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Otaku convention Special

Normal POV

It was another … 'normal' day in Seireiden, Bal Masque's commander; Sakai Yuji together with the Trinity, was FINALLY doing something for the preparations of the Grand Order. They were in a deep discussion, until the door suddenly slammed open. The four looked confused at the figure standing at the door; a fifteen year old boy, with short brown hair and glasses ran towards the young commander. "Kooonnichiwa Sakai!"

Yuji looked confused at his childhood friend. "Ike, what are you doing here? Moreover, how the hell were you able to find this place? Seireiden is supposed to be hidden by a barrier and what the hell are you wearing?!"

"… Are you blind? I cosplayed myself as Ike from Fire Emblem, he's my favorite game character and no one is stronger than him! It's the best cosplay ever, since I am Ike myself!"

"… That's your last name idiot. Now answer my other questions please. How were you able to find this place?"

"That's irrelevant!"

"… then, what the hell are you doing here!"

"Sakai, Sakai, you're really forgetful aren't you?"

"If the matter doesn't concern; me, Shana or anything else that's in the range of my interests. I won't bother remembering it." Yuji said in a proud tone while crossing his arms.

"Hahaha, silly Sakai. You really forgot about it didn't you. The annual otaku convention has finally arrived at Misaki city and I don't want to miss it."

"… annual otaku convention…?"

"Come on, I've told you about this for months remember."

"… As I said before if the things don't concern my range of interest, I won't bother remembering them."

"Hahaha, oh Sakai, Sakai, enough jokes. Let's go before we miss the coolest stuff that they have there." Ike said while he grabbed his friend and dragged him with him.

"Now wait a sec, you know that I don't like those kind of, no I hate them! I prefer getting kidnapped by the Japanese government again, than… IKE, ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING!? LET ME GO! IKEEEEE!"

And so Yuji got dragged to the Otaku convention by Ike, while the Trinity was watching in shock and confusion. Bel Peol turned to her two comrades; Sydonay and Hecate. "Uhm, shouldn't we go after the commander and his friend?"

"It's fine." Sydonay replied. "The commander is only going to have some fun with his friend at an otaku… Wait, OMG the commander hates those kinds of things! Commanderrrr, wait for us!"

Sydonay immediately grabbed an indifferent Hecate and a surprised Bel Peol and stormed after their commander.

Yuji's POV

I stared in horror at the building that was in front of us. It was very big, decorated with balloons and some stupid commercial boards about the latest games, anime and manga. "You've got to be kidding me…"

Ike turned to me with a big smile on his face. "What are you waiting for Sakai, let's go!"

"Ike please you know I don't like these kinds of… Ike! Listen to me for once!"

I got dragged from place to place and was forced to try out game samples and to check the latest manga. This is really worse than hell.

"I am so glad that you finally decided to cosplay for a convention and your costume looks really good. From what game or anime is it? No, don't say anything let me guess! Is it… from Fire Emblem? No that's not possible, the characters from Fire Emblem aren't dressed like that…. Nobunaga's Ambition, Pandora's tower, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Calibur, Chrono Crusade, Super Smash Brothers, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Black Cat, Inuyasha, Rosario+Vampire, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, Shaman King?"

I looked in disbelief at Ike's stupid answers. He kept on guessing and guessing and I started to believe that he was just naming up the first thing that came to his mind.

"Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi, Highschool DxD, Angel Beats, Clannad, Accel World, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Infinite Stratos, RomeoXJuliet, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu or maybe…"


Ike looked confused at me for a while. "That's impossible Sakai, your hair wasn't that long or black. You had short brown hair and your eyes were bluer, it's impossible to let your hair grow in such a short time. Also no one would wear that as a daily outfit. Your mother wouldn't buy that in the first place. It has to be cosplay!"

"… For the last time, this is not cosplay and for your information my mom doesn't buy my clothes, she gave me money to buy my clothes. As Bal Masqué's leader I'm supposed to look presentable and of course for Shana too. She should be happy that I'm taking good care of her, giving her enough attention and love so she won't…"


Ike pulled me into the building before I was able to finish my sentence.

The building looked even bigger inside, but of course it's still nothing compared to Seireiden. There were stands everywhere and everyone was cosplayed as someone. You could hear the laugher of the kids and chatting of the people about their favorite games, anime or manga. It annoyed the crap out of me.

"Ike wouldn't it be better if you…"

"Look Sakai, we can have a small preview of the new Rosario+Vampire season 2 volume. Oww there's the whole DVD set of the Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi anime and there's…"

I stopped listening to Ike's talk and looked around. This is like hell to me. What's the fun of cosplaying anyway? Walking around, dressed as some guy or girl from a tv show or game… Only people who have lack of activity in life would do that.

A: *Coughcoughsoeventhepersonyou careaboutthemosthaslackactiv ityinlivecoughcough*

I wonder when that annoying bug will stop bugging me.

"Sakai? Sakai? SAKAI, are you listening?!"

