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**** 10 yrs after dbz, regular dbgt supposed to start ****

Goku smoothly dodged a blow from the chocolate-skinned boy he had been training for the last seven years. The young warrior had indeed become strong, impressively strong. The spar went on and on, but the majin buu reincarnate held fast against the universe's mightiest warrior. Ki blasts flew here and there, but the two warriors kept on charging, seemingly oblivious to everything else. Unbeknownst to all of them, three cloaked figures were scaling their way to kami lookout.

Uubu prepared his final attack. His senshi had trained him well. He couldn't beat Goku yet, although he doubted if he would ever beat his master, but all the same, he's not too bad himself. Goku could sense Uubu's energy rising, so he prepared his own final attack. Suddenly, the sparring warriors froze as a loud growl shook the rafters of the tower.

"W-what was that?" Uubu asked in bewilderment.

Goku scratched his head.

"Uh… I think that was my stomach," he grinned, rubbing his belly.

Uubu sweatdropped.

"You must be really hungry then, sensei"

Goku dropped his ki. "Yeah, I really miss Chichi's stew. Maybe I should visit home soon."

Uubu nodded. "I'd like to go home too, I'm really worried about my sisters."

Goku smiled brightly and tapped Uubu in the shoulder.

"Alright then, it's settled. We'll split up for now. But how about taking lunch at my place before you head home. You know, Chichi's cooking is the best!"

Uubu agreed and they bid farewell to Dende and Mr. Popo, who were quite relieved that the tower wasn't going to collapse that day, after all.

The warriors flew out of the tower, but it was then when they spotted the cloaked figures, hanging desperately at the side of the wall.

Goku knitted his brows and approached.

"Hello there!" He greeted cheerfully, hovering in the air.

Pilaf didn't even look up, but concentrated in scaling the wall.

"We're busy, go away!" He snapped.

"You three look familiar. What are you doing?" Goku asked innocently.

"Huh?" Pilaf slowly turned towards the source of the voice. It did sound familiar too…

His eyes grew wide as they settled on a familiar muscular tall handsome hot perfect adorable cute ahem… eh sori, got carried away, hehe warrior floating in mid-air.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Pilaf screamed as he let go of the stone he had been holding to. His two loyal henchmen, startled by their emperor's scream, also lost hold and they started falling.

Goku descended and followed the little blue emperor.

"You haven't told me what you're doing," he stated calmly as they continued to descend in the air.

"Ahhhhhh! I'm falling! I'm dying! Waaahhhhhh!" was the only reply he got from the emperor.

Goku suddenly brightened as he recalled where he had first seen the little blue creature and his two cronies.

"Aha! I remember you! You're that funny little blue guy I met when I was a kid!" He smiled widely and congratulated himself for recalling something from so long ago.

"I'm not just a guy! I'm an emperor! EMPEROR!" Pilaf corrected, but remembered his current situation, so he went back to screaming. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Don't you remember me?" Goku asked.

Pilaf stopped flailing his arms long enough to study Goku.

"Why! You're that pesky little pest who always got in my way!" Pilaf replied in recognition. Noticing that he was almost to the ground, he continued screaming.

Just before the little emperor was about to be turned into an unsightly blue pancake, Goku caught his former enemy.

"Yep! That's me!" He answered and set Pilaf back to the ground. "Nice meeting you again!" Smiling, Goku walked away whistling to himself; Uubu had already taken care Pilaf's henchmen.

The swirly-eyed Pilaf stood shaking, so pale that his skin almost turned white.

"I will have my revenge on you Son Goku! Revenge!" he hissed between chattering teeth, just before passing out.


"I can't believe this is happening! I'm on a date with Pan-chan. This has to be a dream!" the young boy walking beside a dark-haired young girl marveled at the thought that the granddaughter of Satan Hercule had agreed to go on a date with him.

Pan blushed slightly and smiled. "Y-you're flattering me." He's kinda cute!

