Commander Ford stared at the computer screen in the conference room, really not thinking of anything as he stared at the screen. How could depending on computers and technology actually be their own downfall? A result of their own destruction. And who survived? Two teenage kids. Kids!

Two kids like Lucas who absorbed everything techno and gadget as a way of life. The survival to the best fighter was all it came down to. He remembered when he was younger, one of his dreams was to walk the steps of the Washington monument and close his eyes at the steps, feeling the history of the place and a place where dreams come true. And now, two kids were fighting giant robots, destroying everything. And now, as he was informed by the bridge, they were in the year 2008.

'Wake up, Jonathan; it's all a bad dream', he whispered to himself and turned when he saw the hatch door start to open.

Captain Bridger stepped inside the room and stood by the door to let the team in. Ford stood at attention while the visitors looked around. The man in an old RAF coat walked up to Ford and smiled.

"Hello there, nice uniform; fitting. Captain Jack Harkness." Jack extended his hand to shake Ford's.

"Commander Jonathan Ford." Ford shook his hand and returned his stance. He was taken aback from the Captain's introduction.

"Is he always like that?" Captain Bridger closed the hatch and asked Ianto, who was adjusting his tie.

"Never ends. Jack, we have work to do," Ianto answered and walked to the computer screen on the wall. He tapped on his comm unit and saw Tosh appear on the screen. He saw Owen, was working on another computer, in Tosh's station.

"Right. Well, Commander Ford, this is Commando Ianto…"Jack joked

"Sir," Ianto warned once more.

"Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper. And on screen is the beautiful Toshiko Sato and her sidekick Owen Harper," Jack finished the introductions, smiling because Owen hated being called just Owen.

"Oy, that's Doctor Owen Harper," Owen leaned over to see the screen. Tosh rolled her eyes and moved her camera to get only herself on screen.

"Sir, what's going on?" Commander Ford stood by his Captain and asked.

Bridger briefly gave his XO an explanation of their current situation. Ford gave Bridger a look of disbelief, but Bridger ensured his commander that everything was true.

"Could have been worse, actually, could've ended up with dinosaurs. Good source of protein because all the plants were toxic. Ever try cooking a raptor? They are…"

"Alright. You have us here. What is going on?" Bridger did not like losing this much control. He didn't understand how Captain Harkness just went on and made jokes. Bridger always had control of everything. This was his boat!

"The energy we read off the seaQuest back at our base should have given us two different levels of energy," Jack walked towards the monitor. "Show them Tosh." Tosh nodded and the monitor split in two, keeping her feed on her while the other feed was showing the read-outs of what they saw. The screen showed something that look like a graph. Two blue lines were almost following the same path while a red line was going all over the place.

"This blue one was an old energy read from Darwin when we found him. And the read-out next to his is the seaQuest energy. It is identical because each timeline has their own energy around it. Earth level is high due to all the life forms in the air and water. But this line shows that it is also a different dimension. You are back on Earth, all right but a different Earth. Mine."

"This is not even the Earth we knew in 2008?" Ford asked as he had to sit down. Gwen took a seat as well, being the morale support of the team.

"Nope. Darwin did give us information on names. We researched them and we need to see if anything matches to confirm that this is not your Earth," Ianto added. "Tosh…." Tosh nodded onscreen and pulled out the file she had on Darwin. The list appeared onscreen.

"Darwin told us about Kuril Trench and about a space ship. Well, his terminology was ET. But that was recovered in 1996. Good memories of that time actually. But, Darwin also gave us names. Captain Bridger, Nathan Bridger- born 1963. Graduated from Yale. Married to Jasmine Cortes. Work as an accountant advisor. Pretty sure that's not the path you chose since it's Captain Bridger." Jack smiled and moved on to the other names.

"Not sure if this is true; you can confirm this for me - Nelson and Kristin Westphalen, lives in Britain and is a bank teller. The kid back there, Lucas Wolenczak, is in foster care after his parents robbed a national bank in New York."

"None of that is true." Bridger shook his head. Their lives went completely different.

"We ran each organization name Darwin gave us through the system and nothing came up. No plans for an organization called the UEO. No information of a decade of a third world war, as Darwin said," Tosh added.

"This is the reason why so there is so much secrecy. I can't trust anyone trying to contact outside these waters. Crossing timelines and dimensions can cause massive panic. We have enough alien invasion here to add time travel into all this. So the faster we get done here, the faster everyone can go home," Jack said.

"You need to do something here?" Captain Bridger asked. "You said something about another energy read-out?"

