Tamaki's smiled his charming smile, leaning against the back of his hand as he entertained the pretty young lady he was currently hosting. She giggled as he said something witty, violent eyes sparkling with mischief. Kyouya cast him an envious look before turning his attention back to his little black notebook. Even after he'd turned his head away, however, that smile continued to haunt him.
How could his smile be so fucking real? How, after all he'd endured, all he'd been through, could he still smile like that? His eyes were so open and honest, hiding nothing. Kyouya's eyes were deep dark windows to a lost and tortured soul. Every blow of his father's fist against his body, every harsh word, those were locked away deep inside his heart.
He longed for Tamaki's resilience. For his honest eyes and loving heart. For a heart that wasn't tender, bruising at every blow struck against it. For a heart that wasn't bruised, twisted or scarred. For a soul that knew how to forgive. None of this showed on his face, however. He simply sighed and pushed
his glasses further up his nose.
He decided that it didn't matter either way.