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Chapter 1: Head Girl

An immense feeling of relief left Lily as she crossed the barrier to Platform 9 ¾; she felt better than she had all summer. The summer had been relatively monotonous, the days seemed to stretch out hours longer than normal and she spent virtually the entire holiday in relative isolation. Then there was The News, her older sister Petunia had announced her engagement to the Rhinoceros himself, Vernon Dursley. Lily had only met Vernon on two occasions and within five minutes on their first meeting she had made her judgement about him; her mother had always warned her not to judge a book by its cover, however with Vernon, what you saw was what you got, his depth of character was as shallow as the shallow end of the swimming pool. He was a gruff man with a thick neck and a rather large portly belly, accompanied by a bushy moustache. Lily honestly could not see what Petunia saw him; apart from the fact he seemed to have a reasonably large wallet, and he seemed to have no qualms of lavishing the contents of her sister. In addition to her already rising anxiety levels, her mother had announced that Lily would be a bridesmaid, Petunia hadn't seemed best pleased, Lily wasn't too joyful herself although at least she managed to hide it.

Pushing the thought of her sister to the back of her mind was easy as soon as the scarlet train and the smell of burning coal filled her nostrils. She was finally going home, back to Hogwarts.

Lily looked around for her friends and for a few seconds she felt dejected that she'd arrived before them and would have to wait alone for them to arrive, that was until she saw three pairs of hands waving manically and scurried over to where she spotted that her friends were stood near the back of the train by the entry doors.

"Lily I missed you!" Hestia Jones exclaimed, throwing her arms round her best friend's neck. Hestia Jones and Lily Evans had been best friends since they set eyes on each other on their very first train ride back in first year. The half-blood witch had eyes the colour of the sky on a clear day released her from her vice like grip as her eyes trailed from Lily's face to the shiny badge which hung on her pristine Hogwarts robes. "You got Head Girl! You never told me! How could you?!" Hestia dramatized throwing her arms out wildly.

"I wanted to keep it a surprise!" Lily explained, a huge grin breaking out onto her face; the badge had been her only saving grace this summer, it had arrived ten long days ago, along with her Hogwarts letter and a handwritten note from Dumbledore explaining that she need not visit the Prefect compartment on the train this year, as the Head Girl usually would, with no other explanation. The only rational thought that entered Lily's head on reading this was that Dumbledore had wanted to keep the identity of the Head Boy a secret, although Lily had no idea why anyone would want to do that…

"I still can't believe you didn't tell us!" Jessica Silvers mused. Jessica was easily the tallest of the group of four, standing at least half of head above Hestia who was the next tallest. Slim and lean, she was the perfect build for a Quidditch seeker, the position she held on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle at the sight of the badge; it was common knowledge that Jessica had wanted the Head Girl position; however she didn't seem too disappointed that Lily held the position instead of herself.

"I brought tissues and everything thinking we were going to have to console you at not getting the Head Girl badge!" Alice Prewitt added. "We knew it wasn't Jess, we thought it would be you, then when you didn't say you had it, we assumed it wasn't you either! We thought it would be that awful Samia Rain, you know the Ravenclaw prefect? The one with the really bad hair extensions and that false smile? Look how many I brought!" Alice added, pulling tissue after tissue from her pockets, soon the other three witches were holding handfuls of tissues as Alice, the only pureblood witch, stood grinning; she always did love muggle things, tissues included it seemed. Lily dropped her pile of tissues, as did Jessica and Hestia, who looked frankly disgusted at the pile that now filled the platform. Alice removed them with a flick of her wand and grabbed Lily's hand.

"Come on, let's get on the train!" Alice exclaimed as she pulled the redhead towards the train, Jessica and Hestia hot on their tail.

"I wonder who the head Boy will be this year." Jessica asked once they were settled in their train compartment, luggage firmly on the racks, they'd secured it with a sticking charm – they'd had experience with falling luggage before, it was not a pretty sight. The other three looked expectantly at Lily, who sighed and shrugged.

