Draco Malfoy was never one for the rules, unless say, his father was around. Then, he behaved like a son was supposed to. Not even when the Dark Lord was around did he behave so well, unless his father was in attendance.

So, it was no wonder, really, that he gave a hand of friendship to the Boy Wonder before their first year had even begun. And had unknowingly set himself up for rejection. Sure, the messy black hair and the bright, emerald green eyes held a certain allure to them, but at 11 years old, all he really wanted was a friend.

Oh, and there was the nice little talk his parents gave him the summer he turned 12. About being a Veela. Apparently, his father was a full Veela, and his mother was half Veela. That left him at, around, full blooded? He wasn't particular on the specifics. He only knew what he'd been told by his parents, and what they'd told him to read.

"Now, Dragon, on the night of your sixteenth birthday, you'll be in so much pain at midnight," His mother had begun.

"You'll also be experiencing some very physical changes, Draco," Lucius had offered.

"Wings, and a more pure appearance. You will seem to be Ethereal. Like an elf, darling. Oh, and your wings will appear."

"Wings?"he had choked out, "I'll have wings? Like a bloody chicken?"

"Draco, darling, Veela are nothing like those vile creatures," Narcissa had attempted to soothe her son, while sniffing indignantly.

"Narcissa, hush. Draco, there is something important for you to know. The night of your inheritance, you will notice things about the people around you. Like their appearance, being able to separate lies from truth, and you'll be able to feel their emotions. If your mate is at Hogwarts, the only way you will find her-" Here, Narcissa had smacked her husband and he'd altered his statement, "-OR him, their scent alone will draw you like nothing else. It will be the most intoxicating thing you will ever smell. This is for the dominant or the submissive. There are no interchanges."

"Dominant? Submissive? Father, what-"

"We will know your station the day of your sixteenth birthday, Draco," Narcissa had coo'd softly, reaching to brush a lock of hair from his face.

Here he was, on the day of his sixteenth birthday (B. June 28, 1981) and he was laying in the middle of his bed.

Oh, it was hell alright. He felt like fire was licking every inch of his body, like knives were stabbing him as he twisted and writhed on the bed, screams ripping from his throat. He was suffocating, unable to breath. The blonde could feel his parents there at the door as he clawed the sheets, screaming and begging for the pain to just be over! His mother was weeping, but it did nothing to stop the choking noises from escaping, nor the whimpers and harsh sounds being forced from him.

He could feel nothing, suddenly, as his limp and over-used form collapsed onto the bed. He gasped for air, clawing at his throat in hopes to help himself breath. His father was the first to reach him, kneeling on the bed to grab his hands and pin them down.

"We will know your station the day of your sixteenth birthday, Draco," His mother's words echoed in his mind, even as Draco fought his father's asserted dominance. Both Malfoy men were thinking the same thing: Anytime soon and we will know.

When it happened, Narcissa shrieked and tried to pry her mate off the bed.

Draco'd begun to glow and his magic had fluctuated dangerously, knocking his father a few inches back. He could hear his father growling at his mother but couldn't make out the words.

His magic, it was beautiful, pulsing around him and in his veins like nothing else. The Veela magic and his wizard magic were battling now, but it was useless because soon, he was screaming again.

It went on for what seemed like hours until finally, it was complete.

He collapsed unconscious onto the bed, feeling, oddly enough, like his soul was not complete.

As his parents righted his body, they heard a low keening noise escape their son. Narcissa swooped down to quickly press her lips to Draco's forehead before the mated pair left the room.

They knew Draco's station.


Little did the Malfoy family know, a certain green eyed Saviour was also going through his inheritance.

A Month early (B. July 31, 1981), and his Muggle relatives were scared stiff from the screams and cries echoing from their nephew's room. Shrieks and whimpers, low and high keening noises, the three muggles were watching in silence, terrified.

