This is where it all ends the Skeleton King, X, 21-Z, everything in this saga ends now. So please enjoy this preview of The Finale Battle: This is where it ends.

Gumball's POV

Ever since it happened I've been trying to escape the torment of them. They ruined all of my life. They made Tobias a skeleton and he almost killed me 3 times. But it's been 3 years since then and now I hope that this will all change sooner or later so I can be a normal 15 year old.

Though I can already tell that it will change but the thing that's coming will kill everyone and everything in Elmore. It's already to late too stop them. And now I will have to one day go out there and say that it's enough and then fight my way through millions of Skeleton warriors till I finally find The Skeleton King and X.

They will pay for what they have done and when I see them I will kill them. But the thing that I wonder is what's that thing that X told me about a new weapon that would leave all of Elmore in flames.

Oh well mom's calling me to go to school so better leave. So I got up grabbed my backpack, walked out the door and waited at the bus stop. Then my old friend Tobias came up to me and started talking about the thing that X had said. I do it since he's a Skeleton on my side I can tell him about these things without him thinking that I'm insane. But sure since most people saw what happened 3 years ago and do believe me. "Okay Gumball I found out the monster that we are looking for Gle-"

But I cut him off. "Look Tobias I'm just trying to forget about all of this Skeleton stuff, it's too much to worry about. But please continue." "It's Glexnose. I don't know what he looks like but he sure is powerful from what everyone's saying in the Skeleton Kingdom." I would've kept on listening but Penny then walked to the bus stop and I went to go speak to her leaving Tobias to talk to himself.

"Hey Penny how you been?" I asked happily. "I've been fine Gumball. You?" "I've been feeling great, Penny. But now I'm starting to wonder about all of the Skeleton stuff like Skeleton King, X, and this new guy called Glexnose. It's all confusing." And I would've kept on talking but just then the bus pulled up and we all got in. It smells the same as always. Like Banana Joe's gym locker. Yep you never think that anything could smell this bad but it can.

So we all took a seat on the bus. I was planning on sitting next to Penny but she sat with Teri so I decided to sit next to Tobias who decided to ask my advice on something very important. "Hey dude do you think that I should ask out Teri?" He asked me quietly. "Well I guess. I don't know her to well to know, dude." I answered calmly.

"Then ask Penny to ask Teri. Okay please Gumball. I need your help." "Fine Tobias I will." Then the bus stopped and I realized that we were at Elmore High School. Finally I can forget about the Skeletons because in 1 week it's summer Vacation. So we got off the bus and when Penny got off I asked her to ask Teri if she liked Tobias for me. "Okay Gumball I'll ask her at lunch." Penny answered me as we walked into school.

Well that's just the intro and it will get more bloody and actiony in the next chapter