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"S-sorry, I-I didn't mean-"Lief began to say before he was cut off by jasmine,

"Thanks, I guess" jasmine said blushing almost as much as Lief.

"Err, can you pass the chocolate" Lief asked.

"'Sure", Jasmine replied passing the packet of chocolate to Lief.

They were still blushing slightly as they worked side by side covering the bench in flour as they worked. Jasmine rolled the cookie dough into ball shapes then plopped them down onto the oven tray which Lief had sprayed with a bit of cooking oil. Once all the uncooked cookies were on the tray Lief placed them in the oven and closed the oven door.

"I think we should clean our bench" Lief said looking at their disastrous bench which was covered in flour milk water dough chocolate and loads more.

"I agree" Jasmine replied with a small smile, wondering how they got their bench to be so dirty in such a small amount of time.

They put the ingredients back into the cupboards and wiped the benches. Soon the bench was clean and a minute later the choc chip cookies were ready to be taken out of the oven. Lief got the cookies out of the oven, they looked golden brown and smelt delicious. Lief put them down on the bench and tipped the tray over, then they realized the bottom of the cookies where all burnt.

"I guess we probably should have checked on the cookies" Lief pointed out.

"Yeah we should have." Jasmine said in reply.

"I guess we can just hide the bottom of the cookies and then run out of the classroom before the teacher sees them properly" Lief suggested.

"Yeah I guess that could work, but maybe you should taste one just to see how they taste."

Why do I have to taste one, what about you, don't you want to taste one?" Lief asked Jasmine waving a cookie around Jasmines face.

"I don't want to try one first because I could get food poisoning" Jasmine replied as she snatched the cookie from Lief's hand and put it back on the plate.

"What about me?" Lief asked

"What about you?" Jasmine replied

"Couldn't I get food poisoning?" Lief asked.

"You won't know until you try one" Jasmine answered, laughing at the shocked look on Lief's face. Taking advantage of his open mouth Jasmine quickly shoved a cookie in Lief's mouth.