I had to take this off my brain. Man are chameleons cool or what.

He's a bumbler, a bobbler, but he's never known different. How many times has he played this part? Stood at the end of the dusty road with his hand on his belt? No one was there to watch him then. But now the road is full.

He's a gentleman, a foxytrot, a magician with his cards sheathed in his cuff. He's used his ace too often to be true. But does it matter, when there was no one there to catch his cheat?

He's a cowboy, a gangster, and his name is Rango. He says so himself, with that toothpick clenched in his teeth and a fire in his eyes. He says it, says it and no one doubts him. They can't doubt their hero.

He came from the desert, born from the sand and the sky. He's not from around here. They say he's killed before.

He says he'll keep them safe. They believe him, because they've never had a hero before, and right now, right here, they need a hero more than anything.

What's his name? Rango. They speak it in hushed tones. They pass it from mouth to ear, their eyes shining. He's the king of their stories. He's their savior, their morning sun, and he's the last and greatest hope they've got. When has he ever felt needed like this? When has he ever had someone else's dreams riding so heavily on his shoulders?

When has he ever felt so real?

They say he's a cowboy. They say he's a ganster.

He says his name is Rango. But really, is it?

Because he's just a bumbler, a bobbler, and his skin is made of lies. His life is a story and they drink it up like the water they yearn for. They believe in him, and he lets them believe in him, because faith is all they have. He can't let them doubt their hero.

He says he'll keep them safe. That's not a lie. He'll do anything under the sun for them; except tell them that he wasn't born from the sand and sky, that he's never killed before, that he's a faker, a fraud and a phony. He changes color to suit his background. He changes color like an oil slick on pavement. It's all he's ever needed. Why should they need him?

He's a pretender, the greatest of them all. And the truth is - He's never had a name. Why would he need a name when there's no one there to call him by it? When he's standing at the end of the road with his hand on his belt, and there's no one watching, and there's no one facing him, ready to draw?


Almost put Beans in here, but every time I wrote her name, I got hungry. Thus Rango shall be forever alone!