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Okay, just to let to you know I have never read the bible, so my version of the story of Jesus is roughly based upon Jesus Christ Superstar. Also, if you are a fan of musicals, you may notice a few references to JCSS.

The Doctor sucked in a breath and whispered "Oh."

"Typical." Rory rolled his eyes. "It would be him, wouldn't it?"

"Doctor, why does he think you're Jesus?" Amy laughed.

"I don't know Amy. Judas, why do you think I'm Jesus?" He walked towards him slowly.

"You really don't know what's going on do you? What happened?" He asked, incredulous.

"Oh, we just arrived here. Not on purpose, if I might add. My spaceship-" He thought to himself then changed his mind and said. "-donkey, stopped working."

"Your donkey stopped working?" Judas smirked.

"Ah, well, um...got tired." he grimaced at his companions and whispered to them. "These words again-they haven't got a word for spaceship yet."

"So...how do you explain the past weeks we've spent together?" Judas challenged.

"Past few weeks. Hmm. Well. I-Oh Rory, look at this fabulous table!" He swanned over to the very bland, unimpressive table. "My Father would be pleased! Wait that's right isn't it? Carpenter, that's wood and stuff yes? Because it sounds more like carpets. Did my Father do tables and chairs or was it carpets? More importantly, have carpets been invented yet?"

Judas laughed at him. "You will never cease to amaze me, Jesus."

"So, Judas." Amy walked towards him, and he winced a little as she patted him on the shoulder. "What have you and Jesus been up to recently?"

"Preaching the word of our Lord obviously. The people must learn the truth, mustn't they, Peter?...Peter!"

"Oh, oh yeah, God and stuff. Yep." He quickly put down the ornament he had been inspecting, embarrassed.

"Amateur." He mumbled.

The cloth covering the entrance was swiftly pulled aside, and three boys came in, laughing and chatting.

"Hey Judas!" One of them laughed. "What's the buzz?" He flicked his brown hair from his eyes, and revealed his chocolate eyes, winking ostentatiously at Amy, much to Rory's annoyance. The Doctor noticed this and edged forwards awkwardly.

"I um, maybe, wouldn't do that, um ...Thomas?..." He said, hoping to have randomly selected the correct name.

"It's okay Jesus, we all know." He laughed.

"Good!" He smiled, pleased. "Wait, you all know what?"

"About you and Mary. We're not stupid Jesus."

"One, my name's actually the Doctor and she's Amelia Pond, and...what about us?" He enquired politely.

"Oh please, Jesus." Another of the boys stepped forward. He had spiky brown hair, sharp features, and shockingly green eyes. "Thom's right, we can all tell what's going on."

"I honestly don't understand what you mean."

"Oh come on, even Matthew can tell," Thomas elbowed him playfully "and he's thick! We saw you together the other night."

Rory's face, which had been scrutinising Thomas cautiously, suddenly turned to one of confusion and suspicion. "Wait, what?"

"Oh, don't act like you don't know Peter, you were there. We told you you shouldn't have fallen for her. Once a whore, always a whore." He smirked.

"Hey that's my-" He began, but suddenly changed his target and faced to Amy, remembering what they were talking about. "Amy, what is he talking about?" He felt his face becoming warm and his brain started to hurt. I thought she'd chosen me.

"Rory, I don't know. We only just got here remember?" She replied, annoyed at his lack of trust.

"I-I suppose but-I-" How could she not expect him to worry? This is the man she ran away with on the night before their wedding! "I'm getting some fresh air." He said, and walked out.

Outside, the street was, surprisingly, even busier than before. He pushed, ignoring complaints from disgruntled people he elbowed on his way, through the crowds. He didn't care where he went, or even if he got lost.

His heart had been twisted in knots, like a tangled string, and a lump formed in his throat, threatening to let a stream of tears pour from his eyes. His brain felt like it was pushing against the inside of his skull, like it would crack any moment. How could she do this to him?

He managed to get way from the swarms of people, to a quieter area surrounded by a few mud huts, and the occasional escaped chicken pecking pointlessly at the dusty ground. Slumping down onto a patch of dry grass, he drew his arms protectively around his shaking legs and took a shaky breath.

How could he compete with him? He was brilliant. He was perfect. He'd saved so many people, he was intelligent, he was funny, kind, attractive-pretty much everything a girl could want.

And Rory was...Rory.

An average, normal...human. A nurse from an obscure little village nobody had ever heard of.

He rooted around in his pocket and his hands grasped a small velvet box. He pulled out the little red box and rubbed his thumb across it lovingly, before opening it and admiring the glimmering ring inside-he still didn't trust Amy not to lose it, she wasn't exactly the most sensible person he'd ever met- and smiled fondly at the memories of the times when it was just them, in that little obscure village.

"The Doctor must die."

Rory turned his head towards the metallic voice he heard from behind him.

"You mean...Jesus?" a weedy, high pitched voice asked.

"Yes. This Jesus must die. He is dangerous." Said the metallic, robotic, voice.

The voices were all coming from a small building with a small gap in the wall for a window. A blue light glowed gently inside. Rory, didn't dare get any closer, but strained his ears to hear better.

Another voice now joined in. He sounded out of breath, and worried about delivering his news.

"He's done some...tricks with lepers. The whole town's on its feet!" He panted.

"What will we do? What can you see, sir?" Said the other human voice.

"I see blood. And destruction. Because of one man. Death, pain, and destruction, because of one man. He will destroy us. This Jesus must die."

An assault of shouting ensued from more men who had, evidently, been sat listening to the discussion. "He must die! For the sake of the nation, this Jesus must die!" They yelled.

"My lord, what are you to do?"

As they fell into a silence, the first voice spoke. There was no emotion in the voice, just cold, empty roboticness.

"He will be deleted."