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Another Backburner has life breathed into it.

In Sunnydale California a young blonde woman only a year out of high school sighed as she turned to looked at her mentor and confident. "Alright Giles we need to think of way that we can stop Glory because we're obviously not managing with the way things are." Buffy said tiredly as they once again sat at the table to plan. She was Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, the mystical warrior who's duty it was to defend the world from monsters demons and anyone else that threatened her home. With this duty she was gifted with enhanced abilities that allowed her to battle with creatures that most people believed to be either myths or stories. A battle she knew that eventually she would fall to and another young girl would be chosen to be the defender of humanity. Along with her friends and allies, she had defended this area known as the Hellmouth from any and all that would try and destroy the world or send it to a hell dimension.

She was currently the guardian and protector to a mystical being known as the Key. The energy being was one of the only thing that could breach the gap between diemensions and had once been guarded by the secret Order of Dagon who were hiding it from a powerful being from another diemension. The Order of Dagon had fallen though and the last thing they had done was to send the Key to a new protector. To insure that the Slayer would protect the Key with everything that she had the monks had invoked several long forgotten magics and turned the Key into a sister. Now that the Order was gone though the being had now turned its eyes towards reclaiming the Key. It had determined the general area even if it could not get very close. The Hell Goddess Glory was determined to find out just where it was that the Key was and to use it to return to her diemension. The two mystical beings had fought many times. While a Slayer was far beyond what a normal human was Glory was even farther than that beyond what the lithe blonde was capable of.

The blonde looked at the broad shouldered elder man who was in his forties. He was Rupert Giles, the Watcher to the Slayer. It had been the duty of the Watcher to always guide the Slayer ever since men had first understood what it was that the Slayer did. Rupert, or Giles as he was affectionately known by the other members of the group. "Unfortunatly, I have yet to discover anything that would be of any help to us." The Watcher admitted to the girl before him. "All of our research has turned up nothing that could damage Glory enough to give us the type of win that we need."

The blonde sighed in discouragment. This was supposed to be a strategy session in which they tried to figure out any kind of weaknesses that the hell goddess might have that they had not noticed before. "Has anyone noticed anything other than the fact that she has really bad taste in clothes, shoes and wears way too much makeup?" She asked as her eyes roamed around the room hopefully. Sitting in a pair of chairs were her magical and technology division in the redheaded Willow Roseburg and blonde Tara McKlay. THe two witches when they combined their power were exceptionally powerful as Tara provided the control while Willow commanded the raw power. THe redhead also was a more than decent hacker. Near the counter a dark haired young man with shaggy hair stood next to his girlfriend. Xander Harris a jack of all trades and ace construction worker didn't look any happier than ex-vengeance demon Anya Jenkins, formerly known as Anyanaka Patron Saint to Scorned Women. The Slayer's eyes drifted to the final member of the group. A black duster hung off the deceptivly thin frame of Spike or William the Bloody, former member to the Scourge of Europe, the Slayer of Slayers. A vampire with a reputation so fearsome that demons were scared of him. He had platinum blonde hair and a ciggarette rested between his lips. The only reason that he was currently a member of the group was because of a chip that prevented him from harming humans. The Slaye's shoulders slumped as she realized none of her friends had any ideas.

"Well unless you want to head over and have a fight at Skanks R Us, I can't really think of anything that we can do to her." Willow told her friend dejectedly.

"And why would you want to get in another fight with her there when you can't even beat her now?" Anya questioned the witch in her usual no nonsense manner.

"Other than knowing where she is, I really can't think of a reason that would be helpful actually." The witch admitted to the others reluctantly as she tried to think of something else. "Could we maybe find a spell to send her away?" She questioned Giles hopefully. Everyone turned to look at the Watcher with renewed interest hoping that the man had found some obscure bit of knowledge that would help them out.

The man took his glasses off and began polishing them. "Unfortunately, that is not a viable option." He admitted to the redhead. "If you will recall, it took nearly all of your power just to teleport her away that one time and she reappeared the next day at the hospital. I don't think that any of us have the power in which to battle something on her level. Even combined I'm not sure that we have the power to confront her, so I don't think the combining spell would work against her either other than give her a single target to focus on. She is simply too powerful for us to confront her directly in our usual style."

"So where can we get some more power?" Xander asked from where he was sitting. "It's not like we can ask someone to stick a bunch of powers into us so we save the world can we?"

Buffy looked at her friend and a memory came back to her. "Why can't we?" She questioned him.

"Huh, okay, and where do these wonderful, mysterious, and amazing powers come from?" Xander asked in confusion, wondering what his friend was getting at.

"Yeah I'm with Droopy here Slayer, how are you going to get someone to just give you the power to take on the hell bitch?" Spike snarked from where he was.

