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Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking

Words by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons with music by Charlie Chaplin



Those boys have million dollar smiles.

The wattage on them.

Off the friggin' charts.

And those laughs.

Sam's so high-pitched.

Full of glee.

And Dean's.

Deep and soulful.

Roaring up from the belly and exploding out in a burst of pure joy.

Their entire faces join in the action.

All contorted up and lost in the moment.

They say it's therapeutic to smile.

Good for the blood pressure to laugh.

Seeing them joke around like that.

Relaxed with each other and happy.

Damn if that doesn't make this old heart soar.

Been a long time comin'.

Definitely worth the wait.

The End


February 2012

All standard disclaimers apply.

I woke up with this one, all the talk about how great it was to see Sam and Dean laugh and joke with each other, back to that brotherly tease and intense sharing of all their love, rattling around in my consciousness. Yes, it was like old times and so welcome.

In case you didn't catch it, this is Bobby speaking, observing the boys because I'm with Dean on that one, Bobby's not gone. He would never leave his boys, not when they still need him so. I was going to add this to my Bobby tribute series of drabbles, Father Figure, but I didn't want to wait to post and I have other chapters of that one that would have to be posted first, to get to this moment. Besides, not all are reading that series and I thought this could stand-alone just as well. I think we can all relate to Bobby's feelings about the boys. So very good to see that side of their personalities again, the playfulness and boyish joy.

Thanks for reading, comments are always most appreciated.

Later, B.J.