Okay I think I've been reading one too many lily/teddy fics recently cos I am not a fan of the couple; but this came to me in an epiphany, so yeah, I decided to try it out and see how it goes.

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns everything that is recognisable.

She misses the feel of his soft kisses on her bare skin

She misses the feel of his hands around her tiny waist

She misses the feel of her fingers tangled in his ever-changing hair

She misses the feel of his fingertips running down her spine

She misses the feel of their bodies pressed together, tangled underneath the twisted sheets

Mostly though, she misses him and the way he loves her like no one else does, like it's going out of style

So she pretends

(and she's always been good at pretending)

That she doesn't miss him allthatbad or ohsomuch like everyone else swears she does

When really;

She cries herself to sleep wearing one of his old shirts, soaking in his scent and thinking maybepossiblyif he isn't gone

(But she know a little too well that he is)

So she pretends it isn't painful to see him happily married to her fucking cousin

She pretends she isn't hurt when she sees their kid with her cousin's beautiful blondblondblond (not red) hair and those warm brown eyes she's tried not to think about these days

She pretends she isn't broken when he tells her that she is too young (at twenty one) because he has kids and acts like she was nothing but a pretty little afterthought

And really, it's too damned awful when he shows up on her doorstep, his eyes green like hers and hair as red as hers, begging her for a second chance

She tells him no.

Because he is ruining the forever he promised her cousin, and she still loves him like he puts stars in the sky so it hurts, alright?

But she is named after Lily Evans-Potter, the fucking patron saint of sacrifice so she tries to act like she isn't going to suffer from sleeplessness the next few nights and tells herself that (damn it all) she is going to do the right thing

But he doesn't let her and starts kissing her like it's going out of style until she slaps him and tells him to start acting his age and stop making things difficult for her

He leaves and promises not to come back

So she's broken but hey here comes blondeandgrey, determined to make her feel all better again

It takes him five years to convince her, but she learns to forget about the boy with changing hair colours and marriages to veela cousins

So hey, she's twenty seven and allgrownup in a white poofy lace dress, walking down the aisle to a future with rosebushes and white picket fences and little kids named Scamander

(not Lupin)

So it stings a little, but she loves the boy whose name is now hers and takes care of the little Scamanders running around their house

So maybe it's the closest she'll ever get to the fairy tale wedding she's always wanted, but she's happy and she doesn't even think about boys that are eleven years older who used to monopolise her heart.

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