"… If I were listening then there must have been something wrong with me."

"Hahaha! Good one Sakai, look they are selling Rias Gremory pillow! I NEED TO HAVE ONE!"

"*Sigh*" This is going to be a very long day.

Ike's POV

"I am definitely taking this pillow with me. Ohoho, from now on I'll have my wet dreams together with Rias-sama!"

"Ike, you do know that you sound like some scary pervert who's not able to get a girlfriend and tries to satisfy his needs with a mere pillow that has a picture of a person on it." My friend Sakai commented with a disgusted face.

I turned to my friend, who had a bored expression on his face. "Says the one who has a pillow with a picture of the girl he's in love with. Last sleepover I heard you mumbling Shana's name every time and I also caught you hugging and kissing that pillow."

"Shana is at least a real person and the only reason I was hugging that pillow was because Shana wasn't there! At least I don't make out with a pillow."

"The author told me you can't keep your hands off of Shana-san."

"… I am going to kill her the next time I see her."

A: Oww I really want to see you try Yu-cchi.


I sighed while I watched my friend, who was having an argument with the invisible author. "Sakai, you do know that if you keep yelling like that the people will think that you've gone insane?"

Sakai stopped yelling and gave me an irritated look. "Compared with all the idiots here, who're dressed as a fictional character and are drooling all over some 2 dimensional girls that don't exist. I'm sure that I am the sane one here."

"Sakai, did something happen to your brain? There's no way that you can sound so smart. You never pay attention to anything, and you mostly are veeeeeryyyy dense."

"Just because I am… wait, did you just called me dense?!"


A few hours later…

I was walking satisfied with all the catch I was able to score; "Another Key chains, my Rias-sama pillow, I got some Accel world dolls. I even got a giant poster of the new Kingdom Hearts game. I finally was able to finish my collection of Fate Stay night puppets that I have. I also saw a life preview of the Wii U and I have to say the graphics look very cool. I can't wait till it's in the stores; I hope they'll release a new Zelda game soon. I already finished Skyward Sword a week after I bought it and I was wearing my Legend of Zelda cap the whole time while playing, using my Legend of Zelda nun chucks. Did I also mention that I haven't slept at all when I was playing that game? I also want the soundtrack of the Last story. There were many levels that had awesome songs… Is that… OMG THE NEW SINGLE OF KAWADA MAMI; BORDERLAND! YESSSS FINALLY YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING TO BUY IT!"

"Yup I have no idea and I don't care either." Sakai replied. "Ike, you shouldn't buy that much. How are you supposed to carry all that? Besides its wasted money, you can download everything online these days."

"Don't you dare to judge, when you don't have any experience on games, manga or anime! You don't know the feeling of your soul that feels like it reached heaven every time you get your hands on the latest volume of a manga, when you finally were able to buy that game or when you finally got that item after months, no years of search. Some games, manga or anime become collector's item after the company stopped distributing them to shops. You have no idea how hard it will be to buy one, the manga or anime that become collector's items have become so rare that they're worth a lot of money and you have no idea how many people would pay their lives for those. The life of an otaku is filled with difficulties, no matter how long and how hard we collect there will always be a new game, manga or anime that we want on our possession, we must work with sweat or sometimes blood to get what we want."

I saw that Sakai was staring at me awkwardly; "… did you just said blood?"

"Eh, did I say blood? I mean efforts, yes efforts and hard work that will be shown by our sweat! Sweat that we earned by working hard and our hearts that will be filled with happiness, thou wait Xenahort, because you'll never get Kingdom hearts! Darkness will always be beaten by the light! ALL HAIL THE LIFE OF OTAKU!"

While I kept on worshiping I noticed that Sakai was sighing and shaking his head in disagreement "… Great my best friend has gone insane. Can this day get any weirder?"

Shana's POV

I looked around the room for some hours. For some reason I feel quite uncomfortable and I don't know the source of the reason, or at least I have an idea what the reason for my unease could be. "… Something's off, Yuji hasn't come to bug me for a whole day and he never does that. He would most of the time skip his meeting, I wonder what happened. No Shana, this is not the time to be worried, I finally have some peace. After all that waiting I was finally able to get an illegal copy of the bi-monthly gaming magazine. I should check it out now before Yuji arrives."

I went to my bed and just when I was taking out the magazine that I had hidden under the mattress, the door opened. Oh shit! I quickly returned the magazine under the bed and turned around. I sighed in relieve when two maids entered the room.

"Shana-sama we've come to clean the room."

"Uhm that's fine, but let me get something first. I took the magazine out of the mattress again and walked to the balcony. I saw that the maids gave me an indifferent look."

"Again with her hobbies, I'm surprised she's been able to hide all that from the commander."

I turned around to the maids and gave them a glare. "Remember, if you tell Yuji about this, I'll force you to listen to Alastor singing the opening song of Kingdom hearts and to Shiro's singing an adapted version Hatsune Miku's song; yellow."

