Title: A Night In
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Casting Spoilers for 'Big Brother' I guess
Words: 2000
Summary: The aftermath of Cooper catching them getting hot and heavy on the couch.

A/N: By popular demand, basically. I was completely overwhelmed by the response to 'Theory of Relativity' and had so many people asking for a follow up. So here it is. This has the strong potential of having two more semi-discrete parts, I just have to get around to writing them! Thanks to Lil for the quick read over and for naming 'Theory of Relativity' (something I forgot to thank her for) and for determining Matt Bomer's eye colour while I was at uni. Gosh, such a terrible task!

They stall for as long as they can. Except they don't because once they're dressed and just kind of standing there, staring at each other, Kurt slightly grinning, Blaine slightly frowning, Kurt whispers, "What do you think he thinks we're doing?"

And Blaine's eyes go wide and then his mouth does the same and he gapes around a thousand answers, each one worse than the one before. His big brother is upstairs, no doubt relaxing back on his old bed, and thinking about…them. It's so weird. Does he think they're coming up with excuses? Does he think they're freaking out? Laughing it off? Fighting? Does he think they've just shrugged it off and decided to go back to what they were doing?

What does he think they were doing? Kurt was shirtless and Blaine was in boxer briefs and blushing hard. God, what does he think was going down? Jeepers that's a poor choice of words. What does Cooper Anderson this was going down on the family sofa.

Blaine stops stalling as he grabs at Kurt's hand and squeezes it and looks terrified. "This is going to be terrible," he mumbles. And he kind of wants to kiss Kurt because he's just shrugging it off and blushing and smiling fondly. So he does, he leans in and kisses him and mumbles, "I'm sorry," then another kiss and "Thank you." Then he kind of wants to slap him because he's still grinning and pulling him towards the stairs and Blaine thinks maybe Kurt's shrugging it off because this is no where near as mortifying for him. Somehow.

They knock on Cooper's door and it's obvious to all of them that the ten-second delay in it opening is because Cooper is trying to school his face to something resembling nonchalance. It breaks a second later and he's laughing and clapping his hand heavily on Blaine's back and he keeps laughing all the way down the stairs.

His eyes sparkle sky blue like his father's and Kurt's no longer naked so he's inquisitive because Blaine's only ever really spoken about Cooper in passing. Little anecdotes about adventures they had when they were younger and Kurt will always fall silent and tilt his head because Blaine can't help but smile when he's talking about his big brother. Kurt worked out early on that Blaine near-idolized him and then realized soon after that that Blaine was well aware of the fact and would blush and drop his gaze when Kurt smiled knowingly at him.

In reality it was just nice to know that Blaine had an ally in the family.

Even if he wasn't going to be playing the ally tonight. Cooper stops laughing with a deep breath and a shake of his head. "Little brother," he announces, "If it's going to make you that uncomfortable, I can totally pretend I never saw anything." Blaine looks at him, his eyes uncertain. "We'll just pretend it never happened."

"That would actually make me feel a lot—"

Cooper cuts him off, sounding cocky and sure of himself and Kurt can see a kind of proper confidence in him that he knows Blaine craves. "I'll go out to my car and count to ten and knock on the door and we can just start again."

Blaine sighs, half resigned to this being a trap, half hoping this is all going to go away. "You really don't need to."

"I know how skittish you are about sex—" Kurt raises an eyebrow, "—I don't want you thinking I'm judging you."

Cooper has moved to the front door and Kurt is realizing that he'd actually been really looking forward to having this…confidant, he supposes. This guy who's seemingly entirely okay with it all and not freaked out by them and who is funny and charming and teasing and ready to talk to them and…Kurt realizes he might have extrapolated too far in his head. But he wants to sit down to dinner with Cooper Anderson and hear inappropriate stories about Blaine and talk to someone who knew Blaine and knew what he'd been through and would understand what Kurt meant when he talked about bullying and bravery.

He wants that so he starts to say, "You really don't have to."

But Cooper just sighs dramatically and winks and Blaine missed that because he's running a hand through his hair and he's flustered. Cooper dashes for the front door and is turning the doorknob. "Give yourselves a minute to imagine I didn't interrupt—"

Uninvited the phantom feel of the cold kitchen bench top pressed to his chest and the warmth of Blaine behind him swoops back into Kurt's mind and he feels his cheeks flush.

"—And then I'll knock and we just pretend!"

Cooper is gone and Blaine's whirling around with wide eyes and messed up hair. "This is terrible!"

Kurt just laughs lightly, trying to clear his head. "It's fine, he's being really good about…"

He trails off as the sound of a car engine revving reaches them. They make it to the front door, wrenching it open and staring as Cooper's sleek black sedan reverses down the long drive. He hits the road and with a squeal of tires, disappears.

"Oh my god," is all Blaine can mutter, hand in his hair again as they're left standing once more in the entrance hall.