"I'm working on that part." The blonde admitted. "Giles, how good were you in the old days at the Chaos spells that Ethan likes to use?"

"Oh I get it, the whole turn into your costume thing." Xander said in understanding, he then grinned at the thought of the power. "Dibs on Superman!" He added hopefully.

The others nodded their heads in agreement. Out of the entire group only Anya had not been on the hellmouth that night. They remembered how Giles ex-friend and fellow practioner of magic had shown up on Halloween and sold costumes out to the various last minute shoppers. The costumes had been bespelled though to turn the people into their costumes. Buffy had been turned into an upper class lady in waiting from the 18th century, Xander an experinced soldier, and Willow a ghost. If the spell could do that to them then there was no telling what it was that it might do to them now when they could prepare themselves for it.

Giles looked uncomfortable at this as he listened, he had feared that this was what the group that had affectionatly adopted the nickname of the Scooby gang wanted and he wasn't sure that he could perform this spell. "I don't know if I'm the one to do this Buffy. The magics required are fairly powerful and obscure." He explained to her. "It also might require a true worshipper of Janus before the spell could actually be of any true use. As your Watcher I am more closer affiliated with Athena and Artimis than Janus."

"Can you do it," Buffy questioned him sternly, "or do I need to drag Riley back here and get him to tell us where Ethan is being held or what?" This brought them all up short as they recalled that the last time that they had seen Ethan he had used magic to turn Giles into a demon and Buffy had nearly killed him because of the transformation.

"Yeah, and you just know that he would never let you forget that it was thanks to him that the world was actually saved. Xander added to the man, breaking the silence that had reigned on them for the past few moments. "Do you really think that he would be able to pass up the chance to rub it in your face for the rest of your lives?"

The man winced at the thought of his former friend getting that kind of leverage to hold against him. Xander was also right in that he would never get any peace afterwards either. "Technically I think I could do it." Giles admitted to the group somewhat reluctantly. "I managed to take all of his notes on the spell after I managed to disable the spell."

"I thought he just left everything," Anya said, "at least from the way that you have told it."

Giles nodded at this. "Yes, Ethan was in such a hurry to leave town that time, that he performed a runner leaving all of his notes on the spell."

"Could Willow and Tara perform it then?" Xander questioned the man with interest. "I mean if you don't think that you have the jo to go with the mo for this mojo, maybe you could always play the coach piece." He offered to the man helpfully.

"No, unfortunately that wouldn't work either, you see Willow and Tara don't draw on power from the Pagan Gods which is where this ritual is based on. There is also the fact that you want to use this spell a spell that is based in Chaos to create Order. There is a chance that you could lose yourselves within the spell." Giles explained to the group. "Do you understand the chance we'll all be taking in using that particular spell? There is no telling what types of consequences may arise from the use of this spell. Do you really think that Janus will ignore the fact that we used some of his power to create Order without some sort of consequence?"

"For Dawnie I'd be willing to chance it." Buffy returned to him stonily. "If it meant that Dawn survived, I would agree to just about anything."
Giles starred at the stubborn slayer for a moment before nodding his head in acceptance of her declaration on her motives.

"Is there a vengeance demon for champions?" Buffy questioned Anya, switching tactis on possible methods or secondary plans. "Maybe they could give us the power that we need to stop this from happening." She added hopefully.

"Sorry, no, there are none for champions or people that do right. Those kinds of wishes too often cause problems for us not to mention they give vengeance demons a bad rap." Anya explained to the group that looked more and more discouraged.

"How do you give vengeance demon a bad rap?" Willow questioned.

"Good means bad Willow." Xander reminded his friend with a knowing and indulgent smile.

"Oh yeah," Willow said with a blush getting a comforting hand squeeze from Tara.

"So, we can't just wish er away or anything like that then?" Spike said from where he was sitting in the corner. "Is that what you're saying to us then love?"

"Yes," the young looking woman returned. "There is no demon that would or probably could help us. I mean D'Hoffryn's probably strong enough to do it and Noitcif'Naf is probably crazy enough to try it I doubt that he would really care enough about us."

Buffy looked towards the Watcher expectantly. "Well Giles, unless you have some sort of other plan this is the only semi decent plan that that we have had in weeks. If you've got something else we'll consider it. We're running out of options though with Angel no longer answering his phone and the Council running back to the land of the tweed to have one last batch of tea and scones before the world is blown through hell.

