Authors note: Hello Everyone! I am a novice writer and when you're reading my story I hope you can forgive my grammar mistakes and punctuations. I had come up with this story in my head because I absolutely LOVE Sir Auron and I hated how the end turned out. So this story is going to be a mix between me actually doing stuff from the game and adding a little of my own mix into it. This chapter is basically an intro on my character Yue and how she is being pulled into the situation that will unfold in the future.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the Final Fantasy X characters nor do I own the places and stuff I put in this story that is from the game. It all belongs to Square Enix the only characters I CAN claim however are my OCs Yue, Kenta, Jin and Lady Celia. Enjoy the story and please be gentle on comments like I said I'm only a beginner writer. Thank you.

Spira...a place where Sin strikes fear in the hearts of the living. My name is Yue...would you listen to my story? A story of how I was just a lost soul wondering around after seeing so many terrible things...a soul that found enlightenment in a group that I just suddenly dropped in on...literally.

I had retired to Kilika Port way before Lord Braska went on his pilgrimage, way before Lord Braska bought us the calm. Now, 10 years after, I am still on Kilika Port with a place of my own...a retired guardian. I had planned my stay here until I breathed my very last breathe.

But what I didn't know...was that someone was going to bring me out of my retirement.

*knock knock knock*

'I wonder who that is...I don't have many people on Kilika who would bother to visit me.' I thought to myself as I got up from my table to see who it was.

At the entrance to my house a young lady who could've been at least in her late teens was standing outside with two men behind her.

The girl had shoulder length curly blond hair half at the top pulled in a bun with eyes as blue as the sky and ocean of Spira combined...with a small tinge of pink in them. She wore the shortest Kimono I've ever seen stopping at least above her knees. Satin white with Sakura blossoms dancing across from her right side of the shoulder to the left side of her waist. Topping it off with a pink and white braided sash to keep it closed.

I took note of the staff she held behind her back, an elegant pure black staff and at the very end held a golden crescent moon and hanging from the top was a small sapphire.

'A summoner...visiting me?' I thought to myself and looked behind her. The two men that stood behind weren't muscular...but they weren't skinny as a toothpick either.

"I'm terribly sorry to barge in on you like this Lady Yue, but I have some important matters to discuss with you." She gives me a smile showing her pearly white teeth. "May we come in?"

I examined her more closely and when I dubbed her safe I bowed to her and let the two men in.

"I'm sorry for my rudeness early but I don't get many visitors." I took a seat at my table and held my hand out for her to sit opposite of me. "Shall we get down to business? What is it that you would want from a villager such as myself?"

She gracefully took a seat and thought for awhile.

"My name is Celia and these two by my side are Kenta and Jin." She points at Kenta...a boy at least in his late 20's with white buttoned shirt showing his well defined chest and a black coat over it, black boots, black pants and had a long sword strapped to his back...a close range fighter. Kenta...judging from his looks he was built for speed and agility, his weapon of choice only useful to fiends with just as equal speed and agility. Jin wore just black pants, black shoes, a white t-shirt and a black jacket over it. He never had a weapon of choice like his partner Kenta so my guess is that he was either good at black or white magic. The one thing that stood out on both of them was that they were wearing some sort of collar but I never questioned accessories.

"As you may tell I am just starting my pilgrimage, I had come from Besaid and gotten my first Aeon and now I'm headed to the temple here in Kilika to obtain my second. It had taken us forever to find you Lady Yue and I want to ask you if you can be my guardian and help me on this journey to Zanarkand...this journey to defeat Sin."

"If you know who I am then you probably already know that I have retired from being a guardian." I stated to her while pouring myself some water that I had gone up and gotten while she was telling me who she was.

"I understand where you are coming from Lady Yue but I am in need of a guardian." She states while taking a sip of the water I had poured for myself.

'This girl...doesn't have much of manners does she.' I smirked to myself. "You have two guardians right here so why do you need me?" I pointed to Kenta and Jin.

"These two are good guardians but they are still very new to guarding and I don't want to get killed early on my pilgrimage. So I'm asking you to help me." She asks me again. "I wont take no for an answer."

'This girl is very persistent.' I thought to myself. "I' with you but I will see what happens and if I feel like it's not going anywhere then I cannot help you Lady Celia." I said to her walking to my room to start packing.

"Oh! Before I forget," she starts to dig into her bag and pulls out a collar the same kind Kenta and Jin are wearing. "you have to wear this." She says pushing it toward me.

"Why might I ask Lady Celia that I have to wear this?" I looked down at the collar. "I don't recall ever agreeing to being a full guardian to you none the less be treated as a dog that has to wear a collar." I start walking away when I felt someone jump on my back and clasp the collar forcefully onto my neck.

