Tony was left in his room all alone as his friends had just left and Tony smiled as he saw the nurse step in to the room. She stood at the door for a moment before she let it close and she took a step towards where Tony lay.

Tony thought she looked alright but he didn't know if she liked him or not so he smiled at her. The nurse smiled as she walked over to him and sat down in the seat beside his bed.

"Hey," Tony smiled.

"Hi," The nurse said.

"I'm To-" Tony started but was cut off.

"Tony DiNozzo, I know who you are. I was told who you were when you were brought in. I have to say you are a hero, taking down 5 men and then performing CPR on your boss, even though you were injured," The nurse smiled.

"I'm not a hero, my boss is the hero. He took a bullet for me," Tony told her.

"Well in my eyes you are a hero,"

Tony smiled as he looked at her and he looked in to her eyes which were a blue colour that reminded him of Gibbs's blue ones. He looked at her uniform seeing if she had a name tag but she didn't.

"Your eyes are beautiful, if you don't mind me saying," Tony grinned.

"Thank you," The nurse blushed.

"So what's your name?" Tony asked.

"Courtney. Courtney Davidson," The nurse replied.

"That's a nice name," Tony smiled widely.

"Thanks, I've never really liked it, until now," The nurse chuckled.

Tony laughed as he put out his left hand for the nurse and she shook it, little did they know that Ziva was standing watching through the window of the door. She was glad that Tony was happy and now all she had to do was figure out why Chip had tried to kill Tony.

Back in the bullpen McGee was sitting in his seat at his desk and as the elevator dinged, he looked up. He wanted to see his boss but he knew Gibbs wouldn't be working for a while.

As the metal doors parted Ziva walked out and then she walked towards the bullpen carrying two cups of coffee. She walked in to the bullpen and over to McGee's desk where she set his coffee down on. He smiled politely at her as he picked it up and took a sip of it, feeling the warm liquid run down his throat.

"Thanks," McGee smiled.

"It is fine. Have you looked up Chip's records?" Ziva asked.

"Yes I have and Fornell had him interrogated,"

"Did we get anything?" Ziva questioned.

"Yes, he got fired and Tony was one of the men that were there at the time. He said he was getting his revenge for ruining his life, but he's pretty much done that himself," McGee replied.

Ziva smiled as she took a sip of her coffee and then she set it down on McGee's desk as she sat on the corner of it. McGee smiled at her at that moment as Fornell walked past with Chip, who was in cuffs. McGee lifted up his coffee as he laughed slightly and Ziva lifted hers up as well, then they brought them together.

"Cheers," McGee smiled.

Back at the hospital even though visiting time was over Tony had snuck out of his room after the nurse had left. He had walked quickly down the long white hallways of the hospital and towards his boss's room.

When Tony had reached it he had opened the door and stepped inside to see Gibbs wide awake, then he let the door close behind him. He had walked over to his boss's bed and sat down in a seat near the bed.

"Hey boss," Tony smiled.

"What's up DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"Nothing much, but I just got a nurse's number and she is pretty hot," Tony grinned.

Gibbs nodded and then the room was silent as they just looked at each other for a moment. Gibbs smiled at his agent as Tony sat back in the seat getting comfortable even though visiting times were over.

"I miss my boat," Gibbs said.

"I miss the bullpen," Tony sighed.

"I never really did thank you properly Tony,"

"You don't need to thank me boss. I always have your six," Tony smiled.

"Come here," Gibbs chuckled.

Tony smiled as his boss held his arms out and he hesitantly moved towards the older man. He felt Gibbs's arms wrap around him in a fatherly hug and he smiled as he felt one of Gibbs's hands meet the back of his head in a gentle head slap.

"What was that for?" Tony asked still hugging his boss.

"No reason. It's just a sign of affection," Gibbs smiled.

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