"I don't know." Lily admitted. "I thought it would be Remus, but he never said he got the badge in his letter, but I think Dumbledore wants to keep the Head Boy quiet." Lily answered, pulling Dumbledore's note from her pocket and passing it to Alice was sat next to Jessica on the opposite side of the compartment, both of them scanned the letter, shrugged and handed it back.

Remus Lupin had been the Gryffindor Prefect with Lily for the last two years, they got on famously and Lily had hoped he would get the Head Boy badge, however it seemed he had not. Remus with his sandy blonde hair and eyes a similar shade to the ocean was a great candidate for the badge, he had been a prefect for two years and the badge nearly always went to a Prefect. He held some of the top scores on their year and spent some of his spare time tutoring first years in Defence against the Dark Arts. Lily guessed that Dumbledore, the Headmaster, wouldn't exclude Remus from the position because of his condition would he? No, Dumbledore had let Remus become a Prefect despite his werewolf status, so why not Head Boy? The only reason that Lily could think to not give Remus he position was his friends; the four of them together formed The Marauders, a silly name if you asked her. The four of them had been the schools resident pranksters and troublemakers since their first year; on their second day of schooling they had blown up one of the boy's toilets and rendered it out of action for half the year and that was just the start of it. The other three, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew seemed to have the rest of the school wrapped around their fingers, when they pulled a prank or got into trouble, the teachers would ruffle their hair and give them a detention or two, if Lily or anyone else had done what they had they'd have surely been expelled. The year previous, James and Sirius had inflated Bertum Aubrey's head with what Lily suspected was an illegal curse and yet all they'd received was a couple of detentions each, Lily couldn't fathom it. Remus, although not the main prankster was often the brain behind most of their antics, that was all Lily could think that was dissuade anyone from making him Head Boy.

Despite Lily's reservations about the Marauders, she had grown closer with them over their sixth year; Sirius Black had been the first one Lily had started to know, bar Remus. Sirius had an infectious laugh and a filthy sense of humour, something which despite her insisting she hated, Lily secretly found hilarious. Lily found her friendship with Sirius surprising, for her first five years of schooling Sirius had ignored Lily Evans, referring to her as 'the ginger one' however all that resentment between the two of them seemed to have vanished at the end of the fifth year and they now struck up an easy friendship, spending many of their nights in the common room joking and laughing or just talking until stupid time in the morning. Sirius although was not what you'd call a normal Black, despite holding all the characteristics of the prestigious Black family, silky black hair which fell in perfect waves framing is face and eyes the colour of the sea at storm, he defied tradition and was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin, much to the outrage of his pure blood fanatic parents, and openly defied their wishes. It seemed, getting the highest score in their year for muggle studies was the final straw and at the beginning of their sixth year, he was disowned. Lily had never heard of anyone being disowned before, but she guessed you should be fairly upset, not shouting and hollering praises to merlin and Agrippa like Sirius, but each to their own. Since then he had been living with the undeniable leader of the Marauders James Potter, like Sirius and Remus, he was classically handsome, tall and lean, slightly muscular with defined abdominals from hours on the Quidditch pitch training his team, of course he was Gryffindor team captain. Lily had noticed, sometime over the past year (about the same time as the butterflies started) that James' hazel eyes sometimes appeared brown, sometimes more green flecked with gold; they intrigued Lily, although she'd never admit that, mentally or out loud. Lily had spent the first five years of her schooling loathing James Potter, she hated every fabric of his being, everything about him, from the way he ruffled his hair to make it seem as if he had just got of a broom stick, to the way he played with that stupid snitch despite playing chaser and the way he would hex younger students just because he could. In addition the numerous amount of times he would ask her to be his girlfriend, at least once a term she would have to come up with an excuse or clever way to say no, then there was the arguments, Lily who had a relatively short temper anyway, seemed to have no fuse around James, it became none existent, just one word from him could provoke an argument that could last for hours and could be heard from miles around. Over the last year though, Lily had seen a drastic change in James Potter, had he matured? Was that the word? He had stopped playing with that silly snitch, stopped hexing students and began tutoring them instead, although that habit of ruffling his hair stayed, despite Lily's expressed hatred of it. Lily expected that change in James had been prompted by that fateful day at the lake when Lily's former best friend Severus Snape had called her that awful name – she detested the word – and she had told James what she really thought of him. Lily had obviously felt guilty after about what she had said, but she stood by it. After that something in James seemed to change, he took a different tact stopped asking her out and instead concentrated on becoming her friend. Lily and James had a struck up a careful relationship, James was still careful not to aggravate Lily's temper so they got along well and despite the occasional spat, Lily found herself enjoying his company more and more. She looked forward to the time they spent together and then there was the subject of the butterflies that flapped around her stomach whenever she saw him, but these weren't just normal butterflies, these were butterflies with drilling tools and hammers that were incredibly persistent in their attempt to free themselves from her stomach, instead of feeling light headed and dreamy whenever she saw James, like it was described in books, she felt nauseous and was quite sure she'd throw up, especially when he looked at her, with look, the look he reserved just for her. Lily, like other girls her age had, had the occasional boyfriend, but never had she felt attraction like this, to bloody James Potter of all people! She hoped the attraction had just been a reaction, something which would have died over the summer; she did not want to reveal to James Potter that when in third year he had announced that she'd one day fall for him, he had indeed been right.

