Tony was sat there in the room as Ziva had just left with the assassin. He hoped that when she got there McGee and Gibbs would be there and they would come to his rescue. The man that was called Cord, had hit him so many times, he had lost count.

His face was already starting to bruise and his lip was covered in dry blood as was his grey shirt. He was tied to the chair, unable to escape no matter how much he tried. He was looking at the man who walked around, pacing the room.

Tony turned his head right and saw the blade of the knife shine under the light. He was hoping that the man wouldn't use it as a blade like that could cut pretty deep. The man twirled it in his right hand as he walked around to stop in front of Tony.

"You know what's funny? I was really looking forward to having a kid there for a minute. That's a big step for me. Having a little DiNozzo running around," Tony said.

"DiNozzo?" Cord laughed, slightly confused.

Tony smirked as he watched the man's face turn up in confusion. He was hoping that Gibbs was on his way as he was about to blow his cover which would definitely make the man want to kill him.

"Yeah, that's my full name. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS," Tony smiled.

The man stood there as the words registered in his head and before he could react, Tony had stood up and spun around, hitting him with the chair that Ziva had been tied to just minutes ago.

The man fell to the ground and the knife fell from his hand on to the carpeted floor. Tony was about to attack him when the man's strong left hand wrapped around his ankle and he pulled.

Tony landed on the floor next to Cord and he found himself lying on his back, still tied to the chair. The other chair was lying a few yards away from him which had come apart from the one he was in when he had hit the man.

The man stood up over him and then brought back his fist before it connected with Tony's face. Tony grunted at the pain and tried to knee the man but the man sat down on his torso, forgetting about the knife.

Tony found it hard to breathe as the man sat on his chest and to add to that, the man's large hands found their way to his throat. He squeezed Tony's throat in his hands as he looked down at him.

Tony instantly struggled as the man cut off his air as he strangled him. He tried to move but found himself unable to do so. The man's hands were tightening around Tony's throat and Tony tried to shout out but all that came out were weak choked gasps.

Tony was starting to feel light headed as the man made it so he couldn't breathe at all. He was lying there helpless and he prayed to anyone that was listening that Gibbs would arrive.

He had always thought he would die like they do in the movies, like from an explosion or from being shot or from being drowned or from being hit by a car, but no he was going to die by being strangled.

As Tony felt himself getting tired he realised that no one was coming and that he was going to die. The sides of his vision were going grey and his vision was narrowing like a long tunnel. The man's face was disappearing from his sight, even though Tony tried to blink away the darkness.

He could hear ringing in his ears and the pain in his chest and lungs was ceasing as the world faded away. The last thing Tony saw before he passed out was the man's menacing smile plastered on his face.

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