A journey through time and space

Summary- the fantastic story of one skittish Adult and one flirtatious Betelgeusian, what's to fallow, Love, panic and Kidnapping. (Contains Male/Male relationship, and other awesome acts of Love)

Alright so here's the straight skinny on what's been going on, as of now this story shall be finished or at least have more than one chapter. I'm so happy having fully typed out what's going to happen, my real hopes are that people enjoy this story and comment on each chapter. Although it might not be in the elevated language I want in to be

But now to begin!

"Time really does fly when you having fun, or rather yet when your sitting by watching other people have fun" this is what the poor English man sitting on a bar said to him self while looking over at his friends dancing and swaying to the music of the party. He let out a long exasperated sigh while simply slouching over and pivoting his wrist some to make the liquid in his cup swirl round and round. He raised the yellow liquid up to the vicinity near his mouth sniffing it slightly before twisting his face some and taking a long sip from the glass. Before setting it atop the counter. With slightly bent arms he rest his head atop his fist before looking out upon his friends who seemed to be having a good time.

"What on earth have they got that I don't?"

"Well for one none of them shiver like a small dog with ever they get nervous"

"Good point bu-"

"And they can hold their alcohol"

"Yeah bu-"

"Besides there pretty good looking once you think about it"

"Hey what a min-"

"And they don't complain like a house wife"

"You know this really isn't helping my mood"

"It's your mind, I'm just your subconscious"

His frown deepened as he realized the fact not only had he lost an argument with his own mind but what the other voice in his head was stating was completely right at least that's how it looked. Sitting there on the bar stool he watched each of his friend be gravitated. It seemed as if they all were slathered in honey and every one else were bees. He's gaze came upon Zaphod first who didn't even surprise him with the amount of attention he was getting. Woman stuck to him similar to how flies stuck to sticky paper. They giggled and laughed as almost all of them received a peck on the cheek or a full on make out session with one of Zaphod heads. Some of them even received a slap on the behind from the one of three hands he had to spare. Laughing as he swayed back and forth most likely in a drunken stupor at this point.

Than his gaze went to tricia or rather Trillian now a days was attracting a good amount of attention as well, good looking men…if they were men flocked to her offering her drinks or a dance, or rides on spaceships which he for her sake were just as such. Than there was ford…. whom seemed to be like some one had dropped a piece of meat in to a piranha tank. Swarming around where men and woman, or at least what looked like men and woman to him. Either way he seemed to be popular with both genders and was having a grand ole time barely able to keep on his feet with the amount of alcohol he's ingested.

Arthur swept a few locks of hair from tickling his fore head before he turned around not being able to bare his friend's party prowess while he simply sat there. As far as his luck went when it came to dating or romantic interested, there was a pair of Men who came up to him in attempt to 'get to know each other' but his ground hog like nature prevailed once more as he simply retracted in to silence with a strawberry red blush plastered across his face, he wasn't refusing the offer he was just frankly shy when it came to, any relationship! Even with girls he seems to have a problem. He allowed his head to come down upon the counter gently sighing before an idea popped in his head, 'why not pack up and head home' loneliness for the night was better than just sitting here bored. Swinging his torso round her slid off the bar seat. Staggering some now that his feet touched the ground he was slightly more aware of just how hammered he was. With a silent wave to his friend he trudge from the nosy colorful bar back to the heart of cold hopefully he could find his way to his bed with out Eddie's "help: or Marvin's complaining.

Stumbling through the hallways of the white finish ship, his eyes half open trying to find his way through the slightly darkened ship, finally through maybe a half an hour of searching he was able to finally find his way back to his room. Arthur trudged inside with slightly hazy eyes. He proceeded with some difficulty to remove his clothing before finally climbing in to bed lazily covering him self with a few blankets. He was just about to sink in to dream world but was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and shoes hitting the floor. He frowned his brow some still muddy brain failing to get the message that some one was in the room. Arthur didn't become alarmed until he felt some one climb in to his bed with him, feeling hot breath against the back of his neck. He sighed some hoping that it wasn't a shit faced Zaphod once again getting his own room mixed up with Arthur's. He couldn't help but shiver some as the feeling of who's ever breath tickled the back of his neck like some one holding a feather duster.

He could take it any more, feeling like he was going to squirm his way out of the covers if he didn't do something, he rolled over lazily, but instead of coming face to face with a snoring Zaphod it was quite awake and drunk looking Ford laying in his bed.

A smile pulled across the Betelgeusian's face, as he simply lied there staring right in to the hazelnut eye ape descendants. Arthur was somewhat shocked to see how intently ford seems to be staring at him even though he was obviously piss drunk. Smiling widely he raised a hand-making Arthur move his head some even if the appendage was a good foot or two away from his face. Still only half awake he only moved slightly once ford's hand was cupping his cheek some. There was a warm feeling that radiated from the hand-putting Arthur in a hazy stupor. He simply lied there while ford stroked his cheek some with his thumb. "Hey…*hic* Arthur…" he tried to mumble something the only thing that came out of his mouth was a small grunt.

Ford laughed lightly before the smile in which looked like it couldn't get nay bigger did just that. "Did I ever tell you.*hic* you have the most beautiful eyes I've seen on a human". Somewhere in the back of Arthur's mind he was thinking how cheesy that sounded but at the moment the rest of him didn't really care. With the feeling like he was being wrapped in a space blanket and softly kissed as his cheek was stroked he cracked a small smile "mm" was all he muttered while his eye lids fluttered some. "That…..*hic*…s, one of the reasons, I saved …*hic*.. You from earth, that and hic, I always thought you look so cute when you panic" He chuckled some to him self making him laugh even more. Ford seems to scoot even closer allowing the rest of his arm to rest on side as he simply lay there and listened half-heartedly.

As Arthur lied there allowing Ford to confess what sounded like his secret crush on him. It only made his smile a little more maybe he thought; maybe this was a good dream he was having. Admitting to him self that the dream was good enough though it seemed to be a very romantic dream between him and some one who was suppose to be his best friend. Ford scooted even closer only inches away from Arthur wrapping both arms around him and kissing him atop the forehead Arthur felt what seemed to be a wave of warm pleasure that flowed through him soothing him to the point of allowing ford to begin kissing his neck sensually. Even if he was drunk he would have climbed out of bed by now and at least tried to get ford back in bed but this feeling was to enjoyable to end, so he just stayed there, feeling fords lips tickle his neck.

The session went on for a while ford stroking Arthurs face and hair, whispering sweet nothing that he usually reserved for the female dates he brought home. One in a while he switched it up kissing Arthur along his neck, even being so bold as to deliver a peck on the lips once or twice. That was until he alcohol started to wear off, Arthur still seemed to be in a dazed state but was being pushes by another force entirely. He pulled away from Arthur for only a few seconds stripping down to absolutely nothing before climbing back in to bed. Pressed against Arthur he went for a kiss pressing his surprisingly soft lips against Arthur and keeping it that way for a few seconds. Arthur even when only half aware that same strawberry blush appears on his face, which made Ford laugh once more before he start to massage Arthur's leg with his pelvis. Little did Arthur now that ford's acts of romance where not going to stop at just kissing, the look on his face showed him wanting more than just playful and romantic acts of kissing and hugging, much more, the extend of which Arthur would wake up to.