They had reached the movie theater, and Pan wondered excitedly what movie they were going to watch. Maybe today is the day I'll get my first kiss! But he better not try to do anything else or...

"You can't go in there!" a man who was blocking the street shouted.

"And why the hell not?!" Pan demanded, already irritated for being interrupted in her musings.

"There's a robbery!"

A robbery! Darn! And just when I was imagining how my first kiss would be like. Pan gritted her teeth. Nobody ruins Son Pan's date without paying the price!

The bank robbers fired another round of gunshots. Pan's date tried to pull her aside for cover.

"I'll be right back. I have to take care of something," she told her now frightened date.

"Do you know what you have almost done?!" Pan she screeched, walking closer towards the heavily armed men.

"Uh, rob a bank?" a particularly stupid robber asked.

"No, you idiot! You almost ruined my date!" Pan screamed, kicking a police car siren and knocking the robber several feet away.

Another robber stepped forward and aimed his gun at Pan.

"Who cares about your date, girl! Get out of the way or I won't show any mercy!"

"Leave the girl alone," a voice growled.

Pan thought the voice was familiar, but she didn't turn around as her eyes darkened with anger.

"I'm not a helpless girl! I can take care of these jerks on my own! I'll show you!" Without second thoughts, Pan sprung into action and knocked the robber out cold. She then punched a stone column where the other robber was hiding. She straightened up and dusted her hands, her mouth curved in a triumphant smirk. "Hah, serves you right! Don't ever mess with me!" she spat.

Pan looked around to only to see the whole crowd gaping at her. She brightened when she spotted her date.

"So, let's get going to the movies!" Pan chirped, catching up with the wide- eyed boy.

"Uh… I-I t-think I f-forgot something. I h-have to go, bye!" the boy stuttered then ran off as if being chased by some kind of monster. Pan stood dejectedly, staring at the boy's back.

"Waaaahhh! It's not fair! I'm being dumped again!" she wailed.

Goku approached the crying girl. He had been rather impressed with her fighting skills. He suspected she's not just a normal girl. Her ki is rather high too.

But just then, he spotted a familiar perverted turtle hermit making his way through a crowd of girls touching as much as he can.

"Master Roshi!" Goku called out, just as the raven-haired girl exclaimed "Grand-pa!"

"Goku! Pan!" Roshi called back.

Pan swiftly looked at the tall spiky haired handsome man oops, there I go again, sori . Then realization dawned on her.

"Grandpa Goku?!" she asked.

Goku looked confused for a while, then the famous Son grin appeared on his features.

"Pan?! Is it you? How you've grown!" He picked his fiery granddaughter up and swirled her in the air. Pan laughed and hugged her grandpa. She had missed him so.

"Grandpa, I missed you!" she exclaimed.

"I missed you too, Panny," Goku answered, setting Pan down to the ground. "I'd like you to meet someone," he added, pulling Uubu from behind.

"Hi," Uubu greeted shyly.

Pan smiled at the chocolate-skinned boy. This must be Uubu, the boy her grandpa is training.

"Hi! I'm Pan. You must be Uubu!" she gestured cheerfully.

Uubu nodded, blushing.

Just then, Goku's stomach gave another growl.

"Well, I guess we better get home. I'm really hungry."

Pan laughed, but nodded. They took off into the air, grabbing master Roshi, who was still blowing kisses to the disgusted girls.

:::::Son House:::::

"GOKU!!!" a shrill scream came out of the Son house just as Goku, Pan, Uubu, and master Roshi touched down.

Goku flinched at the deafening sound, otherwise called his wife.

Chichi came out of the house with one of her scariest expressions to date.


Goku took a step backwards.

"Y-yes, hon…" he asked shakily.

"How long have you been away?" his wife inquired with an eerie sweetness.

"Umm… seven years?"

"And how many times have you come home?" Chichi pressed forward.

"Uh… I forgot…"

Chichi suddenly lifted one hand. Goku jumped back, thinking his wife was going to hit him.

