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Starfire stepped into her closet, the rest of the Titans already sleeping, looking around her room before closing the door. She knew no one was in, and the door was locked, but the bad thing was that Robin had the override code. Plus, he was working in his study and would most likely call her when he was done, wondering why she wasn't in his room. Hopefully he would call, and not come in. She prayed to X'hal that he would not come in. Or maybe if he did…

She now had mixed feelings regarding the issue.

She remembered the last time he had been in her closet, only a week before. Even though at first she was flabbergasted at what she had seen, now it was actually almost a turn-on. Who knew he could be so naughty? Then again, he was drunk. But still. She wondered if he would be willing to participate in her latest adventure. Yes, it was an adventure.

She turned to face the back of her closet, taking a deep breath. "I must do this. It shall be the worth it." She bit her lip and smiled to herself, hurrying over to her box, with a new one right next to it. "Another one of the ZombieDicks…two ZombieDicks…" She shivered. This would be lots of fun.

She opened both boxes with sparkling eyes, a grin on her face as she took both out, situating them how she wanted, picking specific settings on both. She quickly undressed and dropped back to the ground.

"This shall be fun…"


Robin walked down the hallway, having just finished up the amount of paperwork he had left. He first stopped by his room, expecting Starfire to be in there, hopefully in the mood for some fun, but when he opened the door it was completely empty. He scratched his head with a furrowed brow, confusion taking over. "Maybe she's in her room."

He left his room and walked the few steps to hers, knocking on the door. "Star?"


He knocked against. "Starfire."


His unnecessary paranoia overtook him and he typed in the override code, hurrying inside to see if there was any trouble.

It was completely empty, as well.

He sighed and was about to turn to try and check Raven's room, when he heard moaning. "What the…" He walked closer to the noise, soon realizing where his destination was.

The closet.

He knew exactly what was in that closet, and he was slightly irritated because he wanted some of that fun. He'd spent all night with paperwork, he deserved some! He huffed and knocked on the door, before pulling it open.

Oh, the sight. Oh God.

Starfire was there, naked, with two ZombieDicks. They were currently…

"Starfire! What the hell!" He closed the door behind him, walking further into the closet. "I've been looking for you, and I catch you like this? I was waiting!" He threw his hands up in exasperation.

She blinked at him, stopping while both ZombieDicks kept going, then smiled kindly. "Well, I was hoping that perhaps…you would join?"

His face turned blank. What to do…

On one hand, he would get some, despite there being two other toys that looked exactly like him. On the other hand, he would not have to witness anymore of this.

He stood there for one more second, then began to pull his shirt off. "Scoot over."

Now who else would want to get in on that action? I certainly would. Starfire, move over! It's my turn ;)

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