Tracy Beaker Returns

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"Isabella, stop messing about and come on!" Her social worker, Linda shouted from the drivers side of the car. Izzie was sat in the passanger seat of the car, refusing to move. As if she was going to let social services move her into another hell hole of a place like her last care home.

"I've told you it's Izzie and no, I'm not letting you move me into another hell-hole!" She shouted back but her social worker probably couldn't hear her as there was no windows or doors open so it was probably just alot of mumbles outside.

The drivers side door swung open and Linda climbed into the seat before speaking "It's not like Burnywood, I told you that already." Izzie looked up from playing with the zip on her jacket and sighed. She didn't know wither to believe her or not because she's told her this rubbish before so it was hard to.

"You told me that before I moved to Burnywood. You said it was a friendly place and was probably the best care home in the universe." Izzie said going back to playing with her zip as it took her mind of thinking about Burnywood.

"And I was right wasn't I? You settled in and made lots of new friends." Linda said which made her look so dumb. If she saw Burnywood, she'd disagree with what she just said that's for sure.

"I settled in? I was to scared to sleep at night, I got my stuff nicked and I got beat up on my first day. And I had 1 friend out of the whole care home so I didn't have lots. I think your wrong, don't you?" She snapped before undoing her seat belt and climbing out of the car. She couldn't spend all day arguing with Linda and the quicker she got into that place, she wouldn't have to see her face again.


"I hope you settle in well as it's a pleasure to have you here at Elm Tree House!" Mike said smiling before shaking hands with Linda. Izzie didn't care about the welcome speech as she had to same one at Burnywood before she was beat up by some lunatic. "Tracy, could you show Isabella here to her room please?"

"One more thing, call her Izzie otherwise she goes in a mood when you call her by her full name." Linda said which made Mike nod.

Izzie smirked before following Tracy out of the office and upstairs. She clung onto the 3 black bin bags,that Linda had handed her, that she'd dumped her belongings into.


Izzie looked around the bedroom which was know hers. All it had placed in it was a bed, a wardrobe and a bedside table. At least it wasn't as bad as what she had in Burnywood. She placed the bin bags onto the bed that was nicely made before looking directly at Tracy.

"I'll leave you to unpack then. If you need anything, I'll be in the garden with the rest of the kids!" Tracy said, smiling slightly before leaving the room and shutting the door.

She began to unpack her belongings into the correct places, hiding some off it if it was possible. Obviously she didn't want anyone to nick her stuff like she had when it was her first day at Burnywood. She sighed deeply before putting the last few pieces away and sitting down on her bed.

I want to meet the children but I can't face going through what I did last time She thought to herself before standing up and making her way out of the bedroom and downstairs.

This was the moment she was waiting for. She is going to regret coming down the stairs.

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