Faintly, there's the tell-tale ding of Blaine's phone, signalling a message. It's on the floor of the lounge and Blaine sprints to scoop it up and read with a roll of his eyes.

Gone to get Chinese. Let me know if he's allergic to anything.

Blaine throws the phone to Kurt and collapses promptly onto the couch, slouching back into it, finally alone. Kurt reads it quickly and fights back a smile. He types quickly.

No allergies. I don't like fried food.

He hits send without thinking and then perches opposite Blaine and watches him as he breathes evenly with his eyes closed. The phone vibrates.

Hi again Kurt. I knew that.

Kurt fights down a giggle. He wonders exactly how much Blaine has told Cooper. He wonders if it's been phone calls or emails or what.

"You okay?" Kurt asks, a hand up the leg of Blaine's pyjama pants and rubbing at his calf soothingly.

Blaine sighs and nods, not opening his eyes. "I still think he is going to hold this against me forever," he whines.

Kurt bites his lip and looks him over. Really, properly looks him over. The way his brow is creased and he's biting his lip and all his muscles seem suddenly knotted, everything about him tight. "In a good way though," he breathes out.

Blaine's eyes flicker open and he stares.

"I just mean he seems happy for you," Kurt tries.

Sighing again, Blaine rubs a hand over his face.

And suddenly Kurt seems shy. "I think he might be able to maybe like me," he tries.

Blaine gets it. All of a sudden the ease with which he has always existed with Cooper shifts to encompass Kurt and everything about him. When he'd come out it had been to Cooper and the reaction had been a simple, slightly thrown, "Really?"

Blaine had gushed then. Unable to contain himself, he'd told his big brother about every guy he'd ever crushed on. The terror at realizing he wasn't like everyone else. The way he looked at girls and the way he looked at boys and how it confused the hell out of him but this was who he was now, wasn't it? Could he change? Should he try?

And Cooper had shrugged and just said, "So you're gay." They'd been completely silent for ten minutes, Blaine just into his teens and Cooper juggling two girlfriends, something only Blaine was privy to. "Way less competition for me, I guess."

And that had been that.

And suddenly that encompasses Kurt too. Suddenly Kurt has a Cooper. The big brother and yes, it is mortifying that Coop had walked in on them like he had. Yes, he is absolutely going to give Blaine shit about it forever. But Kurt hadn't ever thought Blaine would have a brother who liked him. Not after the reactions of Blaine's dad.

"He already likes you," Blaine eventually says. "And he's going to give me so much grief…"

Kurt laughs, genuinely happy and amazed at it all and, lifting Blaine's phone, his fingers move quickly while Blaine watches him with an arched eyebrow. Kurt wonders how hard he can push. But, then, he always pushes.

Knock when you get back.

He hesitates and then hits send and then he falls into Blaine. Spreads himself over him, knees either side of his hips, hands up his sides to his face, angling, and kissing him hard. He keeps kissing him, mouth hard and then soft, alternating between pressing in and demanding and pulling back, leaving just chaste kisses here and there and teasing with a smile.

Blaine's phone buzzes and Kurt grabs at it, leaping from the couch, Blaine left undone and just lying there, kissed incoherent.


Kurt smiles and shoots back:

It's still Kurt. And yes, seriously. Knock.

He holds the phone and waits. Waits and waits and doubts what exactly he'd just communicated to Blaine's brother. He counts to ten, Blaine watching his every move, eyes narrowed, mouth constantly curving around the beginning of the inevitable question of 'What are you up to?' but never quite managing to speak.

Kurt keys in another message and then lets his thumb waver over the 'send' button.

Is that okay?

Across town, in the little Chinese restaurant that Cooper has been going to for as long as he's been able to drive. Every Friday to get Blaine's favourites and take them home and spend the night watching a movie or playing a board game or talking about anything and everything and nothing. Cooper stares blankly at the menu—just slightly different from how he remembers it—and tries not to let his lips curl up.

His fingers slide over the keys of his phone, hovering but never pressing. He wants to say: He's my little brother and he's had a pretty average life despite all the money and the ease of things. And you make him happy. You make him blush and you make him gush and bite his lip—I can hear it over the phone—and so if you want to make him happier that is totally okay.

He wants to say: I've never seen him grin like that. I've never seen him make as many typos in a text as when he told me he'd finally found you. I've never skyped him and just watched him point at every single thing in his room and tell a story that isn't about something shit happening but about something silly and in love and about you. He's had so much heartbreak and so quickly you've put everything back together.

He types quickly, eyes still flickering to the menu in between and he's starting to think about picking up a bottle of wine. Maybe two. Blaine's a lightweight but he's not sure about Kurt.

One more thing to give him shit about. I'll be at least twenty minutes.

He hits send.

I'll knock.

He sends that too and smirks to himself. He's halfway through ordering a feast fit for kings when his phone vibrates in his hand and he glances down.

You say "twenty minutes" like it's ample time?