"We know, we know Shana-sama. We assure you, we won't tell the commander anything. He told us to serve you and if you want us to keep some things secret we will seal our lips forever."

"Good, now that I think of it, Yuji hasn't bothered me for a whole day. What happened to him?"

"Well the commander got an unexpected visit from a friend of his. He's invited to this otaku convention thing that his friend kept talking about. I think he took the commander with him."'


I hurried back to the room and ran to the closet.

"Shana-sama what are you doing?"

"What does it look like? I am looking for a cosplay costume to wear for the convention! I can't believe Yuji went to a convention without me and Alastor must be having the time of his life now! How dare he betray me! We promised to go to our first convention together!"

At Alastor


Yuji looked surprise at the Cocytus hanging around his neck. "Alastor, so you are alive I was wondering what happened to you, since you were so quiet."

"It's my first time being at a convention; Shana and I were always too busy to go to a convention. We never had the time or opportunity. I was just soo surprised, that I thought that I was in heaven and fainted."

"That does sound like you."

"So Sakai Yuji, will you buy me a souvenir from this place, please?"


Alastor frowned, not that anyone can see it, unless you're a pendant whisperer. "But, I am sure Shana won't be happy, if she finds out and maybe a souvenir will cheer her up a bit."

"… I'll think about it."

Back at Shana

"Shana-sama, you can't. The commander has forbidden you to leave the room."

"You two will come with me then, ah this should do, now for my hair." Damn if only my powers weren't sealed. "Wig, where's a wig?!"

"Shana-sama, we don't have those."

I stared shocked at the maids. "You guys have a; swimming pool, a disco, a bar, cinema, arcade, hot springs, resort, Santa Clause, a tourist office, even souvenir shops, a giant library, an amusement park, an ice rink, shooting hall, aquarium, candy machine, shopping district, but no wigs?!"

"We never deemed them necessary and the commander isn't that fond of cosplaying."

I sighed, of course Yuji hates everything that's relates to otaku. "Then I need to order a wig. Get me a phone, now!"

"But Shana-sama it will take a few days before the wig will arrive, if we order it."

Great, this is just my day. I sighed and stared at the window. "I guess… I have no other choice, but to go for option three!"

The maids looked confused at me. "What do you mean Shana-sama?"

"You two come with me!"

I grabbed the maids by their arms and dragged them with me before they could protest.

Bel Peol's POV

"*Huff huff* so, this… *huff* is the place *huff* where our commander was taken *huff*" Damn that author why did she had to cut our stamina to nothing?! We look like a bunch of weak morons!

A: Aww but Bel-chan it would be so boring if you guys had stamina. This way will make it so much more interesting for everyone else. You should worry more about your idiotic commander instead of me or your stamina.

"Why, do you always pick a fight with someone?!"

A: I heard they serve free snacks inside.

I turned to Hecate and Sydonay. "What are you two standing there for?! Let's go the snacks can't wait forever you know!"

Sydonay sighed; "But Bel Peol, weren't we here to get our commander out of his misery?"

"Who cares, I am sure he'd be able to hold on for a few more hours, however, snacks won't be able to hold on! At this moment a snack could be eaten by a nooby who has no experience on the quality and delicacy of food!"

Sydonay was just staring at me. "Bel Peol, you can't be serious, right? Do you really consider food more important than our commander?"

"So?" I replied while putting my hands on my hips. "You consider Hecate more important than our commander, even though she prefers to see you death."

-_- "Please leave me out of your conversation." Hecate said to me after giving me a cold glare.

"Hecate-chan is something different! No one can compare to her cuteness, besides the commander is on number two in my list."

"Well that's the same for me with food! The taste fills my soul and brings me happiness. I am sure Hecate has also something that she prefers the most."

"Of course Hecate-chan has. That would be me!" Sydonay said with a proud face.

"… You never learn do you? How many times do I have to say it? You and Hecate will never be together!"


… If I got a coin for every time he said that I'd be rich by now. Not that a Tomogata needs any money.

-_- "Can I shoot him please?"

I shook my head "Hecate, you do know that he's relevant to the plot of the main story. As long as the author needs him, no as long as he amuses her. She'll keep him alive no matter how much you shoot him."

-_- "… Fuck."

"Eh, by the way Hecate what is the thing you prefer the most."

Hecate stared at me for a long time before she replied. I felt like her stare was piercing through my soul. -_- "… That's a secret."

"Ah, okay."

I felt her stare still on me. "Uhm, is there something you want?"

"… nothing…"


Again she was staring at me.

I sighed. "Hecate if something's bothering you I am all ears."

-_- "… are you not that curious about the things I like to do the most?"

"You wanted to keep it a secret right?"

"… Yes, but…. mostly in stories…"

I couldn't believe what she was saying. "Don't tell me you're also into that manga stuff?!"

"No, it's just this one time the Tenjou no Gouka kept on babbling and babbling about some visual novels."

"So what has that to do with your hobbies?"

-_- "Nothing."

"So, nothing about your favorite 'thing'?"

