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The television in a medium-sized condo presented the Konoha News: something about the latest movies in theaters.

Young literature teacher Uchiha Itachi sat on the couch that completed the living room, a cup of ice cream in his hands as he relaxed after a stressful day of teaching and grading papers.

The brunette nearly jumped out of his seat when there was a large banging on the front door. "Who on earth?" He asked, setting the cup down on the coffee table as he carefully walked to the door. "Who is it?" He called out. His response was the door being knocked again.

Though he was still wary, Itachi decided to open the door a crack… No sooner had he did the door swing in: a fake gun being pointed into his face and a loud, booming voice shouting, "Freeze scum-bag!"

"Kisame?" Itachi gasped, clutching at his chest as he tried to calm his heart. Indeed, it was his sports-star student Hoshigaki Kisame and, after the bluenette walked in as if he hadn't done anything, Itachi could see that he wasn't alone. "And Samehada-kun… God, don't do that! You'll give me a heart attack!"

"Sorry sensei…" Samehada whimpered, taking off the hat that rested on his head, "Big brother, I knew that you shouldn't have done that…"

Itachi allowed himself to simply watch his two favorite students as they talked and bickered. The school had produced a play, you see, and Kisame and Samehada had been cast as the two police officer characters in the story.

Now, Samehada being an academic student, you wouldn't think twice about him being in a play. But for Kisame, he needed an extra-curricular for college that didn't include sports. And the only clubs that were available happened to be theater or the health club.

Kisame really hated the health club. The club president Kabuko had this weird obsession with him and the supervising teacher Orochimaru simply seemed to have it out for him.

Thus, he chose theater.

Any who, back to the current moment. Itachi sat back on the couch and picked up his ice cream, asking, "Do you guys want anything?"

"Pizza!" Kisame cheered, Itachi immediately chastising,

"No! We ordered pizza the last three times you guys came over."

Yes, ever since that heated moment in the classroom, Kisame and Samehada had made a hobby of visiting the young teacher's apartment: either for studying, just a place to relax, or… well, Itachi's bedroom had been getting a lot more exercise lately.

"Fine…" Kisame folded his arms, Samehada giving a reassuring smile,

"It's okay sensei, whatever you have available would be fine. In fact," The younger twin stood to his feet, "Why don't I make us something? Chinese? American? What would you like?"

Just as Itachi was about to reply, his mind seemed to key in on something. Those uniforms… Oh God, those cop uniforms hugged in all the right places: pressed blue pants showing off toned legs and the blue and white shirts stretched over broad shoulders and muscle…

A deep chuckle resounded from beside him and, all too late, Itachi realized that Kisame had him in his lap. "Kisame-kun?"

"Actually, you know what?" The bluenette smirked, "I'm not hungry in the slightest. At least…" He leaned over to kiss Itachi's neck, the teacher shivering as Kisame's lips moved against a sensitive spot, "Not for food."

"Mm…" Itachi shivered, recognizing the tone of voice with which Kisame was speaking. It promised all sorts of activities that would make his blood rush and boil, his skin hum in delight. He barely noticed large, hot hands moving up his shirt until he felt them pinching and rubbing at his nipples, "Kisame!" He whimpered, feeling his body begin to respond. However, he was surprised when his ear was bitten: Kisame growling,

"That's Officer Hoshigaki to you."

Itachi's clothes were quickly shed, the ink-haired teacher relishing in the feeling of his two favorite students having their way with his body. He felt so powerless yet so desired all at once.

He loved it.

"Look at this slut," Kisame chuckled, stroking Itachi's quickly hardening member, "Already so hard and from only a few touches."

"No…" Itachi panted, breaking away from a heavy lip-lock with Samehada. He gently bucked his hips up into the touch, Samehada shaking his head,

"He doesn't like that word. I don't blame him…" Itachi whimpered as he felt Samehada lick a slow, hot line up his cheek. "He's too beautiful to be degraded with such vulgar phrases."

"Samehada…" The teacher silently begged for the gentler student to kiss him again, moaning in lust as their lips met: tongues writhing around each other. Itachi was almost lost to the world in his peaceful warm bliss when his eyes snapped open at the feeling of two fingers playing at his entrance.

"So, you're not a slut Uchiha-san?" Kisame smirked, circling the tight ring of muscles, "So I guess you don't like things being shoved inside here?"

"Stop… stop teasing me!" Itachi winced, subconsciously circling his hips down in order to help the fingers along. "Please…"

Another chuckle from behind him broke him out of his haze, "If you want it, you have to play by the rules of the game Uchiha-san…" Was Kisame's growled response. After Itachi realized that he wasn't going to get anywhere by normal means, and the fact that he was painfully hard; the head of his erection red and dripping, he begged,

"Officer… Hoshigaki…" The effect was almost immediate: Itachi groaning out loud as he felt two large fingers, damp with only his pre-cum, begin traveling into his ass. His pleasures were brought two-fold, however, when he felt a hand pumping his neglected member. "Samehada..?" He tried to ask, the brunette nodding,

"It's me Uchiha-san…" The younger Hoshigaki tightened his grip, kissing Itachi when he moaned out from the combined sensations he felt from Kisame fingering him and Samehada stroking him.