"It's to show that you are apart of my group and I will take it off when you feel you cannot be apart of the group anymore." She states with a smirk

I tried to pry the collar off from my neck but it wouldn't come off. I could find no buckle, no straps, not even buttons to take contraption off.

"Don't worry about it, just go pack and we'll start our journey and like I said if you feel you cannot be apart of my group I'll take it off." She smiles again...but this time I felt there was something behind that smile. So I took off and packed my things...nothing really much to pack just a couple pictures of my family, friends, and some other personal pictures.

I dressed in a royal blue dress that hung off the shoulder, sleeves going past my arms and the dress flared at the bottom stopping right above my ankles. To top off my outfit I strapped my double edged twin long swords my parents gave to me when I was 8. One being a midnight black color and the other being a pure white color...I've been practicing my techniques ever since.

I walked out of my hut and was greeted by Kenta and Jin.

"Where is Lady Celia?" I asked standing in front of them.

"We are truly honored to meet you Lady'll be a honor serving with you on this pilgrimage." Kenta said while doing the prayer along with Jin.

"We always looked up to you as a guardian and we think every young guardian out there should learn and look up to you as well." Jin finished. "Lady Celia has gone to look for supplies mainly for herself..." he muttered the last part to himself.

"What did you say?" I asked with a raised eyebrow to Jin.

"Nothing." He coughs and tries to cover his slip up. "Shall we go head to Kilika temple?" Without a word he starts walking away.

Kenta followed but stopped and turned to look at me.

"Jin and Lady Celia don't really get a long to well if you catch my drift." He said and continued walking

I followed soon after taking a single glance back at my hut before moving forward toward the path I've come to know...and memorize.

As we passed a vendor we saw Lady Celia stocking up on some potions, antidotes, and a bunch of other stuff to help us on our journey.

'I guess she came from a rich family.' I thought to myself and watched as she pulled out a hefty looking bag. 'It seems I am correct.' I gave a sigh and looked back up towards the sky. 'Mother, Father...please watch over this seems like this will be one interesting journey. Is this another chapter in my book as well?'

"Well everyone? Shall we go?" Lady Celia said while advancing forward, toward Kilika woods.

I fell instep with Kenta as we watched Jin glare at the back of Lady Celias head.

"So Kenta," I said not bothing to look his way but I heard his head turn to look at me. "you've traveled with Lady Celia more then I have...can you tell me what she's like? Why do we have to wear these black leather collars?" I said still trying to toggle with the stupid collar irritating my neck.

"Lady Celia..." Kenta trailed off gathering his thoughts. "is different from past summoners. She's really a hard one to read and always surprises us around every corner. At times you think you've found her out but then she goes around and does the opposite of what you think she would do. As for the collar?" He said trying to stretch his one out. "I have no idea what it's for..." he drifts off and I knew that that was all I would get out of him.

Before long we were staring at the entrance of Kilika woods.

"It has been far too long..." I trailed off thinking about my past experiences.

We had maneuvered through the woods with a little trouble with fiends attacking left and right. I have come to find out that Lady Celia is a great asset to the group. She's been healing us when we got injured, cured us of poison and used her remedy for any other illness that we got from the fiends we encountered.

"Lets rest here for a seems like we need it." I said and I leaned against a tree.

"No, I think we should keep moving so we can get to the temple faster and leave for Luca." Lady Celia says as she starts heading to the direction of the temple.

"But Lady Celia..." I started to talk but my words have gone on deaf ears. I gave a big sigh and started walking in her direction. "Lets get going...we can't leave our summoner unprotected."

With a big sigh from the two other guardians we headed toward the temple a step behind Lady Celia.

"Damn it! I thought we were close!" Lady Celia yelled when we came to the bottom of the stairs.

"We have to walk up in order to get to the temple, these steps are good for training a summoner. Lord Ohalland trained here at his peak...we are walking on legendary grounds." I stated obviously and started up the stairs.

"Kenta?" Celia asks turning toward the younger guardians. "Carry me."

I looked back to the summoner who had her arms stretched out to Kenta...from the tone of her voice...I could tell it wasn't a was an order.

As we started back up with complaints from Lady Celia and the guardian carrying her up the stairs we finally reached the temple.

As I entered the temple grounds the priests and villagers from Kilika that came to pray all came up to our group.

"Lady Yue? You came out of retirement?" One of the priests there asked me while doing the prayer.