Petunia stood in the doorway behind her husband Vernon and in front of her son Dudley as the trio watched Harry Potter's small, malnourished and bruised body convulse on the small bed in the corner of the room. Even the boy's worthless pigeon (as Vernon called our lovely Hedwig) knew something was wrong. It wouldn't stop making noise!

When the magic began cackling in the air, all three muggle's jumped and screamed.

It worked overdrive in fixing Harry, and the frightened eyes watched him slowly grow to be fairly over 5 feet tall, under 6 feet at at least 5'9", and the bruises disappeared, disappearing beneath now healthily just-barely-sunkissed-flesh. His scrawny, malnourished body began to fill out, his chest getting broader, his muscles finally filling out but staying lithe and delicate-like. His hips didn't do much but get larger to accommodate his now larger form. From 5'4" at most to now about 5'9", Harry Potter was no longer someone they felt they could intimidate or harm.

Dudley only squeaked.

Vernon fainted.

Petunia screamed.

The 'freak' had pure black wings that curled protectively around his form to shield him from the magic that cackled around his room.


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When Draco woke, it was about nine o'clock. When he first opened his eyes, he gasped in shock and looked around. Everything was so much clearer to him!

And his hearing…

Did he-?

No, he couldn't possibly-

He turned his head and almost gagged.

His parents were 'consummating' their relationship in the corner of his room.

"Mother! Father! There is a time and a place….right now and here are neither of those," he called out. The pair broke apart, his father having the gall to look sheepish.

"It's your allure, Dragon. It's not only calling to your mate, but it's spreading lust around like mad," his father informed him, hastily trying to make himself presentable to his son.

"Shouldn't a mated pair be immune to their 16 year old son's allure?" the blonde heir raised a brow.

Lucius and Narcissa sputtered for a few moments before settling on one word, muttered together as they held hands, "Yes."

"Now, Draco, get dressed, darling," Narcissa returned to full cheeriness, "Your father and I thought it would be a good idea to take you to Diagon Alley, see if you can't scent out your mate there."

Great, Draco thought with an inward groan. But he complied and within 5 minutes, he was ready and downstairs by the floo.

"Have a good trip, you two."

"Yes dear," was said at the same time as "Yes, Father," both of which gained giggles from the Malfoy heir and his mother before they stepped into the floo and Narcissa called out rather forcefully, "Diagon Alley!"

They disappeared in the green flames, and were soon spat out at the floo entrance to the Alley.

"Where to first, Dragon?"

"Um, Weasleys Wizard Wheezy's?" he suggested, after brushing off the residue from the floo powder. Narcissa only nodded and allowed him to lead the way. They were soon at the entrance to the joke shop run by the older twin brothers to Draco's rival's best mate.

Ron Weasley.

After a time, the magnificent blonde pair left the shop with two full bags of the candies and treats. They then made their way to Flourish & Blotts where Draco found the mudblood girl that always hung around with Weasel and Potter. A spike a venom hit him so he separated from his mother and saunted over to the girl, just to test the waters a bit.

"So, Granger," he drawled softly, leaning over her shoulder, "Borrowed money from Potter, I see. Of course, being in the muggle world, you wouldn't be able to get your own. I suppose you're going to have to whore yourself out, yeah?"

The initial reaction was funny, even if the girl smelled a bit odd at first. She jumped, twirled around to face him with a retort on the tip of her saucy tongue, her face twisted with anger, only to have her jaw drop and a thin trail of drool sliding down her flawless chin.


He only chuckled and flicked her nose before spinning on his heel and went to find his mother. As it was busy that particular day, he allowed his Veela senses to spread out, searching for all Veela in the area.

What he found was curious.

There were three Veela in the vincinity.

Besides himself.

He suddenly bumped into someone and let out a snarl, "Watch where you're going!"

And the gentle touch of honey mixed with mint and a sprinkle of broomstick polish assaulted his senses. He groaned inwardly. Not now! It was too soon!

He watched the emotions splay about his attackers face, grinning to himself before the other boy turned and fled.