He had found perfection, he realized: two hot, hard bodies surrounding him and touching him in such ways that would make him scream to the heavens.

However, all too soon, the hands moved away: Itachi being left to lie against the couch.

"Please…" Itachi whispered, head light from all the blood that had rushed to his lower body, "Please fuck me…" However, instead of being filled with either Kisame's or Samehada's cocks, Itachi felt himself pushed onto the ground.

"Oh no you don't," Kisame smiled as he lowered the zipper of his pants, Samehada slowly following his brother's example, "Me and Deputy Samehada here would really appreciate you helping us out here."

"Only if you wouldn't mind, that is…" Samehada blushed, pumping his slowly hardening cock. Mind? Oh, far from it! After a moment, Itachi managed to climb up onto his hands and knees and, after taking a deep, reassuring breath, reached forward to grab Kisame's hard-on. He stroked it for a moment, just until pre-cum began to flow, before he pressed his lips against the tip; eventually opening his mouth to let the student thrust inside.

"Fucking…" Kisame gritted his teeth, trying to focus on moving his hips rather than how hot… how smooth his teacher's mouth was.

While his mouth was full of hot, solid flesh, Itachi quickly realized that he couldn't leave poor Samehada hanging there. He gently reached over to the younger twin's penis, gently stroking it: rubbing his thumb against the slit, pre-cum beading down.

"Oh God…" Samehada whimpered as the silk-smooth hands worked his heated flesh. Itachi found himself suddenly hungry for the cock in his mouth: sucking harder and stroking faster. He pulled off of Kisame's manhood, licking at the head once more before he switched to sucking on Samehada and pumping Kisame.

Sucking on the brunette's stiff cock, making sure to rub his tongue along the prominent vein that ran along the organ's underside, Itachi made sure to do his best to earn the fucking that he was about to receive.

'Wow,' He mentally chuckled, sucking and pumping, 'I'm really acting like a slut… It has to be those costumes…' Finally, just as he felt Samehada's cock twitch on his tongue, Itachi found himself pulled away.

"Hold on there," Kisame chuckled, "I know you're hungry for more cock, but there's something better than a blow-job, and you know it."

"Yes…" Itachi drowsily nodded through a haze of arousal, circling his anus with his slim fingers: waiting for either brother to take him. But Kisame smirked, walking up to Samehada. Immediately, the brunette twin felt a surge of unease at his brother's predatory glare.

"Big brother, I –mm…" Kisame had gotten the upper hand on his baby brother, melding their lips together: pumping the brunette's stiff flesh. Oh, they had him, Itachi realized as he slowly pumped two fingers in and out of himself.

Over the past few weeks of their strange relationship, Itachi realized that the strongest turn-on he felt with his two students was just watching them kiss… touch… caress each other… He nearly chuckled as he remembered when he had watched Samehada give his brother fellatio… He had, literally, gotten a nose-bleed.

"Ah…" Samehada moaned as Kisame stroked and pumped him, "Big brother… stop…"

"Too much?" Kisame chuckled. Samehada nodded,

"I don't want to… come yet… Too close!" Kisame only shook his head, tightening his grip,

"You can get it up again." Thus, after a few more pumps of a strong, calloused hand, Samehada came with a gasp: his cum creating a sticky mess over Kisame's hand. "There we go…" Kisame hummed, allowing Samehada to slump to the floor. The younger Hoshigaki whimpered, panting in the aftermath of his orgasm,

"Big brother… you're horrible…"

"Yeah, yeah…" Kisame smiled before walking over to Itachi. The teacher's pale skin went positively crimson as he felt those sharp, black eyes watching him as he fucked himself on his fingers. "Alright, that's enough."

The bluenette twin picked Itachi up, helping the teacher over to the dining table and seating himself into a chair. Itachi panted, what he wanted so close but so far as he saw his student rub his cock with his brother's cum for a make-shift lubricant.

Then, Kisame hefted Itachi over his waist, positioning him right above his cock. But, right before he lowered the teacher down, he spoke up, "Wait."

"Hm?" Kisame blinked. He almost laughed when Itachi set the police hat on top of spiky blue locks, whispering,

"You forgot this… Officer…"

"Good slut…" The bluenette smirked. And then he loosened his grip.

'Steady breathing, Itachi…' Itachi tried to reassure himself as the pressure against his backside increased, 'Just get past the first hurdle…'

"AH!" Itachi shouted out as the bulbous head of Kisame's cock broke through his entrance; gritting his teeth as the rest of the hard, hot shaft buried into him. When it was in, after slow, torturous moments, Itachi reached a hand down to try and stroke himself.

He was stopped, however, by Kisame pushing his hand away and thrusting his hips upward. It seemed as if he managed to hit Itachi's prostate head on, the teacher shouting out his pleasure. "Harder!"

Only happy to oblige, Kisame moved his hips up from above while helping Itachi push down: the slim body growing more and more heated with every movement.

It was a deafening rhythm, one that left the teacher shuddering with heat as the student harshly buried himself into Itachi, stabbing into Itachi's sweet spot with every thrust, resulting in the brunette salivating and crying out with want.

