Booth awoke lying next to Brennan in her hospital bed with his arm over her and Katy was lying in the middle of them. Her nut-brown hair was splayed over her face and her mouth was half open. Booth sat up and came face to face with Max.

"Septicaemia and a ruptured uterus. All in a day's work Booth." Max said.

"Max I'm sorry, I really am. The truck just came out of nowhere and I didn't see it. It just flipped over and… well you can see for yourself." Booth tried to explain.

"Glad to see you are looking after her. Is she going to recover?"

"Yeah. She'll live. Hopefully the antibiotics should clear her blood out."


"She's fine. She had a little PTSD but she's fine. Izzie had some bleeding in her brain but they managed to stop it and she's responding well. And you have a grandson."

"Great I can't wait to meet baby Maxwell." said Max smiling.

"He's not called Max, Max. He's called Harry. Harry John."

"I thought it was customary for the first born son to be named after the grandfather."

"We know, but Bones wanted to name him something close to Henry and I came up with Harry. John came from Hodgins. Jack is a diminutive of John"

"Has she seen him?"

"Not in the flesh. He looks like her though. He has her nose, hair, eyes. He's like a boy Bones."

"Like Izzie is a girl Booth."

"I have a picture." Booth handed Max his phone.

"He's a handsome boy."

"Yeah, he is. Do you want to speak to Bones alone?"

"I would if you don't mind." Booth stood up and picked up Katy. "Isn't she a little big for that?"

"She's a princess. She will never be too big for me to carry." Booth smiled and took her out the room and he went upstairs towards the children's ward.

Izzie was flicking in between channels on the TV when Booth came in and lay Katy next to her. "Hey Daddy."

"What are you trying to look for?" he asked looking at the TV.

"Something decent to watch." she replied.


"Dunno, anything." she finally stopped when she flicked onto a film that she liked and that drove Booth nuts considering the amount of times he had seen it with her.

"Haven't you seen this about 67 times?" Booth asked exasperated.

"But I like the colors. They're pretty." she explained with her little Booth smile. Something Booth could never resist.

"I have some macaroni cheese Pringles® if you want some." Booth said presenting a Pringles® tube.

"Yay!" she squealed before taking a few from the tube and started munching on them when her doctor came in.

"I see you are getting better Isabel." she smiled at her before taking a look at the stitches. "How does your head feel?"

"Fine. It don't hurt no more." she answered placing another Pringle® in her mouth.

"Is your vision blurry at all?"


"Well, it looks as though the stitches can come out today. She hasn't gained any infections or hasn't started bleeding. I might need to do a CAT scan just to check all the bleeding has gone away, but hopefully she should go home later this week." Dr Jefferson explained to Booth.

"That's great." Booth said smiling.

"How is your wife?"

"She's… good."

"Can I see Mommy?"

"She still isn't well." Booth answered sadly.

"Why can Katy see her but I can't?"

"Katy hasn't had a serious surgery unlike you and your mom still has an infection that she could pass onto you."

"Is she yellow, like Jessica?" Izzie bobbed her head over to the girl lying in the other bed.

"No she is sort of gray."

"But she isn't going to die?"

"No. She'll be fine Baby. And we might take you all to Spain if you're lucky." her face lit up and she shook Katy awake.

"Wot?" Katy murmured.

"We're going to Spain." Izzie squealed.

"I never said it was definiteIzzie." Booth said placing his hands on his head.

New story idea: Booth and Brennan's bachelor/ bachelorette parties. Good or bad idea?