"Nothing gets pass by your captain, does it?" Jack winked at Ford. "Tosh, other read-out on screen." Tosh changed back to an actual photo of the seaQuest, taken when they appeared. "There. Changing filter view shows another read-out. The traveling did some damage to the hull right here." Jack pointed to the section of the hull near the launch bay doors. "It is something not from your time and not from ours. The energy is new. But it entered the seaQuest. This other read-out shows the mass entered through the damaged part of the hull. And your outer skin is impressive. Repairs itself?" Jack asked.

"Yes. It is a living hull that surrounded the whole boat." Bridger kept looking at the screen. He crossed his arms and looked back at the team. "Do you think the hull ate it?"

"No. This shows why." Jack saw the monitor change and showed a new energy surrounding the seaQuest. "It's inside. I do not know what life form it is or what compound it is. Could take on human form. Could be gas. Could be in the water. What we do know is that it cannot leave. It needs the oxygen here. And it's surrounded by water, so it has no choice to stay here. This is where we come in. We have equipment to hunt for it. Call us an exterminator for the alien kind. Who are you going to call?" Jack tried to joke, but Bridger wasn't amused.

"What gives, Tosh? I was checking and…" Owen yelled out when Tosh moved him away from a monitor.

"Move… he didn't…" Tosh moved the monitor back to her seat and started to type on another keyboard.

"I didn't do anything!" Owen yelled, but Tosh shook her head.

"No, he did!" Tosh pointed to the screen and looked at her previous monitor, talking to the team.

"Tosh? What happened?" Ianto looked at the screen and tapped on his comm.

"Someone hacked into this feed. They listened to this whole conversation." Tosh adjusted her glasses

"Who could do that? Do you think it's the alien?" Gwen asked.

"No. Let me show you…." Tosh keyed in a few commands, and an image appeared on the screen. Lucas looked shocked as his laptop screen split in three, and he was suddenly face to face with Captain Bridger and everyone else in the room. He also got a look at Tosh, who didn't look happy. No one was happy. Lucas smiled from being surprised.

"Damn it Lucas," Bridger mumbled and shook his head. "End this connection and wait in your quarters."

"Captain, I was just worried that…"

"That was an order, Lucas."

"Yes, sir." Lucas cut his signal off.

"The boy wonder is good." Jack grinned. "Unless you are losing your touch, Tosh?"

"He is good. Maybe he could help us." Tosh knew that the kid was not going to give up easily. Maybe she could have him on her side, and they could work together on this.

"What do you need from us?" Bridger couldn't believe this. On top of everything; the world could be ending, but he still had to deal with a rebellious teenager.

"Just let us do our job. Gwen and Ianto need to get our gear from the Falcon. Once we have everything, we will go around the boat and find that pest for you all," Jack said.

"Commander, inform Brody to help with the investigation. And escort them back to their sub. Make sure no one else knows what's going on except for Brody. Have them set up in the moon pool and send Kristin down to Lucas' quarters. I will inform her there."

"Yes, sir." Ford nodded and finally convinced himself he was stuck in a dream. All this could not be happening. None of this.

"Gwen, Ianto, go with the commander. Sir, if I could have a word?" Jack asked. Gwen and Ianto followed the commander out, and Jack shut the door. "Tosh, a word alone with the Captain?" Tosh onscreen nodded and shut the connection down, making the screen go black.

"Captain to captain talk. I know how this all looks." Jack placed his hands in his coat.

"A bit insane on your part, but I figure you know more about this than we do. We only had one contact with an alien form, and that was handled blindly. We had no idea how to handle it. Scared most of all. We didn't know anything about them," Bridger admitted. Aliens…time travel. What's next? An immortal highlander?

"It's human nature to be scared of the things we do not understand. We have the toughest job there is. Making decisions that sometimes are the hardest decisions we can make. All for what is best for our team."

"I feel there's more to this conversation," Bridger said.

"I can't guarantee to get you all home. The rift is unpredictable. And it took Darwin a couple of weeks before the right dimension opened."

"He was never gone for that long. Lucas checks on him every hour when he's out."

"I see the kid is attached to him. Darwin kept talking about Lucas. Probably was only gone a few minutes in your time line, but here, it was weeks. That's time travel. Gone for days, back in seconds. I knew this doctor that…." Jack grinned at the memory

"You are talking about a Plan B. I have considered a different outcome for this if we couldn't get back to our time. If we cannot go back to our own time, we would have to stay here," Bridger kept the conversation on topic.

"But not here. You see, all this would have to be hidden, and trying to hide anything from the Americans is tough work. We can hide the shuttles at our base and wait for the rift to open. But the seaQuest is too large for us…and too large not to be detected. We could protect you as much as we can, but if anyone were to discover the seaQuest…."