-_- "I told you, that's a secret."

"Let's just hurry or the food is gone by…"

-_- "… I like to play games where I did voices in... and I like Ende from Pandora's Tower…"


-_- "…"


-_- "… If you tell anyone I'll kill you."

… Wow and I thought Mammon was the weirdest of whole Bal Masqué, wait he is still the weirdest. He touches himself every day and disturbs everyone that's near him. I took a deep breath. "Don't worry Hecate I won't tell anyone."

-_- "You better not."

"So you can open up to others. Everyone in Bal Masqué thought you were like an emotionless killing robot.

-_- "… Shouldn't we go inside already?"

Yuji's POV

I have no idea how long I've been in this hellish place, but it feels like I've been here forever. Not only is Ike running and dragging me from one place to another and talking about his otaku stuff, but Alastor came back from wherever he was and kept begging me to buy every new game that caught his interest. I can tell you, those are a lot.

"Come on Sakai Yuji, try to think how happy Shana would be if she could play the pc remake of FF 7. We both want better graphics of the mission were Cloud had to crossdress as a girl. I am sure even you would laugh at that part."

I sighed at Alastor's begging. "I doubt it." I replied. He tries everything to make me buy those games… I want to get back to Seireden. Attending the meetings and working on the Grand order sounds more appealing to me than having the company of Alastor and Ike in this hell's place. Even the authors insults and remarks are way better… I think.

A: These chips are delicious and I am riding a train atm, while listening to my iPod. Want some Snake-chan? Maybe I'll give you some if you're able to cross the fourth wall and if you can't, go buy me Kingdom Hearts 3D and Pokémon Black 2!

… Never mind. She's as terrible as these conventions.

"Sakai! Are you listening?! Let's go!"

"AGHHH! Ike, don't yell in my ear! I am not deaf!"

"But I heard that the author did it once and it sounded funny."

"She did it to torment me and I was asleep at that time! How, can that be funny?!"

"I heard she also shove pocky sticks in your nose when you were asleep and wrote baka on your face." Alastor added.

"… Thank you for reminding me the horrible moments, where I smelled chocolate for days and spent weeks washing my face."

"You're welcome. So will you buy me that game now?"

"I was being sarcastic."

"Sakai, don't be so mean to your talking pendant and give it the game it wants." Ike said.

"Thank you for your concern Sakai Yuji's friend, my name is Alastor and I am a he."

"… weird since when do pendants have a gender?"'

"Well actually I am how should I put it… a demon god who resides in this pendant after making a contract with Shana and accompanying Sakai Yuji atm."

"Ohh, well that explains it. Pretty cool, I thought Sakai had bought you from an antique shop or something."

"We're not for sale."

"So, shouldn't you hide from the church or something?"

"We're not that kind of demons, I am a Guze no Tonmogara, a Guze no Ou to be precise. I come from Guze."

"… What's the difference between a Tomogara and an Ou."

"Our power of course, a Guze no Ou is stronger than a Guze no Tomogara and I am one of the god class."

"Cool reminds me of that mahnwa I think it's called Aflame Inferno. Where creatures called Tedlars, who come from the death worlds take over human bodies. They have weak, middle, high and the lord class I think."

"I know that one, it's a very good story, but we're not completely the same. We devour humans by eating their power of existence."

"Wow that's awesome, how many god classes are there?"

"Well there are only three. Me, one that's in Guze at the moment and the last one is…"

"Sakai right?"

"You seem to catch up quick."

"Nah, our homeroom teacher got a note about Sakai's absence and told us about it. I won the bet against Satou, he was sure Sakai ran away. By the way Sakai the teacher still wants you to come to class. He says it's no excuse to stay away from class, just because you became the leader of an organisation full of monsters and your mom is eh, worried about you."

"I've sent my mother a letter, she should know how I am doing and I already took care about my school matter."

"Okay, but what about Shana's school matters?"

"… CRAP!" How could I forget about Shana?!

"You attend the same class as her and you still forgot to take care of her school matters. I am not sure if you've reached a new level of stupidity or your just plain stupid."

A: I'd go for plain stupid!"

"I don't want to hear any comments from you two and especially from the author."

Ike gave me an odd look. "I didn't know that you were this close with the author and what happened to your voice a few seconds ago. You sounded like another person."

"That's just, Sakai Yuji's… alter ego. It's pretty difficult to explain. He comes out once in a while, but he doesn't talk much, unless he really wants to say something. You could say that he was the one that bribed Sakai Yuji in awakening his full self." Alastor answered.

"You mean like a split personality?"

A: Let's just go with whatever you want to call it. I call it the second personality to troll with.

"COMMANDER! We finally found you!"

I turned around and saw the Trinity from afar running toward us.

""The strategist, general and the priestess? What are you doing here?"

"*Huff* We *huff* came to *huff* save you *huff* since we *huff* know that *huff* you hate *huff* this kind of stuff *huff*"

"… Let me guess, the author messed you up."

-_- "it looks like she's in the mood to tease more than normal."