"You could say that." I smiled at them and did a prayer back to them. "Please take good care of the village and the temple. Lady Celia...I think it's about time you went to the Cloister of Trials and prayed to the Fayth." I said looking down to her and smiling.

Without even a second thought she went down to the Cloister of Trials leaving only me and the two guardians alone.

"Like I said once you think you get her she does something completely different." Kenta says while taking a seat on the ground.

"You two go get some rest and I'll wake you up when she comes out." I smiled at them and made them go to one of the rooms in the temple.

"Lady Yue," I heard my name called from the right of me. I looked and another of the priests came up to me and smiled. "I wish you luck on this pilgrimage and that your journey be full of wonders. Lady Celia is lucky to have a great guardian such as yourself." With that said he walked away.

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, and soon it was dark and Lady Celia still never returned from praying to the Fayth.

"Lady Yue, you should get some rest; she should be fine come tomorrow." Kenta said coming out from the room with Jin.

"You're right, you've been awake all day with no rest. Don't need to worry about her much..." Jin says "she'll only worry about herself anyway." Jin whispered to himself and again I couldn't hear what he said.

"You're right...I shall get some rest." I said and walked away from the two heading toward one of the rooms in the temple. "Good night you two."

I went into one of the rooms the priest offered me and once my head hit the pillows I drifted off into a deep sleep.

I was awoken to Jin shaking me.

"Lady Yue? Lady Celia has come out of the Cloister of Trials and has requested that we start moving and catch our ride to Luca. She said that there we can rest."

I nodded and started getting out of bed. When I exited from the room I noticed that the sun had just risen and the priests were all bidding Lady Celia a farewell and good luck on her journey to Zanarkand.

As I approached the group all attention was turned toward me and all bowed and said a prayer as I gave them a gentle smile.

"Lady Yue, have a safe journey to Zanarkand. May this pilgrimage be a safe and one full of wonderful memories."

With that said we both left heading back down the stairs. As we retraced our steps we noticed that a Ochu was blocking our path and it didn't look happy that Lady Celia had accidentally knocked into it disturbing it's slumber.

"Lady Celia! Watch out!" I went to push her out of the way and attacked it's tentacles that was aimed at Celia.

Our battle was engaged and Jin was the first to strike using Fire on the enemy dealing only the slightest bit of damage. I noticed in the side view that Lady Celia has moved out of the way and out of battle but I wasn't bothered by job as guardian was to protect the summoner at all cost. Suddenly the Ochu attacked Kenta poisoning him and as I reached into my bag to get an antidote I realized that I never came prepared for a battle with poison.

"Lady Celia! We need an antidote and fast!" I yelled to her...but she never payed any heed and just stared at a passing pyrefly. "Lady Celia," I yelled again hoping she'd hear. "we need an antidote and only you have one." Again no response.

"You wont get anything out of her." I heard Jin say as he used a spell one right after another.

"And why wont she?" I asked trying to deflect Ochus attack with a shield spell.

"Like I said...she only cares about herself." Jin said.

Shocked at his words I looked down at Kenta seeing that him and Jin were getting worse as this battle waged on. I cast Esuna on Kenta and Curaga on all 3 of us and once we were all cured we were ready to fight.

"I've had enough of this fight! It has gone on long enough!" I said as I started to get upset. In one swift movement I had cast Firaga on the Ochu, killing it instantly.

All 3 of us fell down to the ground in exhaustion and slowly I got up and looked toward Celia.

"You!" I started getting close to her and glared at her. "You are supposed to watch your guardians back as we watch yours. Not everyone for themselves." I turned around and started walking toward Kenta and Jin to heal them. "Next time we ask for help you best be willing to help us Lady Celia."

I reached Kenta and Jin and bent down to their eye sight level. "Hey are you guys okay?" I asked about to cast Cura when suddenly I felt a jolt of electricity pass right through me. With each scream I let out the jolts got stronger and stronger.

"Hey! Show some respect! Enough!" I heard Jin scream and as fast as it came it left and I fell to the ground with small jolts still going through me.

"Lady Yue...are you okay?" Kenta asks gently pulling me up in a sitting position.

I couldn't speak...the pain was still there, my body still slighty paralyzed and in shock as I looked slowly toward Summoner Celia.

"You can't order me around Lady Yue." She smirks a devious glint in her eyes. "Talk to me like that and you'll get it even worse the next time. I will do what I want and it's your job to protect me and lay your life on the line." She stalks off toward the exit. "It should be an honor to die for lets press forward! We have to get to Luca before sun down."

With the help of Kenta and Jin we started walking but now a huge distance away from Celia.

"We're sorry Lady Yue..." I heard but I couldn't tell who from for I had drifted off into darkness.