Harry Potter?

He gaped after the boy.


Harry held a hand around his stomach as it grumbled for him to find food.

He'd gone to Diagon Alley with Hermione and the Weasley's to get their school things at the end of June on the Thirtieth, and he had been pleasantly surprised to see he'd been made Quidditch Captain when the large group had returned to the Burrow.

Ron had shouted congratulations, Charlie and Bill had been impressed and happy, the rest of the Weasleys only laughed or shook their heads, smiling. Remus had hugged him, Hermione suffocated him, Mrs. Weasley only gave him a light, mothering peck on the cheek with a soft 'Congratulations, Harry dear.'

And it was spectacular because then Hermione had opened her letter.

"Head Girl!" she'd shrieked.

"Congratulations, Hermione!" the Weasleys had all yelled happily, laughs and more chuckles going 'round.

Later, the trio had been outside talking about everything. Harry had been dozing off with his arms behind his head when Hermione had asked him a question-


"Watch where you're going!"

He had to steady himself from tumbling down, so ripped from his reverie that he only had time to spare a quick glance at the obviously male figure he'd come into contact with and had to stifle a gasp, and then a retort, and then another gasp.

Malfoy obviously found it funny because he only chuckled as he watched the array of expressions on Harry's face.

First shock, then anger, then more shock, before the raven haired boy turned and fled.

'That scent,' his mind whimpered loudly.

When he finally found Hermione, she was paying for her purchases with the money he'd borrowed her. He ran up to her side, gasping and wheezing for breath.

When she turned, she jumped and screeched before recognizing who he was.

"Hermione!" he growled frustrated.

"Oh, Harry! I'm sorry!" she said softly, before hugging him, "You're quite a bit taller now, I'd almost forgotten," she remarked.

"And with more muscle. And I have been attracting all sorts of attention today, as well, 'Mione. I don't understand it!" His tone was full of anger and frustration. He held his arm out for her, which she took by looping her arm through his.

"Well, I'll have to do some-"

"Research, I know. In the-"

"Library. Now, Harry, let me talk, please." The bushy haired girl glared at him before continuing, "Maybe Dumbledore might have an answer."

Yeah, like sending me back to the Dursley's again, he thought bitterly.

"Maybe, 'Mione," he saw a flash of red and sighed in relief, "Hey, I think that's Ron!"

As if to prove him right, their names were being called by a group of red-heads, Percy, Fred and George included.

"Oi, you lot!" Harry called, laughing with Hermione as they ran over.

Harry wasn't prepared for Ron to jump on him and so hadn't released his grip on Hermione who screeched quite loudly as they tumbled downwards.

"Oi! Ron, gerrof!" he groaned, the red head hell bent on snogging the daylights out of him.

The twins, Bill and Charlie laughed while their mother began barking orders at Ron to stop molesting the poor boy!

Sheepishly, Ron de-latched himself from Harry and stood up, offering a hand to his best mate with a "Sorry, mate. Just surprised me, is all."

He returned the comment with a murmured, "Suuuure I did, mate."

Ron laughed and they went into the Leaky Cauldron as a group.

They sat and enjoyed lunch, which was over too soon for Harry's liking, when Harry smelled that subtle hint of black berry, treacle tart and broomstick polish.

He wondered what was going on, when he caught twin flashes of platinum blonde hair.

His Viridian green orbs narrowed at Malfoy's retreating back.

There was something going on.


Draco returned home with his mother, his mind getting more and more depressed with every step from the delicious scent of his mate.

Merlin, he hoped his mate was male! Idly, he let himself day dream as he settled into a chair at the table in their Reception Room.

He tried picturing the perfect mate for him, and was surprised when a pair of fog-covered eyes showed a bit of green. He thought for a few more minutes, but nothing else came of it.

Frustrated beyond words and fuming silently to himself, it was a shock when the doors to the room were slammed open and a yelling pair of Veela came into the room. He only sunk down into his chair even further, hoping the pair didn't notice him.