A: Estuans interius Ira vehementi
Estuans interius Ira vehementi
Sephiroth Sephiroth

"… Has she gone insane this time?" I asked.

Ike looked at me before he burst out in laugher. "OMG you really are a noob when it comes to this. She is reciting the lyrics of Sephiroth's theme."

"… Sephiroth's theme?"

"Sakai Yuji, you are such a disgrace for us."Alastor responded.

"... What!" I said half threatening.

"Sephiroth is the main villain of Final Fantasy VII. A badass villain that is, he is twisted to the point that he hates everything except for an alien head that he mistakes as him mother."

"Remember that time when we went to my house this one time and we played on the PlayStation for a whole week?" Ike asked.

"No. I remember you dragging me to your house and you forced me to play with you a weird game. About some emo guy who crossdressed at one moment and a creepy silver haired guy with a sword that was too long for his own good."

"Yeah that silver haired guy with the long sword that was too long for his own good is Sephiroth."

"I am sorry to interrupt, but we came here to get the commander back and we won't go without him!" Bel Peol interrupted."

Ike glared at her. "No way! Have you got any idea how long we have waited for this convention?! This is the convention the crème de la crème, the most magnificent event ever, the experience you must have and I won't let Sakai leave until the day is over! If you guys won't leave, then you'll have to join us."

"… But the commander hates this kind of stuff…" Bel Peol muttered.

I sighed. I am glad that at least the Trinity respects my taste. "Strategist you should be aware that I am not here on my free will. Let's go back the sooner I'm done with my duties the sooner I can go to…"

"OMG! *munch munch* these snacks *munch* are *munch* delicious! *munch* These *munch* conventions *munch* are *munch* the best! *munch*"

… She gets swayed by food too easy. I face palmed and turned to the general. "Sydonay, you should say something to the strategist about her behavior, its unacceptable!"

"OMG! Look at all those cute cosplaying kids! They are so, kawaii, moe, sweet, arousing! Come here little kids Sydonay ji-san wants to give you a hug!"

I stared at Sydonay with a blank expression as he started to chase children. … I can't believe that even in a situation like this, they prefer their hobbies over the wishes of their own commander. "Sydonay, Bel Peol! Get…"

"Okaaay, the more people the more fun! Let's go they have an exhibition of the Mario games a bit further!" Ike interrupted.

How come everyone I know are addicted to these otaku things, or gets easily bribed.

A: Or are both.

Yeah or are… wait. Who told you to come barging in my thoughts?!

A: Well, since I am the author of this story, I gave myself permission.

Does the word privacy ring a bell to you?

A: Not in this story.

Ugh I can't believe this is happening to me.

Shana's POV

"Woah! I can't believe how big this building is. Are the conventions always that big? It's like I've reached the seventh heaven!"

I kept staring at the building for a moment in amazement. My life dream is finally coming true, not in the way I expected, but it's better than nothing, right? Alastor will feel sorry for leaving me behind and breaking his promise.

"Shana-sama, we should get back now. The commander wouldn't be happy if he found out that you're here."

I turned to the maids who followed me to the convention. "No way in hell! We finally got here and now you want to go back?! I don't care if Yuji gets angry, he shouldn't have left me and gone to the convention without telling me in the first place! I wonder what kind of things they'll have. A concert, market, demo's or anything else?"

"Shana-sama, you seem very excited and happy, unlike the other times." The other maid commented.

"Of course I am, it's my first convention. In Seireiden I'm bored every second; I am not allowed to do anything except for sitting in a room and looking at… nothing and waiting till Yuji appears to harass me! I have no games to play, no anime to watch or manga that I can read; my only little happiness is the illegal copy of the bi-monthly gaming magazine, that I have to hide in case Yuji finds it and that one doesn't even come out each month. Seriously is this how you should treat a girl? My days in Tendoukyū weren't that boring. Shiro and Wilhelmina at least allowed me to have hobbies."

Both maids gave me a pitiful look. "We're really sorry Shana-sama. If you want we can at least try to talk to the commander and convince him to give you a bit more freedom."

"How about you smuggle some manga secretly for me and I won't cause any problems."

"… deal."

I gave them a satisfying look. At least I can have a more bearable life in Seireiden and the bonus is that Yuji won't suspect anything. "Ah that reminds me, do you have a name or anything that I can address you with? Calling you maid or maid one and two sounds kinda awkward to me."

"We're just Rinne giving us a name isn't really important. We're created only to make you feel at ease in Seireiden Shana-sama, but if you insist you can call us whatever you like."

"Okay… now let me think of good names for you." What would be good names to call them? I've played a lot of RPG's lately. I think I know! "Okay I'll call you Cassandra after one of the playable characters from Soul Caliber and you'll be Lightning like the main character from Final fantasy XIII."

"… If you're fine with those names, then we're too."

"Great now let's go!"

