The TARDIS whirred to a stop and the Doctor patted the console lovingly, a slight look of concern on his face.

"What's wrong old girl?" He asked the machine.

Rory and Amy, long past questioning his relationship with his ship, also seemed worried about the Doctor's confusion.

"Why, what happened?" Amy asked, looking up and down the console for some sign of damage-not that she'd be able to tell.

"I'm not..." he fumbled with some controls and dashed around the console, "entirely...sure." He slammed down a lever and the TARDIS attempted one pathetic, queasy whir, before fading out to silence.

"Doctor, um, what do we do?" Rory asked. He wasn't overly worried-the TARDIS wasn't always the most reliable form of travel, and they were all used to occasional malfunctions.

The Doctor span round to face them and, straightening his bow tie, chimed, "Let's explore!" Before dashing to the door and jumping into the bright sunlight outside.

Amy and Rory followed him precariously through the door. They all shielded their eyes with their hands as they observed the beige-coloured brick walls and dry, dusty floors.

They were on some sort of street full off, presumably, humans, all of whom were clad in very simple robes made of white cloth and leather sandals. The street was lined with stalls, selling basic goods of all kinds. The collective mutters of the crowds mixed with the occasional cluck of a chicken or scream of a child, and a strange mixture of scents filled the air-fruit, sweat and dust.

They tried their best to stay in the shade as they navigated their way through the swarms of people.

"So um...where are we?" Rory asked.

"Nazareth!" The Doctor exclaimed.

"Nazareth?" Amy chirped, intruiged. "When?"

"Hmm...judging by the rough coordinates the TARDIS gave us, I think..." He span on his heel and threw his arms out. "20AD!...roughly."

Rory and Amy looked a each other pointedly.

"So...we're in Nazareth...twenty to thirty years after...Jesus...was supposedly born?" Rory asked, incredulous.

"Ah. Yes. Well." He scratched his chin. "There was never any scientific proof that he had any of those specials powers of healing or anything-he was probably just some normal human bloke, who's story was exaggerated to sound like he could walk on water..." He waffled, striding along nonchalantly.

He picked up an apple from a stall and threw it to Amy, who caught it and grinned, remembering her first encounter with the Doctor. She resisted the urge to take a bite into it-it looked rather tasty, and the hot weather was already making her crave some sort of liquid-and placed it carefully back into the basket from whence it came, smiling apologetically to the woman on the stall. The woman, who had tanned shin and long brown hair under layers of purple cloth, did not smile in return. In fact, she looked at her with a look of disgust, her lip curling as she glared at her.

Amy walked faster, puzzled by the woman's response to her. She walked closer to Rory and grabbed his hand.

"Doctor...why are they looking at me like that?" She enquired quietly, noticing a few people staring at her accusingly.

Rory pulled her closer to his side, protective.

"Umm...keep walking..." The Doctor said cautiously.

"You shouldn't be here. How can you show your face around anyone?" Shouted a brawny many from across the road.

"And why the hell are you two with her?" Shouted a woman on another stall, aiming her accusations at Rory and the Doctor.

"Get out of here, people like you should live with the lepers!" A tall man shouted from behind them. Amy felt a chill of panic run down her spine-what had they done?

Increasing in speed rapidly, they continued walking, looking for an escape from the crowded street. People seemed to be giving them a wide birth as more and more of them fixed their gaze onto Amy. Rory became increasingly agitated as people continued to shout insults at his wife. When a stocky older man stepped towards her, and tried to grab her by the shoulder, he pulled her back and squared up to him, standing in front of Amy protectively.

"Leave her alone." He said firmly.

"Take your whore away from here." The man retaliated, much to Rory's surprise and confusion.

"She's-she's my wife." He said.

"Ha! Then you are a fool!" The man chortled, and walked away, rolling his eyes. Rory turned to look at Amy questioningly, but she shrugged her shoulders, obviously just as oblivious as him.

They spotted the Doctor walking towards a young man of about twenty, who had curly black hair and a worried look etched upon his youthful face.

"What the hell are you doing? Do you think it's really going to help your case, going round town with people like her?" He whispered, panicked.

"I don't understand-" The Doctor began, but the boy interrupted.

"Shush, quick, get in here!" He said, pulling a curtain aside and motioning to them to go through. They needed a place to go-clearly Amy wasn't getting good attention around here, so they accepted the offer of shelter without question.

Inside it was very basic-there were cool mud walls, a wooden table surrounded by a few crooked stools. There was a small window through which light filtered through, but the room was mostly in shadows. And older woman, probably in her late fifties or early sixties, slept on a chair in the corner, snoring gently.

"Listen-please-remember, I just want us to live!" He shouted at the Doctor, annoyed.

"Ah, well you've come to the right man, I'm the Doctor!" He replied, holding out a hand with a grin.

"Don't play games! They think they've found the new messiah...they'll hurt you if they think you're wrong!" He took the Doctor by the shoulder and led him to the other side of the room to whisper through bared teeth. "Believe me, my admiration for you hasn't died! But, every word you say gets..." He deliberated, "...twisted round some other way."

"I'm not quite sure I understand...what?" The Doctor asked, craning his neck to look back at Amy and Rory-who stood patiently by the door-and shrugging his shoulders at them.

"What are you on about? You know how difficult it has been to get anybody to believe you as it is, and hanging around with her," he nodded towards Amy, "is, well, a bad move." He said, frustrated.

"Amy? Amy, is it a bad move to hang around with you? Ooh, I sound cool! Hanging around. Like one of those cool kids!" The Doctor chuckled, amusing himself.

Amy rolled her eyes at him. "Yep, a very, very bad move." She laughed, walking over to the Doctor to mutter to him, "What did I do?"

"That," he said, "Is a very good question!"

"Oh, stop being stupid. This isn't funny you know. She should be avoided more than the lepers, people like you are scum." He spat on the floor.

"Sorry, umm, let's start from the beginning..." The Doctor said, wary, "I'm the Doctor, and this is Amy and Rory...who are you?"

"You know full well that my name's Judas, stop playing games!" He snarled. "And you are certainly not who you are claiming to be. Think this is funny?" He glared at Amy and Rory who were staring, open mouthed, at Judas.

"Oh, no-I just-" Rory stuttered.

"Peter, I would've expected better of you." He sighed.

"Peter-but-I'm Rory..." He said, confused.

"Not you too. And you, are you going to continue to play these rather dangerous games?" He said, stepping towards Amy, "You know what people think of you, you need to be careful Mary." He barked.

Amy turned to look at the Doctor accusingly, "Why," she huffed, "have I been mistaken for the most famous prostitute in history, Doctor?"

"Stop using this stupid pseudonym." He glowered at the Doctor. "What's going on, Jesus?"