Bittersweet will be a series of short-to-long OS's. What about you ask? Jacob imprinted on Renesmee, but her and Seth are secretly in love. They know it can never happen between them but they still have their moments together. Their bittersweet moments.

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Disclaimer: If I owned Twilight I think you can guess how the imprints would change. Thank you.


Renesmee watches him sleep. She hopes he doesn't mind.

It's just that she can't sleep herself. She's not sure if it's the foldout bed they're sharing with the bars that dig into her sides, or their fairly precarious situation. After all, no matter how innocent the situation is, she's sharing a bed with the boy she loves. Quite unexpected to say the least. Anyway, either way, she can't sleep.

Sleep doesn't seem to be a problem for him at all. He's on his side, facing her, one arm resting on the bed in front of his auburn torso, the other under his head. He looks as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Renesmee can feel his body pressed against her, the warmth touching her to the very center of her heart. Whether he is even aware of how close they are, Renesmee will never know. Some people move in their sleep with no awareness of what they are doing. He may be one of those people.

God, the temptation to reach out to him, hold him, kiss his face is almost unbearable to her.

Unfortunately, because they are not lovers, to touch him like they were would only prove to be disastrous.

But of course, they've danced that dance many times already. He knows how much she wants him; he knows the dozens of reasons why she can't have him; he knows he has to control his feelings as well. Yet the situation remains, warm body against hers, peaceful face temptingly close, with the single fact she is not his imprint making the proximity seem so, so very far.

No, she is not Seth's imprint. She is Jacob's.

So this is the best she can hope for: this bittersweet little interlude.