Yuji's POV

"Look, look, look Sakai! We can take a memorial photo there! "

I sighed at Ike's billionth time of dragging me to whatever activity that he wants to do. The Trinity was just following behind while they are in their own addiction.

"Come on Sakai, smile. The photo won't be good if everyone isn't smiling."

"Your friend is right commander, you should smile. It's the first time we went out like this." Bel Peol said.

"I also agree. Sakai Yuji, you should enjoy this day more. You have no idea how many people are dreaming about coming here, but aren't able to. This is a once in a lifetime event for most people. So you should enjoy it to the fullest." Alastor added.

"… Except that it wasn't my intention to come here in the first place… and I am not enjoying this, how many times do I have to repeat it?! Ike you never listen to me when it comes to your hobbies it's like everything else around you is..."

"Say cheese!"


I blinked a few times by the sudden flash of the camera. "… invisible…"

Ike quickly grabbed the photos and scanned through them. "Sakai, try to learn to use different expressions when you're in front of the camera."

I walked to Ike to check the picture myself. "… Strategist… general…"

"What's wrong?! Don't tell me I got some food stuck in my teeth!" Bel Peol asked shocked as she quickly grabbed a mirror from nowhere and checked her teeth.

"No! Something is stuck in my nose!" Sydonay yelled and he started to put his finger in his nose.

-_- "I am hungry." Hecate pointed out.

"… Yuck, I'd never imagine that the Trinity was this gross." Alastor commented in a disgusted tone.

"…" I stared speechless at The Trinity's action. I looked at the photos again and then back at the Trinity. Their… pose is… the same as in one of the photo's…

"Sakai Yuji, if someone were to find these we'd be sinking even deeper than the Titanic. So burn them as soon as possible."

I nodded at my alter ego's comment. "I guess you're right, things already have started to get bad since Sydonay got out of prison and Rofocale joined us."

"I think I'll keep these as a souvenir!" Ike announced out loud.

"… We're doomed."

"As long as Ike won't show these there isn't much to fear."

"I can't wait to show this to the others tomorrow! I am sure everyone is curious about how you're doing."

"Whhhhaaaa!? Ike, don't! If you ever show these to anyone! You should burn them!"

Ike looked at me confused. "Why?"

"Can't you see how ridiculous those photos look?"

"But it's a memento for today, besides I am sure everyone will be surprised with your cosplay."

"For the last time, I am not cosplaying!"

"Hey check out that guy in that costume! It looks pretty good!"

"Which character is he cosplaying?"

"I have no idea, but it's a very good costume."

"Yeah he looks like one of those ancient warriors."

"You think it's from a video game?"

"I don't know, but this is the most original costume that I've seen."

"Nii-chan, can I make a picture with you please?"


I tried to get away from those annoying Ike clones, but my attention went to a crowd of people standing a bit further away from us.

Those otakus, just because they see something unnecessary they'll group around like a bunch of gorillas and keep staring like idiots…


… Wait that voice don't tell me…!

"Shana-sama, you shouldn't attract that much attention."

"It's not my fault, they started it."

Shana was standing in the middle of the crowd accompanied by her maids. She was wearing a school uniform different form the one she usually wears and her red hair tied up in two pig tails… wait how was she able to get her hair red if her powers are sealed?!

"Commander, isn't that the princess? What is she doing here in the middle of that crowd? I thought she wasn't allowed to leave her room." Sydonay asked.

"That's what I also want to know and where did she get that costume from?"

"Hmm, so she decided to go as Aria from the Hidan no Aria novel. I am so proud of her." Alastor commented.

"Stay away from Shana-sama, you lowly human!"

"Oi, little girl that's some very good cosplay."

"You look so cute in that, did you come alone?"

"Is it your first time in a convention?"

"Want to take a picture with me?"

"Come work at my cosplay café. I'll pay you very well."

I felt like I was losing my temper slowly. No one dares to touch my Shana! I was about to take out my Blutsaugher to get rid of them, but the sound of a gun caught me off guard.

"Move… now!"

Everyone went quiet and Shana walked away from the crowd, followed by the two maid Rinne that I appointed for her. She noticed my presence and turned to face me. "Ah, Yuji, why are you standing there like an idiot?!"

"Shana! Who told you to leave the room, how did you get that gun?! And what have you done?!"

Hecate started to check her pockets. "Where are my guns…?"

Shana sweat dropped, but she recovered quickly. "You went to an convention with Alastor, you didn't informed me or asked if I wanted to go with you… why the hell should I stay in that prison getting bored each day, while you're visiting a convention without me!?"

"No! That's not what I meant. I mean; what have you done to your hair?!"

"Eh?! My hair? Well I painted it of course."


"Well since my powers are sealed, my hair can't become red. There were no wigs available in Seireiden and ordering one would take too long. So I painted it."

"But it will ruin your beautiful hair!"

"My cosplay wouldn't be complete if my hair isn't red. Being an otaku is more important than my hair."

"… But… you beautiful hair… it's now…"

"Yuji you can complain as much as you want, but I am here to enjoy the convention. So stop sulking and let's go."