"Capture and question," Bridger said. We would be lab rats. Everything they would do to them in the name of science.

"And if the technology gets in the wrong hands, we could really be seeing World War III. There is only one thing we can really do."

"Destroy the seaQuest." Bridger looked around the room. His boat. His dream. To destroy it… again. "Captain Harkness, I appreciate everything you are saying regarding our future, but one problem at a time. Find your alien. Then we can have this talk again." Bridger ran his hand through his hair. "Right now, I have genius teenager to deal with."

"Mind if I join you? It will take a few to set up, and it might go faster if we had a genius helping us set up." Bridger just waved to Jack to follow him out the room.




Lucas paced around his room and was tempted to lift up the laptop screen again. He couldn't believe this. Time travel and dimension travel all in one. The greatest science experiment ever, and there was nothing he could do about it. And his other self?! Meeting the Lucas of this world would be a trip! He would so question everything and wonder if he was also a genius like himself. He laughed as he remembered his parents. Bank robbers! He turned again and saw his wall computer blink. "YES!" Lucas cheered as his other computer was finished with the download.

"Fix my laptop yet, Luc?" Tony leaned in, followed by Dagwood, who was eating a sub sandwich.

"Lucas can fix anything." Dagwood spoke slowly and smiled at his blonde friend.

"Stop calling me Luc, and maybe I would listen to you sometimes." Lucas typed on his other computer and cheered. "She thinks she's so smart!"

"Who?" Tony saw the screen and saw an Asian girl in glasses moving the hair out of her face. "You fixed the computer to have some sex chat with her. And you didn't invite me?!"

"She's very pretty," Dagwood commented.

"Yea. She is. I… no. I mean. She is the one with the team that came onboard. They shut us out of everything, but when she latched on to my signal, I piggied her back and stole her information. Everything she has researched I have now. 3... 2... 1. Deleted my signal. Oh, I am good!"

"Lucas has a pig?"

"No, Dagwood. I think he didn't mean that. Right, Luc?" Lucas was too busy to reply to Tony. He opened the files and started to skim through them.

"Torchwood is massive," Lucas eyes widened. Top secret British stuff!

"Torchwood?" Dagwood and Tony asked.

"The team that came onboard. Look. They go back decades!" Lucas pointed to his monitor and showed Tony. "This is so awesome. I will know everything they are planning for us." Lucas tried to read everything he could, but a knock on his door stopped him. He turned to see Captain Bridger and Captain Harkness enter the cabin.

"Woa. You are a big fellow! Captain Jack Harkness. And your name?" Jack grinned at Dagwood, who looked at his hand suspiciously. He wiped his hand on his uniform and shook the captain's hand tightly.


"Quite a grip!"

"Sorry." Dagwood looked down and away from the captain. He didn't want to hurt him.

"Maybe we should arm wrestle later. And who are you?" Jack extended his hand again.

"Tony Piccolo. Stowaway," Tony joked. Jack grinned at the shorter man who reminded him of Owen. Same tough as nails, sarcastic attitude.

"Tony, Dagwood, I need to talk to Lucas alone." Bridger motioned the two towards the hatch door.

"We were learning about Torchwood," Dagwood said, making Lucas cringe a bit. Leave it for Dagwood to just be Dagwood. Tony saw the face that Bridger had, a face that would make anyone give in if they were integrated with that face.

"Hey, Dag, let's go get some food." Tony motioned for Dagwood to follow him

"But I have food here and…" Tony took the sandwich and tossed it in the bin.

"We need to get more food for Dagwood." Tony grabbed Dagwood by his hand and led him out of the room.

"Interesting crew you keep around, Captain Bridger." Jack laughed at the antics going on in the room. There was another knock at the door, and Kristin came into the room.

" Lieutenant Brody said to come by," Kristin said as she came through the door.

"Must thank Lieutenant Brody." Jack extended his hand to help her down the steps. Kristin blushed while Bridger just rolled his eyes once more. Ianto was right, he never stops.

"Lucas, we need to talk," Bridger began.




Tim O'Neil was zipping up his uniform from a quick stop at the restroom. He entered his code and water ran through the faucet. Placing his glasses down on the sink he splashed some water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror. He was so tired. He stretched his neck and looked up at the ceiling vent. He thought he heard a noise. He looked at the vent again and saw something come down. Before he could reach for his PAL, it surrounded him in a cloud of fog. Tim couldn't move or talk. His mouth opened involuntarily as the fog entered his body. Tim screamed in his head to move. To run. To scream as the fog entered him, but soon Tim didn't think anything anymore.




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