The hot moments shared between the two bodies soon reached a peak: bodies heated and tight with the fast approaching climax.

"I'm… I'm coming!" Itachi gritted out just as he felt his insides twitching and tightening around the bluenette's cock. With a shriek and a spasm, the teacher found himself in the throes of orgasm: his semen splashing onto his and Kisame's chests. He was desperately trying to catch his breath, allowing Kisame to his own devices.

Rather than speak, Kisame latched his mouth onto the smooth, pale pillar of his teacher's neck: thrusting for a few moment's more before he buried his seed into the hot, tight scabbard around him.

"Fuck…" Kisame whispered, nuzzling his nose against Itachi while he laid him down on the table, "Sensei, you're the best."

Itachi couldn't help but give a gentle smile at his student's comment before groaning out the feeling of loss when Kisame pulled out.

"Great…" Samehada huffed, folding his arms as a blush grew on his face, "Big brother took all the fun."

Oh, Itachi couldn't leave Samehada in his condition: a hard cock needing attention. That couldn't be good for a growing boy!

"I can…" Itachi whispered, looking at the two teens with glossy, bedroom eyes, "Go again… But…" He was interrupted by a sudden shiver as he felt Kisame's seed leaking from him, "I'm still full of Kisa's cum…"

Samehada blinked before quietly walking over to the still shivering male and knelt between his legs after gently spreading them. "Hm?" Itachi blinked, "What are you do— Oh God!" He screamed when he felt a hot, agile tongue on his anus.

"Ah…" The teacher bit his lip, the new pleasure of Samehada's tongue teasing his already sensitive depths: lapping out his brother's cum… Had Itachi's hard-on rising anew. "Samehada… who taught you this?" Itachi moaned out, mind too fuzzy from new pleasure to monitor his own speech into anything proper.

The black-haired student was too busy with his current activity, so Kisame answered for him, "I'm not sure, but I think 'Eating out sensei' is around fantasy number 39?" Finally, with a whimper from Itachi, Samehada pulled away, licking his lips and panting,

"Number 49…" But rather than harp on that matter, the younger twin kept Itachi's legs spread, picking up his thighs as he positioned the head of his erection at the teacher's entrance. Before he moved forward, he asked, "Sensei, is it alright?"

Itachi nodded, eyes watering. "Go ahead." He whispered. Samehada smiled before gently prodding forward into hot, slick depths. "Samehada-kun…" Itachi whimpered, the feeling of feeling wanted, feeling lusted after mixing with the sensation of being voluptuously filled to the brim.

"Uchiha…" The student panted, biting his lip as he tried to get into a rhythm: his teacher's more than perfect body igniting all of his senses. "Sensei… You're beautiful…"

Itachi gasped, tears dripping down from his eyes. Samehada was so gentle and loving… it made him cry every time he was with the other in these secret trysts that the three of them shared. And when the other leaned down for a kiss, unknowingly shifting deeper into him, Itachi felt no qualms locking lips with the other: the taste of Kisame's cum being shared between them.

Slim, pale fingers scrabbled at the sides of the table as it rocked and creaked from Samehada's thrusts. Using this fixture on a day to day basis would become an awkward instance just like the couch, the counters, the bed, and half of his walls… Not to mention the floors.

They were both quick to the punch since they were working on a second orgasm, and lips and tongue were meeting just as frequently as their waists. But, even though they were so close, Itachi clutched Samehada to himself in a tight embrace: each thrust stoking the embers of passion until Itachi choked out,

"I… I can't..!"

"Together sensei..!" Samehada panted out, reaching down to pump Itachi's neglected member. That final bit of stimulation forced Itachi into a wonderful, heavenly zenith: his cum painting over Samehada's fingers. And with a moan laced to the nine in satisfaction, Samehada reached his own climax: Itachi shivering as he felt a rush of wet heat coating his insides.

Both bodies collapsed onto the table, trying to control their breathing. And for Itachi, his mind and senses too relaxed and sensitized, the only thing his body could do was drift off into sleep.

He woke up with a jolt, the air in his apartment comfortably cool around him. Itachi looked around himself, wondering just how he got into his bedroom when the last thing he remembered was having his world, literally, rocked to the core.

"Mm…" He blinked, looking next to him to see Samehada sleeping peacefully, his arms around Itachi like he was a cherished teddy-bear. "Uchiha…sensei…"

The young teacher couldn't help but smile at the sight, about to lean over and gently kiss the other when a familiar voice commented, "My two favorite people in bed with me." Itachi looked over to see a shirtless Kisame smiling at him, "I couldn't ask for more."

"Shouldn't the two of you be home by now?" Itachi combed his fingers through his hair, "Your parents are probably worried." But Kisame only shook his head,

"We told them that after tonight's performance, we would be staying at a friend's house. You're closer to us than any friend, sensei."

"Kisame-kun." Itachi sighed, flinching when he felt a kiss on his cheek.

"Good night sensei." Kisame smiled, placing an arm around the brunette's waist from his side of the bed.

Itachi could only shake his head. This was so dangerous, what he was doing with his students. But damn it all if he didn't want it to end.


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