Ike's POV

So Shana-san and some maids that were following her, decided to tag along with us. Well I don't mind, since Shana-san is also an otaku. You know what they say; the more the better. I do wonder where she got those maids from. The only maid that is close to her, is the one that says de arimasu, has a fetish for maid outfits, is a little over protective with Shana-san and hates Sakai's guts. Wilhelmina was her name I think.


"Achoo. –De arimasu."

"Cold?" Taimat asked her contractor

"No, I think that someone is talking about me. –De arimashou."


"I am not sure. –De arimasu. But if I find out that it's that damned mystes! –De arimasuka. I'll make him beg for his life and save Shana from his perverted clutches! –De arimasen!"

"Shana-san, I was wondering, from what site did you ordered those maids." I asked.

Shana-san looked at me confused. "Ordered? What are you talking about? Cassandra and Lightning are maids that Yuji appointed to me and since when can you order maids?"

"Well I once read this web comic about a guy who ordering his own private maid. Well she is an android maid, but she looks, acts and feels like a real maid."

"But Cassandra and Lightning aren't androids. They're Rinne."

"That's close enough for me."

"Wait, you gave them names?" Sakai asked surprised.

"Of course I did, I can't call them maid one and two forever. So I decided to name Lightning after the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII and Cassandra after one of the characters of Soul Calibur."

"Good choice of names." Alastor said.

"… I should have seen this coming." Sakai commented.

"Anyway, we should move on I am sure they're still a lot of stands that have snacks waiting for me to be eaten. I am soo hungry." Sakai's uhm red haired servant… I think her name was… Hecate!

-_- "You're always hungry." The Blue short-haired pettanko... Sydonay was her name I think commented.

"I can't believe I am agreeing with the Gyakuri no Saisha and the Itadaki no Kura for the first time, but a day is short and there's no time to lose and yes she is always hungry. It's like seeing the Chōsi no Yomite with her alcohol or talking about it. Besides I heard that we can play the demo version of Super Smash bros. 3D." Shana-san said.


I grabbed Sakai by his wrist and dragged him to play to demo.

There was a long queue when we arrived. Great when will we be able to try the game out? When the day is over and the building has closed already?

"Too bad Ike, I guess we should better go home now." Sakai commented

"No way! I am not going home until I finished this list!"

"… List? What list?"

"The list of things I wanted to do today at the convention of course. You think I come unprepared. Thought I did miscalculated this. I thought that there would be more people in the morning, since Super Smash bros. is a very popular game… dammit I knew we should have come yesterday evening and camp in front of the building!"

"Isn't that going a bit too far, besides that isn't the first time you miscalculated something. Remember the time when we went to the amusement park."

"Oww yeah I heard that they had a special promotion there. There'd be a bingo event and the winner would get a special event Pokémon for their Pokémon Black or White game. So I dragged you all along in the hope to increase my chances. Thought, I didn't expect that Shana-san would start to threaten the judge to win."

"And how about that time when you wanted to see the 3rd Inuyasha movie and forced me to camp with you in front of the cinema to get the best places."

"Yeah I had a lot of fun that day. We got in a argue with some people who wanted to take our place and then you almost killed them, because they pushed you."

"Or that time in kindergarten when you begged the teacher to stop at Animedia on our way back from our school trip, because it was the last day of promotion that the shop was offering.

"Or when I faked my sickness, to watch the Sora no Otoshimonno marathon. Thought my parents weren't happy when they found out. By the way thanks for telling on me Sakai."

"Uhm, guys?" Shana-san interrupted. I don't want to interrupt you, but it seems like the queue for the Super Smash Bros. 3D demo is going pretty fast, unless you want to miss it then..."


"Y-y-y-you... w-w-were... t-t-too... b-b-busy... wi-w-with t-t-talking... t-to... Y-Y-Yuji..."

"...oh." I let go of her and she fell in the ground.

"Shana!" Sakai called. "Oi Ike, you shouldn't be that rash with her! She's..."

"Let's go Sakai! Super Smash Bros. is waiting for us!"

I grabbed my friend and ran to the queue.

30 minutes later...

"Hey kid, the 5 minutes have already passed you should let others try the game now! You've been playing for 30 minutes now!" A security guard yelled.

"But, but I am close to breaking my record!" I yelled back at the guard.

Sakai, Shana and their employees were sweat dropping.

"Ike-san, I know how cool that game is, but wouldn't it be better if you let the other fans also play. It wouldn't be fair to let them suffer." Shana-san said.

"Yes and there are also fans who can only feel the joy of watching someone play, because they don't have a body of their own, besides we can always make an illegal copy. The demo gave us enough information and the Tantankyūkyū is crazy enough to make the impossible happen." Alaster the talking pendant agreed.

"… Who said that?" One of the security guards asked.

"That's just the talking pendant that my friend borrowed from his girlfriend. I think he needed it for a project or something, I think it's for his cosplay." I explained the guard.

