Note: Woa.. This is going to be so AU and involving crossover with Torchwood!

seaQuest information:Season 2 crew with additional Dr. Westphalen instead of Dr. Smith. (I love both! Just that Westphalen/Bridger is just too awesome!)

Torchwood information : season 2 after Owen died and resurrection. Way before Gray epic episode ( Exit Wounds) but after Out of Time. For those not understanding what Torchwood is, I will try my bestest to explain!.

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Summary: After 'Playtime'. The seaQuest comes back but a few years back. 2008. Torchwood goes off to investigate and finds themselves face to face with the seaQuest. But they are not alone. Something has followed them. Crossover-A/U



Wormhole Gateway



Captain Nathan Bridger stood near his captain chair observing his crew working on their stations. Some where busy typing on the keyboards and some look lost in thought. How could they all understand they just went to the future in 225 years and saw that the end of world and there was nothing. Everyone had destroyed themselves. Being dependant on machines. Letting computers decide and do the work. Then the outbreak. And only two kids survived the whole thing. Playing games nonetheless. The outlook of the future was now stained with that memory. What future are they protecting now?

He knew his crew. Just a couple of hours ago they all were smiling and laughing at Tony Piccolo's 1960 video of girls in cages. Now their faces looked so concentrated in their work. No small talk between them. Nothing. Just on the task in hand. Masking their feelings with the task ahead of them. All wondering if what just happened was real and if it was, then the future is just one big nothingness. Commander Jonathan Ford had asked for what he said time to recollect his thoughts. The usually composed Commander. Bridger sighed.

Bridger couldn't blame anyone for feeling the way they all felt. He too had the same thoughts. How could that be the future?. He did not fully understood the theory of time. But he knew enough about the Mobius Strip theory and the paradox it could create. He knew they had to close it and insure their future. He felt that what they did would seal their future and that the loop had closed. There was some hope that maybe they did change it but the mood on the bridge was not a happy one. Even if they were back in their own time.

Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson was at the helm controls when she felt something off on the controls. She had a firm grip at the controls while they traveled at cruising speed. She had forgotten the near miss she had when she pushed Lieutenant James Brody out of the way and focused all her energy right now at her work. She tried to brush off the feeling at the helm but she turned to see the Captain looking at her direction. Had he felt the same thing? "Sir… Did you feel that?"

"I felt it too. Ortiz, do a WSKR scan around us. O'Neill, what is the status of our location?"

"Yes sir." Both officers replied.

Captain Bridger placed his hand on the station in front of him and closed his eyes. "What's wrong.. Tell me what's wrong." Bridger said to himself and felt that same ripple under his hand. It was brief but he knew every inch of his own ship to know that something was not right. Bridger's PAL unit went off.

"Captain? There is something wrong. All my computer networks are running on PL formats." Lucas Wolenczak voice came through the small speaker.

"PL? Speak so I could understand.. " Bridger could sense Lucas rolling his eyes at the comment.

"Pre Lucas. I mean, I think I need a dial tone to connect and well modems haven't been used for years and…"Lucas started to go on about networks.

"Come down to the bridge. Show me what you mean." Frustrated, Captain Bridger wiped his mouth with his palm of his hand.

"Sir the WSKRS are picking up some movement. It is stealth but the readings are old that the WSKRS picked it up. We spot it but did not alert the vessel or brought attention to it. I believe they know where are there but.. this is strange Captain." Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz

"What do you mean strange?" Bridger walked to Ortiz station and saw the graph on his screen. Something was there in the water with them.

"The vessel is just waiting there. I can't get a reading... " Ortiz typed more at his station. What the hell was wrong with his WSKRS.

"Sir, communications are working but it can't connect to something that is not there." Lieutenant Tim O'Neill reported and tapped on his comm unit in his ear. He shook his head and threw his headpiece down. "The comms are saying that the frequency can not be found."

"Maybe there is something wrong with the comms?"

"That's just it. Nothing is wrong. I did a few scans and everything is working correctly. It is like it just doesn't exists! " O'Neill was now frustrated.

"What about the Army? NASA? There should be the underground trading… " At each comment O'Neill kept shaking his head no. " A damn pizza take out?" Bridger took a deep breathe in and could feel his head growing some new gray hairs on it.

"Nothing. Something is wrong." O'Neill answered.

"Oh there is nothing wrong with us at all. We are back here on Earth and here back in the same coordinates but the year is different. "Lucas spoke up as he entered the bridge.

"Wait a second. You mean we went through time again? What year is it?" Bridger said.

"Year is 2008." Lucas rested his arm on the Captain's chair. Bridger looked at Lucas and Lucas quickly stood up away from the chair.

"2008? I thought we sealed the time line and returned back to our time." Ortiz swung his chair around and face the center of the bridge where Lucas was speaking.

"Time is not as stable as we thought." Bridger shook his head.

"Sir, that submarine under us is hailing us." O'Neil placed his comm unit back on his ear when his station started to flash a light of the incoming transmission."

"On screen… wait.. " Bridger ordered but stopped. He lifted his hands and knew that the submarine could not have the technology for on screen communication. "On speakers."

"Sir… they are compatible with on screen technology." O'Neil reported.

"Put them on."

"Hello Captain Bridger. Letting the boy genius drive the sub in reverse I see?" Bridger saw a man in a RAF coat, grinning and raising one eyebrow. His voice was American but was it really 2008? His appearance was more 1940's era.

"Hey!" Lucas yelled

"Excuse me, do I know you?" Bridger waved at Lucas to be silent. He stood at the center of the bridge and tried to place the man in front of him on screen.

"Nope." The man said and grinned again. He crossed his arms and tried to look around the crewmembers around the bridge. "Not a bad looking crew. Should of joined the Navy but the sea water really dries up my skin."

"Who are you?"

"Captain Jack Harkness… Torchwood."




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