Proms sucks part 1

Chapter 1: Voting gay


-It has now been two weeks since Nora moved to South Park. She has made many friends, but those she hangs out with the most are Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. They are now waiting for the bus. After a while the bus arrives and they go on and sit down. Cartman goes to sit with Kenny as usual, but Kenny doesn't want Cartman to sit with him-

Cartman: Hey! Why don't you want me to sit with you, Kenny?
Kenny: (I've never wanted you to sit with me).
Cartman: Why not?
Kenny: (Because you're a douche)
Cartman: Well are you just going to sit by yourself then?
Kenny: (No. I've decided that I am going to sit with Nora)

-Nora sits beside Kenny and smiles at him-

Nora: Thanks, Kenny.
Cartman: DUDE! You give my seat to a girl! Fuck you, Kenny! –goes away from him angry-

Butters: Hey, Eric! You can sit with me if you want.
Cartman: -To himself in low voice- God, is there no other place to sit?
Butters: Eric! Free seat!
Cartman: -Sighs and sits with Butters-

-Kenny smiles at his new friend sitting with him-

Nora: What? –looks at him smiling-
Kenny: (Nothing, why do you ask)
Nora: I can see you smiling. What is it?
Kenny: (Oh... Eh... It's nice to have someone new to sit with)
Nora: Oh, okay. I agree, it is nice. –Looks around a little-
I think we're the only boy and girl who sits with each other.
Kenny: (Really?) –Looks around as well- (Maybe you're right)
Nora: And you're not embarrassed?
Kenny: (I don't give a fuck about what they think. You're too awesome to make me give a fuck about them)
Nora: -blushes a little- Thanks, Kenny.

-At class-

Mr. Garrison: Okay class, as you all know its prom today and you have to vote for a king and queen at the prom. It's going to be anonymous, so feel free to vote for whoever you want.

-Mr. Garrison hands out a piece of paper to the class. When he gets to Kenny he doesn't know who to vote for. He wants to vote for him and Nora, but he knows that everyone is going to vote for Stan and Wendy and he don't want let down his friend. He finally decides that he's going to vote for Stan and Wendy-

Mr. Garrison: Okay class, time to hand in the paper.

–He goes around and takes the paper-

-at Lunch-

-The girls sit at the lunch table and they giggle to themselves, but Nora smiles more-

Kenny: (What do you think they are talking about?)
Stan: Who cares? It's girls.
Craig: Yeah. Who gives a fuck?
Clyde: Agreed.

-Kenny looks as his food which he has barely touched and sighs-

Kyle: So who did you guys vote for?
Craig: I voted for Kenny and Nora –keeps eating-

-Kenny suddenly jumps a little-

Kenny: WHAT?
Clyde: Me too.
Kenny: (Why did you vote for me and her?) –Blushes so much you can see it even though he is wearing his hood-
Craig: I don't know. You seem like a great couple.
Jimmy: Y-Yeah. I v-v-voted for you guys t-t-too.
Kyle: I voted for my friend, Stan and Wendy.
Stan: -smiles- Thanks dude.
Kenny: (Me too)
Stan: Why? I voted for you and Nora.

-Kenny gets frustrate, which Cartman finds amusing-

Kyle: So who did you vote for, fat-ass?
Cartman: I voted for you to be queen! –Laughs out loud-
Kyle: Fuck you, Cartman!
Cartman: Little, Kyle as a queen. Can you imagine! –Laughs out loud-
Stan: Then who did you vote for as king?
Cartman: Well me, of course.

-There's a pause. Everybody looks at Cartman-

Stan: So what? You like Kyle?
Cartman: No, I hate Kyle.
Craig: Then why did you vote for him to be queen with you as king?
Cartman: I voted for him to be queen because he is a girl and me as a king because I am a king.
Kyle: You know that the king and queen are supposed to dance at the end together and perhaps even kiss.
Cartman: What...?
Stan: Yeah dude. You vote for the couple you like the most and if you voted for Kyle and you, it means you think you two are the best couple.
Cartman: You're all just lying.
Kyle: No, fat-ass. It's you who are gay for me.
Cartman: I'm not gay!
Clyde: Then you shouldn't have voted for you and Kyle.

-Cartman leaves angrily, denying what they say. Kenny found Cartman's frustration amusing until he left, then he got to think about him and Nora-

-End of chapter 1