The last Marauder was Peter Pettigrew. A small boy he stood half a foot shorter than the other three who were all relatively tall, a few inches taller than Lily. He wasn't fat, but what you'd affectionately call cuddly, with watery blue eyes. Unlike the others who were top of all their classes without trying, Peter worked incredibly hard for his just above average grades. Although he often made, quite dreadful, mistakes in Potions class – which ended up with the whole of the dungeons being evacuated, Peter was a good laugh to have around. He had surprisingly good comedic timing, and although he would admit it, because it was a stupid subject, he was probably one of the best in their year at Divination – he was the only reason Lily had passed her OWL exam in fifth year. He also happened to be quite a whizz at Transfiguration, it seemed to be a particular favourite with the Marauders.

Silence fell upon the four girls as the train chuntered to life and pulled away from the station, Hestia waved to her dad out the window and Alice to her parents, Jessica and Lily hung back from the window, instead Lily found her focus settling on Jessica. Her light blonde hair had grown over summer; it was now almost waist length although it was getting gradually shorter as she braided it down her back and over her shoulder.

"You going to keep staring Lily or do you want me to do yours?" Jessica asked with a grin, meeting Lily's eyes, she hadn't realised she'd been staring so intently however it seemed she had been.

"I'm okay thanks Jess, just watching." Lily replied, thinking how much trouble Jessica would have taming her vivid red curls to get them to braid the way Jessica's sleek blonde locks did. Alice sat back in her seat and rested her head against the back of her seat. She'd cut her dark blonde hair shorter over the summer, she'd mentioned so in one of her letters, it was now shoulder length with a light side fringe, Lily noted shorter hair suited her. Hestia took her seat back, but continued to watch out the window, as if in deep thought, Lily couldn't imagine what about, although it must have been important as Hestia's brow furrowed and hard look of concentration fell across her pretty features. Lily took a moment to muse, her friends weren't the most popular group at Hogwarts but they fitted in with each other perfectly, they suited each other, a pureblood, two half-bloods and a muggle born; two blondes, a brunette and a redhead; the Head Girl, a new Prefect, Quidditch seeker and school gossip.

"I wonder who got the badge though." Alice considered again, as she picked at her shocking pink nail varnish.

"Benjy Fenwick?" Hestia offered.

"Maybe." Lily replied as she mused, the Ravenclaw prefect was lovely, he was a good student and an overachiever, yes it must be Benjy, Lily knew she could get on with him well and they made a good team, Prefect rounds had taught her that, although she secretly hoped that Remus would walk in and surprise her with the badge, he was who she wanted for Head Boy.

"I reckon it's Fenwick – who else is there?" Hestia asked, she looked like she was going to carry on her reasoning but she was interrupted by Sirius Black, who had dramatically entered their compartment.

"Well ladies, you'd be wrong there!" he exclaimed excitedly, a devilish grin crossing his features. Sirius paused and held his hands up to the open doorway. "May I introduce the new Head Boy!" he stopped to giggle and in walked the last person Lily expected to see with the Head Boy badge pinned to his chest. "Mr James Potter!"

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