annabeth. The knife slashed her leg open, causing Annabeth to scream in pain. Another snake slithered out of Polybotes and upchucked a funnel and pump. The funnel and pump collected the blood from Annabeth`s wound.

"Annabeth, calm down I`ll get you out of here...somehow." Percy tried to promise.

Percy`s vision went blurry again when he looked down and saw riptide piercing his ankle. One of the snakes had taken his sword and was using it to slice Percy open. When the pump and funnel had collected Percy`s blood, it levitated over to the golden slabs Gaea and the ashes of Tartarus were on.

"Finally, my husband and I...will rule the earth, I`m so happy." Gaea said, a chlorophyll tear running down her cheek.

"Brothers...it`s time!" Polybotes roared.

The room began to shake and two pillars of muck began to take form, one turned white and pale green as a humaniod giant with green legs and weapon laced dread-locks stepped forward. The other one turned to a pure golden spiral and golden giant with rusty dragon legs and ruby dread-locks strutted forward.

"Porphyrion, Alcyoneus, it`s finally time, mother and father will rise again, and we shall rule over all." Polybotes laughed.

His brothers joined in with his chuckling until Gaea`s hissing interupted them. The giants stopped and turned to watch the ritual. Gaea`s body turned into a brown and green pile of muck and ash. The goulish doctors stepped forward, chanting in Greek and latin as they poured Annabeth`s blood over Gaea`s muck and Percy`s blood over the ashes of Tartarus. The ashes began to boil and take shape, the muck and remains grew bones, organs and veins until they stopped. A long silence broke out before the entire pit shook violently with a white and green shockwave.

The remains of Gaea had finished and the earth goddess stood up in her new body. Gaea`s body was now very womanly, curves in the right places and very busty. Her hair was now bright blonde and black and tied into a ponytail. One of her eyes was an earthly green and the other was gray like Annabeth`s.

"Yes, finally, FINALLY!" Gaea said, throwing up her hands in victory. "Thanks to you daughter of Athena, I can finally rise without being stuck to the earth and rule like the queen I was always meant to be. And as fo my king..."

Gaea faultered off as Tartarus`s ashes turned black and began sucking in the darkness. Finally the form of a teenage boy leaped off the slab, his hair was black as were his eyes, the darkness formed a reaper like cloak around him until he was fully clothed. Tartarus turned and held his hand out to his wife.

"Gaea, come here." Tartarus said,his voice was so similar to Percy`s even Percy thought he said that.

Gaea pulled Tartarus into an embrace and started to kiss him, as the pit god gropped one of her buxom boobs. The sickingly romantic moment was broken up by the sound of Giants screaming in pain. The half-bloods looked up to see the Argo II blasting it`s way through the giants.

"Don`t worry guys, we`re here to save the day!" Leo yelled.

He and Jason fired off bolts of lightning and fire at the gouls while Nico and Hazel sliced off the chains.

"Thank Poseidon you guys are here." Percy said relieved.

"Um...are those two just going to continue to make-out?" Piper asked.

"Don`t ask questions run!" Luke yelled.

The half-bloods fled back to the ship as Gaea and Tartarus began to take each-other on the floor.