"… For. the. last. time... I am not cosplaying!" Sakai yelled.

"Oww well make sure that pendant won't talk too much we don't want people asking for a show." Besides it's almost 14.00 it's some of the promo movies are starting soon." the guard sighed.

"What, movies?! I asked in shock. I checked my watch quick. "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, I almost forgot about it! The Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the movie 2nd A's is starting soon! We should hurry up or we'll have the bad seats!"

I grabbed my friend and ran as fast as I could to the back of the building where the cinema is located. Except for Shana-san,t he others were staring dumbfounded at me.

"Damn he's right and I also wanted to see that movie!" Shana-san said. "Wait don't let me miss it!" She ran as quickly as she could behind us.

Normal POV

So the movie ended pretty quick, well that counts for the ones that actually had interest for it and for Yuji, who fell asleep during the movie.

"Wow that movie was so awesome. I loved the anime, but the battle scenes were better in the movie than in the anime!" Shana commented.

"I cried at the part where Rainforce said her goodbyes to Hayate and the others." Ike said with his still crying face.

"I liked the part were they had to beat the defense program of the book of darkness. Alastor said; "It's just like beating the final boss in a video."

Yuji sighed. "So can we go now? He asked?"

"But commander, Sydonay disappeared. Shouldn't we look for him?" Bel Peol asked.

"I am sure he's chasing some kids again. He'll come back sooner or later."

"Oww, that reminds me." Ike said. "I promised your mom to help out a bit in the house, since your dad is still in his business trip and you were well gone, but now that you're back I am sure she'd love to see you again."

Yuji stopped walking and his face turned pale. "… I- I am sure she can handle without me."

"Nonsense Sakai, you're her son it'll be rude if you don't pay her a visit!"

"But, but, I am sure she'll…"

"Actually I also want to see Chigusa again." Shana smiled. "I am quite worried about her, she must feel lonely."

"I'd love to meet the mother of our commander. I always wondered what kind of woman she is. Right, Hecate?" Bel Peol asked.

-_- "I don't care."

"… You'd care if you see her lecturing her own son because he hasn't informed about his whereabouts or what he's been doing the last couple of weeks." Yuji muttered in a low voice.

"You said something?" Shana asked.

"Nothing, besides we can't stay here too long. I don't have much time and complete Bal Masqué's plan."

"That can wait; also I am sure Lightning and Cassandra were in Seireiden for too long just like me!"

"… Of all the names you could pick you chose to name them after game characters..."

"Okay time to visit your mom!" Ike announced and he ran ahead dragging a desperate Yuji.

And so the day passed when Yuji and the others got back, Yuji was in a state where he felt like his soul was sucked out, also his alter ego ended up in the same state. Despite her struggling and yelling, Shana was forced to wash the red paint off her hair. Lightning and Cassandra found out that the world was much more impressive than what they imagined. Bel Peol was so full of all the food that she ate today, that she immediately collapsed on her bed dreaming about more food, Hecate was very satisfied today, because she was able to buy an entire collection of Ende including a pillow and a plushie, which she will treasure for the rest of her existence.

At night Yuji lay down his exhausted body on his bed. "Ugh I'd never expected that today could be so horrible." He sighed.

Shana was mocking in the bathroom, because of her hair. "Yuji, you should be happy that you went to such a convention. I am sure that it'll be my first and last convention for Alastor and me! You wouldn't even allow me to cosplay a little longer as Aria!"

"That's because the paint was ruining your beautiful hair! Shouldn't you be happy that you were able to get some souvenirs?"

"… but, but... I don't care what happens to my hair! It's your fault in the first place, since you've sealed my powers!"

"That's because it's for your own good."

A: *Cough* Don't you mean for your own good."

"Just shut up! I am too tired to argue with you." Yuji sighed as he slowly drifted into sleep, but something was still bothering him. "Hmm, why do I feel like I've forgotten something?"

At the Misaki police station.

"How is this possible?! I thought I killed you?! Sydonay yelled in fear.

"Hah! As long as there are helpless innocent children I'll never die!"

Sydonay was sitting being the bars staring in despair at the officer woman who captured him while he was chasing the children at the convention.

"Damn you! Kenka no Nagite, Yu Huan! Get me out of here now! I'll swear you'll pay for this!"

"Hah, over my dead body! You lecherous hentai lolicon! You'll stay here until you've paid for your crimes, or until your commander noticed your absence and pays for your freedom, but for now your only friend will be the other prisoners and your bed!"

She walked away while laughing victorious.

"… great and I was almost done with that cute little girl." he sighed

"~As the cold wind freezes the hidden feelings from within

I crave for a warm body, oh no my head starts to spin

My untouched holy place

Over time will lose its grace

Why do I have to go through with this

the love of children yes that's what I miss

A feeling or even a small touch

The demon who tortured me will... DAMMIT I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!

Please my children come and save me

I miss that feeling and the view I see

Even if it's a little moan for me

Please for a bit let me feel that taste

Not using the love liquid would be such a waste~"


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