"Mum? Dad?" he asked after a few minutes. It looked like his mother was threatening to chop his father's balls off with fireballs.

It defused his mother immediately, for she swept over and settled in his lap, cooing over him lovingly as she played with the blonde locks of hair.

"Can we not fight today? We have little over a month and some days till I go back to Hogwarts and find my mate," Draco called out to them, carding his thin pale fingers through his silk-felt tresses.

"Of course, darling," his mother responded, all the while glaring spitefully to her husband.

He only shrugged sheepishly with a rogue grin on his lips as he watched his wife lustfully.


After Harry lost sight of Malfoy, he said a goodbye to Hermione and Ron before walking off to some shopping by himself for a bit. As he walked through the Alley, he didn't notice a pair of blazing lightening blue eyes following his every step.

He stopped outside The Owl Post building that specialized in Owl Post. He oogled the harness he wanted to get for Hedwig, it was so beautiful.

Two thin strips of pure leather that hooked around the wing joints and would be sealed with magic to stay on came around the chest to settle in the middle of the bird's chest where there was a thin capped tube that could also be sealed with magic rested. It came in three colors: Red, Black or Blue.

Deciding on black, he got two of the harness' and took them to the counter to pay for them. Bagged, and ready to go, Harry took the package from the store with a happy grin on his face.

He then went wandering around, stopping at the bookstore again, knowing he was bound to find Hermione there.

She had also had her creature inheritance, as had Ron.

Hermione, it turned out, was part vampire. She didn't have wings, but her fangs were quite impressive when even slightly irritated. Snape had already been by, and as a family head and leading clan member, it was his duty to teach the young vampirette about her heritage. Not much had changed, really. She'd also said it had been quite painless, except for when her fangs had finally broken through and she'd lost her human canine's in favour of the sharper version. Snape, or Severus as he'd instructed the young vampire to call him, had told her that there were two kinds of vampires, much like any other creature. Needless to say, she'd been horrified to learn she was a submissive female, and as a submissive female, would need to stay by her guardian Dominant's side until her mate had been found.

Ron, not vampire or Veela, was something short of a fire pixie. His parents had been surprised when the oldest, Bill, and then the twins had taken part of their own heritage. Percy and Charlie, and likely Ginny as well, had and would take after the water pixies. Mrs. Weasley was the female submissive fire pixie in the family, while her husband was the dominant water pixie. Ron was a submissive Fire Pixie male. All the Weasleys were happy with this development. As it was, Ron didn't have to look for his mate until after his twentieth birthday. Fire pixies, it seemed, had more time to mature than water pixies. There were also minor differences that set the two sub-races apart.

Harry, drifting into his thoughts once more, allowed his Veela senses to take over and led him to the vampire girl and the fire pixie, both of whom were startled by his sudden appearance.

"Hullo, Ron, Hermione," he said dully, looking around. Ron's red hair was taking on the appearance of fire, something Harry really enjoyed watching now that he'd taken to his inheritance.

Hermione only shook her head, then growled in frustration. Snape, having sensed it, just walked into the area and stood to the side to watch his charge, knowing she was more apt to get irritated at this than anything.

"Hello, Harry. Did you get what you needed?" Hermione asked, placing the book rather forcefully back onto the shelf.

"Yeah, yeah. I got a harness for Hedwig and one for Pig," he replied, flashing a smile at the vampire. The reaction was, in Harry's (and Secretely Snape's as well), horrifying.

A horde of people ended up chasing them from the store trying to get to Harry, as his self-applied glamour had failed him and he had sent out the tendrals of his senses to seek the comfort of his Dominant life-partner subconsciously.

Even Snape tried to trample him, to both Harry's and the dark older vampire's horror.

Only Ron made it worse by trying to joke, "Didn't know you like Harry that much, Professor, eh?"

Two angry vampires was not something Harry ever wanted to experience ever again.


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