A Rosalie poem. About Royce, her human life, and immortality...I guess.

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Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine. If it was Rosalie would have a lot more parts.

A Rose's Thorns

Love me like I never left,
Hold me like I never cried,
Let's pretend our world is kind,
Let's pretend I'm still alive.

It's all a lie.

There's fire encasing my worn heart,
Torn and tattered, ripped apart,
Like the wedding dress I'll never wear,
Like the screams ringing through the air.

That night you chose an instant gain,
Better hope you won't see me again.
White on red,
You will be dead,
I'm not sorry when I feel your dread.
You wait in fear
I shed no tear,
For you the end is here.

Yet in the end,
I do not win.
I know my life,
my dreams,
can never be.

Why did they inflict this pain on me, eternally?