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Zaphod: Same as before because well the movie did it so right to me, unlike the movie Zaphod in this fan fiction will have both of his heads present at all time like the book)

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When Arthur woke he wasn't expecting to feel this…content. There was just this warm feeling of pleasure bubbling in his stomach, it wasn't like the feeling before of shocking euphoria when ever Ford's finger danced across his skin, it was mess less nerve wracking than that feeling it was more of a wrapped in a nice warm blanket. When Arthur decided it was finally time to open his eyes he was met with the dip of Fords neck greeting him.

It took Arthur a while to realize he was wrapped in not only a blanket of warm feelings but of Ford's own arms as well. Ford's favorite towel was thrown half hazardly over them shielding them from being completely cold in the somewhat brisk aired room. The earth man had suspected Eddy had maybe turned on the filtration system to make sure the room wasn't to jam packed with the smell of sex.

Arthur let out a soft breath while he snuggled deeper in to his betelgusian lover.

His brain came to a slow halt, thinking about the events that had entailed he'd never called any one his lover before, girlfriend sure, boyfriend not that he could remember..Lover? that just seem liked such an uncommon word to use especially when some one who used to be your best friend. Best friend up until one Blissed out sex filled moment that they had engaged in on the fly. He mulled over the word over and over again in his head until his attention was caught by a small grunt coming from the body he was currently entangled with. Another soft moaned fallowed as those somewhat mischievous blue eyes slowly fluttered open greeted by a head full of dark reddish brown locks.

"Morning Arthur" ford sighed some while pulling the ape descendent even closer.

"Morning Ford…"


"So what?"

"So fancy some tea"

Arthur couldn't help but chuckle "you mean tea like substance that the Nutro-matic keeps telling me is tea"

Ford gave a small chuckle in return before nodding some "Yeah that stuff…would you"

"Wouldn't mind it, I also wouldn't mind spending a few more moments in here..With you" He said a small adorable looking strawberry blush rising upon the other man's cheeks. Ford gave Arthur another snuggle before smiling again, "Yeah Okay we could do that to" He stayed silent for a few moments before speaking again.

"Hey Arthur?"

"Yes ford?"


"Thanks for what?"

"For trying this… I like "

The warm feeling in Arthur's stomach seem to get ever stronger as Ford tightened his hold on the earthman. It dulled his brain some as the warm feeling increased but his thinking didn't stop, ford liked him, Liked him like a best friend? Or liked him like a schoolyard crush either one sounded well but his mind was convincing him he'd prefer the latter of the choices.

Arthur decided it was best to speak or at least say your welcome or something but he was quickly cut off by loud banging on the door of Ford's bed room, fallowed by the some what hung over voice of Zaphod.

"Hey you guys done shagging yet?"

"Zaphod have I ever told you how Nosy you are" Ford said with a small growl to his voice.

"Nope!" Zaphod said in return. Arthur was wondering how Zaphod's own voice didn't give him self a headache in his own hung over stuff but than again He was always hung-over in the day time so it stands to reason how much the two headed former president of the galaxy could handle.

"Your are the single most nosy betelgusian I have ever met, more nosy than sir Nose-worthy the second of the noble noseingtons of Proboscis lane."

"Well than, if I'm going to be insulted when I'm just checking in on family I might as well leave" Zaphod huffed from the other side of the door.

"You do that…" Ford quipped before sitting up in the bed. Arthur fallowed and gave another small sweet laugh that cause a tickling feeling in Ford's stomach.

Ford suddenly looked over at Arthur giving a wiry smile before turning some in the bed to face the ape descendent.

"So Arthur.."

"yes Ford?"

"I was thinking" Ford smiled wider

"And what pray tell were you scheming"

Ford made a fake look of surprise "Arthur I don't scheme..I plot, but I was thinking…maybe if you want we could go out tonight-" Arthur cut him off with a confused

"But don't we always go out?"

Ford rolled his eyes some before speaking once more, "you didn't let me finish you silly man, I meant go out, and tonight you know on a real date"

Arthur's face suddenly turned that adorable strawberry red again, making Ford's smile widen as he sat there looking at the pink faced human.

"I wasn't really expecting that.." Arthur admitted

"Well It did just pop in to my brain and as far as I've known you, you've never exhibited any psych abilities so I'm guessing you couldn't have known that"

"Your right…"


"So uh" Arthur's brain started to work out possible outcomes of the answer, although he liked the events of yesterday as well as where they were at now a date was still not exactly Arthur's forte he was just that kind of man who was awkward when it came to the world of romance. He gulped down the knot in his throat before turning back to Look at ford.

"Yeah a Date… sounds nice"

"Dates don't make noises Arthur"

"I mean, Yes ford I would love to go..on a date with you" He hesitated at the end, not from doubt but simple from the bundle of nerves that was forming some where in his brain. Ford suddenly embraced Arthur wrapping those deceptively strong arms around a surprise Arthur and giving what sounded like some sort of happy purring noise. The small part of Arthur that wanted to protest was quickly snuffed out by that familiar warm feeling, he had yet to identify the exact origin of this feeling but frankly the rest of him didn't care. Wrapping his own arms around Ford they were soon disrupted once more by a polite knock.

"Do either of your know the reason as to why Zaphod's sulking around mumbling about noses?"

"Not the foggiest" Ford lied while Arthur stifled his laughter

Apparently Trish could pick apart the tone of the Betelgeusian's tone and guess he was lying than again it was rare that Zaphod was quiet in the morning and his minute sulking was a nice change in pace.

"Trillian would you mind doing me a favor"

"Does it involve copious amounts of alcohol, a marching band, scissors, doughnuts or all of the above because I'm quite sure that pageant queen still had a bounty out on us"

"N- How many of my favors involve a marching band" Ford said with a frowned brow staring intently at the door while Arthur was trying and failing to keep his laughter under wraps.

"Well there was that one on the intergalactic yam festival" Arthur answered piped in.

"And that igneous rock school graduation" Trillian added

"Than that birthday party on yenricks 7" Arthur continued covering his mouth some while Ford huffed and got up from the bed finally.

"Alright Belgium, I get the picture…." Ford said grabbing his pants from the ground and quickly putting them on before going over and opening the door to reveal an amused looking Trillian.

"Well I see you both had a good time"

"That's none of your barble wax, look could you just Tell Eddy to set course for Orthosie and Please make sure he doesn't hum the entire way there, I think I might have a psychotic episode if he does"

Neither Arthur nor Trillian could contain the hilarity they got from viewing the somewhat frustrated look on Ford's face.

Apparently neither of them got that the betelgusian was entirely serious

There was no humming to be heard on the ship

And nobody was harmed.

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