"I could count the times you've come home with one hand!" Chichi fumed.

"Er… sorry hon. I was a little busy…" he trailed off.

If Chichi had been a dragon, Goku was sure she would be breathing fire and frying him right now. Then without warning, his wife broke into tears and threw herself into his arms.

"G-Goku, I missed you…" Chichi sobbed.

"Chichi…" was all a startled Goku could say before he pulled his wife into a deep kiss.

"Grandpa! Grandma!" Pan complained, pulling down her bandanna to cover her eyes.

"Ewww! Cut out the mushy mushy stuff!" Goten whined.

Both elders pulled away, flushed, and then went inside the Son house. Gohan and Videl arrived a few minutes later. Uubu was introduced to everyone. As expected, Goku headed off straight to the dining room.

After a few minutes of catching up, the doorbell rang. Goten stood and headed for the door.

"That must be the Briefs. I called Trunks when I felt dad's ki heading here," he announced.

In seconds, another shrill voice was heard as Bulma screamed and greeted her oldest friend with a hug.

Vegeta had his usual I'm-the-prince-keep-away expression, but sent a barely imperceptible nod towards Goku.

"Goku! It's nice to have you back. Vegeta! Greet Goku!" Bulma turned to her husband.

Vegeta had murder in his eyes.

"Leave me alone, woman! You've dragged me all the way here just to have this little welcome party for Kakarot?" Vegeta spat.

"Vegeta…" Bulma began sweetly. "Couch for a week, remember?"

Vegeta humphed. Damn woman! Why does she always gets her way!

A gruff 'So you're still alive, Kakarot' was Vegeta's form of 'greeting'.

"Vegeta!" Bulma glared.

"What do you want me to do, woman? Hug Kakarot?!"

Bulma grinned. "Would you do that for me?"

"I'd rather sleep in the couch for a year," Vegeta snorted, then grouchily pulled a chair to sit.

After that little performance from their guests, Videl turned to Pan.

"Pan, how did your date go?"

Pan slumped in the chair and blew a stray strand of dark hair from her face.

"As usual…" she grumbled.

"You know Gohan, Pan beat up a whole gang of robbers all by herself! You should have seen her," Goku said proudly.

Just then, Trunks burst into the room disbelief written all over his face.

"HOW?!!!" he asked incredulously.

Pan gritted her teeth. "How else? Boxer boy! I fought them! Nobody messes with Son Pan!"

Trunks grinned widely.

"No, I meant… How did you get a date?"

"WHY YOU JERK!!!" Pan leaped across the table and bonked a certain purple head.

"Owww! See, who wants to date such a violent girl?" he mocked, rubbing his head, only to have Pan bonk him again.

"Leave me alone! Baka! I have you know I have boys lining up to date me!" she screeched.

"Oh you must mean the line of dead bodies you leave behind wherever you go, right?" he teased.

Pan clenched her fists.

"At least I'm not such a workaholic geek with no social life at all!" she shot back.

"Hey! I have you know that girls swoon wherever I go!"

Pan wrinkled her nose. "Hmm… must be your smell. Maybe you should take a bath sometimes."

"What are you talking about? I have the sweetest smell in the whole universe!" Trunks countered, holding out his shirt under Pans nose for her to sniff.

Pan flailed her arms around.

"Ahhh! Get away from me, you pervert!" she screamed.

"What do you mean pervert?! I would never make a pass on a kid like you!!!"

"KID?!!! And what makes you think I want an old man to make a pass on me? PERVERT!!!" Pan screeched, baring her teeth in rage.

"Old man?! I don't even look a day older than 20!"

"That's what you think! You big-headed, arrogant, egotistical jerk!"

"And what about you? You underdeveloped spoiled brat!"

"JERK!!!" Pan shrieked.

"BRAT!!!" Trunks yelled.

They glared at each other before sitting themselves back on the table, as far away from the other as possible. The others just sat there, mouths hanging open.


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