Marie rushes into Raymond's house and slams the front door closed. "Your father is driving me crazy!" she cries as she flops on the sofa.

"Oh my God, what now, ma? Dad's always driven the entire family crazy and he especially loves driving you crazy. This is nothing new. The day you stop complaining about dad then I'll be surprised." Ray says hostilely.

"You don't care about my feelings, Raymond. You resent me greatly. I can't talk to you. You're just like your father that way." Marie says huffily.

"I do care ma, really, but I've heard it all before. Dad has been doing the same things for years. He's not going to change. I guess it's just you hoping he'll change because you love him so much." Ray says logically.

"Is it really too much to ask that he change a little? He's been driving the entire family crazy forever. He never gives anything back to the people who care about him and he never has. There's only so much I can give him without getting anything back from him. He seems to think the way he lives is just fine. I can't stand it anymore. Maybe I should just divorce him. It would serve him right." Marie says angrily. Frank frustrates her to no end. She can't understand how he can treat someone he says he loves this way.

"But, ma, what you're forgetting is that you and dad are soul mates. You're meant to be together. When things are going well in your relationship, it's almost disgusting how sweet you are to each other. When we were in Italy, I was shocked at how nice he was being to you. It's behaviour I don't see very often, but I like to see it. The things he was saying are exactly what he should be saying, but maybe there's a reason he doesn't. Now, granted, he's not always like that, but at least you know that that ability is there in him. Sometimes I wonder if Debra has that ability in her. Don't lose sight of that; it's so important in a relationship. He loves you. I know he doesn't tell you that very often, but I can tell that he does. He can't sleep when you're not in the house. The night you left and stayed over here how quickly was he over here asking you to come home? He talks about you all the time. Even if it's all in jest, at least he talks about you. He still teases you, even Debra and I stopped teasing each other years ago. I'll bet he even has a sweet nickname for you when you're alone together." Ray says trying to help his mom.

Marie frowns for a moment. "Well, yes, he does have a nickname for me, but don't a lot of those things sound like we're just too comfortable together? Maybe we're together too often. I loved our time in Italy together, I really did, but Frank's behaviour shocked me. I didn't think he could still be that way with me. I thought he was bored with me honestly. He says that he is all the time."

"Maybe you and dad just spend more time together now because dad's retired and he has more time to spend at home with you to do the things he wants to do. I think you underestimate him, ma. I know he's frustrating, trust me, but he's perfectly capable of being just who you want him to be, if you give him the chance and stop nagging him." Ray explains gently. His mother doesn't take well to criticism. "You and dad seem to have a really solid relationship and besides, most Italian marriages are based on the bickering the two of you have going on already. That takes years of development."