Giles hesitantly nodded and walked over to a locked filing cabinet and withdrew several old and worn looking papers. The Watcher set the pile of papers on the table he stood over the papers and regarded the youths before him taking his glasses off and cleaning them as he tried to think of what it was that he was going to say to them. "I believe that there is a way of working the spell." He admitted to the group. "You see, Janus is not only a Chaos God. He is also a Gateway God. If we were to basically open the gates of potential or reality, theoretically we should be able to empower ourselves in a similar manner as to Halloween. However, we would not be the ones in control, it would be the personalities that we chose to wear. We would be but observers in our own bodies as the battle played out. No one knows this fact better than Buffy and Xander do." He said nodding towards the pair. "I have a copy of all of their memories of that time."

"True," Xander said, "and can I say freaky? No one knows the dangers and craziness of that spell better than me and Buffster do. There is also no telling what type of mind you're going to get unless you plan on a particular person either. Still it may be out only real chance as well though." He pointed out to the group.

"All too true," Giles said in agreement, "this plan is extremely risky and has a high chance of failure or having unexpected side effects that we may not be able to predict. However, if we are to battle with Glory then we are going to need to do something that will even the odds somewhat in our favor. So unless you all think that after months of being beaten and tossed around Buffy is going to suddenly rise up and grab an enchanted weapon or something and manage to beat Glory down in some perprosperous sudden victory then we need a new plan."

"Yeah," Xander said with a smirk, "we can let Buffy go as Super Girl, I'll go as Superman, Willow can be the Phoenix, Anya can be Wonder Woman, Spike can be Thor, and Tara can be Power Girl. Between all of us we should be able to send Glory packing that way."

"Is that possible Giles?" Willow questioned as she looked at the man.

"Not to that extreme no." Giles said shaking his head to the suggestion. "That won't work at all because your bodies would tear themselves apart from the stress of having that much power residing in them. The spell would likely destroy you if you were to attempt it that way."

"Then what can we do?" Xander questioned the man.

"Simple Xander, we must use costumes that won't have as drastic effect on us. As the only one of us without any real magical power your options would be more limited than say Buffy, Tara, or Willow as they have more mystical energy within their bodies than you do." Giles patientally explained to the young man.

"So it would to be somebody low on power then?" Xander questioned as his eyes grew distant as he tried to consider all of the low powered or non meta powered heroes that he knew of. There was Batman and his entire group, Punisher, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Captain America. That was just the most obvious ones off of the top of his head. "I could probably come up with the characters and decent enough costumes." He admitted to the group.

"Well that's one thing that we won't have to worry about then." Giles said nodding his head.

"What about the Dawnster though, I mean she's supposed to be energy incarnate right? Doesn't that mean that she could go as some sort of mega heavy duty hitter?" Xander suggested to the others. "I mean she woun't be expecting for her Key to be able to fight back and what not." He tried to convince the other members of the group. "I mean she's supposed to be Green energy, we could make her a Green Lantern or something like that. It would be perfect that way."

"No," Willow said shaking her head in disagreement, "if she becomes a front liner and if Glory beats us all down then she takes her and we're back where we started. We need someone or something that has a power that will help her get away or something like that. Also if we force all of her energy to the front Glory would know it was her and then there would be the danger of her shooting out energy all over the place."

"Shadowcat," Xander said knowingly, "she's a trained ninja, knows how to untie herself from just about every knot, and she had the ability to make her body into a ghost as well."

"That would work," Buffy said in agreement. "Xander, you and Anya get the costumes and the acessories that you think that we'll need now that you know the power levels that we're dealing with. Giles, Willow, and Tara will get the magical stuff ready for this ceremony. Spike and I will patrol and keep things from getting too far out of hand until we're ready."

"Who's going to pay for these costumes?" Anya questioned with interest.
The others looked at her in disbelief. "Here," Giles said quickly handing Xander several bills before the girls could all start their usual arguing. Now was not the time for their petty squabbling.

"Uh huh," Xander said as he accepted the wallet before Anya could snatch it up, "about Captain Peroxide, are we powering him up to?" He asked somewhat nervously as he eyed the vampire with suspicion.

"We need all the help we can get." Buffy returned to him. "Angel isn't even answering the phone right now and my contact info with Riley is dead as well. Unless I want see if there is something in their old base there's no way for us to ask them for help."

"So much for that hope," Xander said grudgingly as he and Anya got up. "Let's give the soulless vampire killer even more power than he has already." He said dejectedly. "If it weren't for the fact that we're facing Glory, I'd probably object to this." He informed her.

Buffy smiled at her friend glad to see that he was still following orders despite his obvious objections. "I trust you to get the job done Xan," she said squeezing his bicep comfortingly.

Xander nodded one more time before walking out he had costumes to prepare.

"Make sure they don't have me underwear on the outside boy." Spike shouted after him. "I still got to have some dignity you know?" The vampire snarked at the boy. Xander didn't even bother to answer the vampire as he left.