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Everyone made party arrangements and a while later, Mike and Gina had been informed about their plans. Although Tracy wouldn't be starting her new job until next week, she was leaving a few days early to get ready to leave Newcastle completely. So they had plans to throw the party before the end of the week.

Mike was helping Carmen, Tee and Lily make the banner for Tracy while Gina had taken Gus, Johnny and Frank to go and get the party food. Elektra, Liam, Rick, Alexia and Izzie were decorating the living room.

A loud bang was heard from the living room and a few giggles emerged. Izzie thought it was nice that people didn't hate her because of the lie that Alexia had told them.

Izzie blew up a balloon before tying a knot in it and sellotaping it to the living room door. Elektra copied her actions and began to blow some of the balloons up. When the balloons were finished, Liam and Rick placed a table cloth over the pool table while Alexia and Elektra placed one over the table. They had to make sure this was a party that made Tracy forgive them for been annoyed with her.

When they had finished decorating the living room, they all sat down in front of the television to wait for everyone else. A minute later, Carmen and Tee came into the living room with a big banner in their hand. Following behind them was Lily and Mike. Mike began to put the banner up with the help from Liam while Carmen, Tee and Lily went to sit next to Izzie.

They began to watch some news before the sound of a engine stopping was heard from outside. The front door was heard been opened then slammed shut before four figures appeared at the door. In their hands was a shopping bag each full of stuff for the party.

Gina took the food bags of them and told them to go and set the table up with the bowls. She disappeared as Gus, Johnny and Frank went over to the pool table which they were using as a table. Johnny opened his bag up and gave them all something each. They put down the plastic cups and plastic plates along with the plastic forks and spoons. Johnny put down the last of the things like napkins and joined the rest of the kids on the sofas.

Mike had gone to help Gina prepare the food so the kids decided to watch a bit of the football. They'd done their hard work for the day and were waiting for the care workers to do their bit now.


"Yes, I can't believe anyone would hire you." Sapphire said as she pulled the string on her party popper. Tracy smiled and scanned the faces of the children in front of her. She couldn't believe she'd be going in a few weeks, it was a shock to her more then the children. After growing up there, it was upsetting to see The Dumping Ground go.

"Who would want to hire Tracy Beaker? I'm surprised Mike hired you considering you let Lily fall of a roof and let Gus fall through the ceiling." Izzie giggled and everyone let out a few laughs.

Tracy walked over to the table and began to cut the cake that Gina had brought. In icing on the buttercream it said Goodbye Tracy Beaker and Tracy handed a piece to Tyler but before she could give anymore out, Mike shouted Tracy over.

After a few minutes, Tracy coughed to get everyones attention. Next to her was a woman holding a coat and she had brown wavy hair that rested upon her shoulders.

"Guys, this is my replacement Melanie. She'll be starting tomorrow."

Izzie saw the look on Tracy's face and she knew she wasn't sure what Tracy thought about Melanie. After all, Mike was rubbing it in her face already saying Melanie had 'extra brains'.

Izzie saw Alexia and Rick chatting in the corner, giggling at everything each other said. Izzie rolled her eyes and went to join Tee and Carmen by the food table. She was trying to keep her jealousy in but how could she? It was her boyfriend and evil sister over there getting over friendly.


Izzie walked into the kitchen to find Tracy sitting at the table drinking a cup of orange juice. She could tell by the look on her face she wasn't too happy about the way Mike had just treated her in front of everyone. Maybe he couldn't wait for her to leave.

"Are you okay Tracy?"

Tracy looked up from the table and smiled slightly. "Yes, I'm fine. Go back to the living room, I'll be back in a minute, your missing out the fun."

Izzie shook her head and pulled a chair out from underneath the table before sitting down, "I know your not ok, I can see it in your eyes. Your worried about what we'll think after Mike said Melanie had extra brains, aren't you?" Tracy nodded and took a sip from her drink. Izzie added, "Mike doesn't mean to hurt you by saying anything about Melanie. She's not going to be as good as you, we'll be sad when your gone."

Tracy smiled slightly before saying, "Your right, I shouldn't worry about anything. Why aren't you in there enjoying yourself?"

"I don't want to."

"What's the matter?"

"My sister." Izzie said, "She's stealing everyone from me. Rick hasn't spoke a word to me since this morning. I'm probably been silly but what if he likes Alexia more than me?"

Tracy sighed and stood up before taking her cup to the sink and placing it inside. She turned round before speaking, "Your just been silly. I know Rick wouldn't replace you for your sister."

"But I'm not been silly. He hasn't even looked at me and he's had his hands around Alexia's shoulders all day."

"Well maybe he fancies her. He's a teenage boy, he's bound to get crushes sometime in his life. Don't worry about it if Alexia is his girlfriend, your still his best friend. Anyway, are you coming?"

"Yeah your right, I'm probably just been silly. Let's go."

Izzie faked a smile and followed Tracy into the living room again. Rick and Alexia were too busy giggling, they didn't notice Izzie walk past. Maybe Tracy was right. What if Rick was only using Izzie to get closer to her sister?

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