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The rest of the ride to the airport was a blur. Newlywed passion, coupled with the knowledge they were now rich beyond belief, caused them to forget the outside world existed. There was only Chuck and Sarah now.

Truthfully, both of them could care less about the money. They didn't need it, and they knew it. Sure, it didn't hurt to have millions upon millions of dollars, but both of them had repeatedly told each other all they ever needed was one another, and they had both meant it.

By the time Morgan pulled the stretch limo into the Departures section of LAX, Chuck and Sarah were silent, cuddling in the backseat. They were lost in each other's eyes.

Morgan stopped the car at the curb and got out. He came around the right side and opened the door for the newly married couple. Chuck smiled up at his best friend, and nodded towards the trunk. Morgan picked up on Chuck's cue and went around back to the trunk to get their luggage. Chuck glanced over at Sarah, and the sight almost caused his heart to burst out of his chest.

Sarah was quietly sitting next to Chuck, eyes fixated on her left ring finger and the wedding band that sat right next to her engagement ring. She was smiling contently. Chuck always knew this is exactly what Sarah had always yearned for, but it didn't hurt to get some reassurance every now and then.

"Excuse me, miss, but we have a plane to catch." Chuck's tone was light and joking.

"It's Mrs. now." She turned to him as she said the words. "Mrs. Bartowski to you." She broke out in one of her huge smiles that melted Chuck's heart.

"Well then, Mrs. Bartowski, I'd like nothing more than to sweep you off your feet and take you to a tropical paradise where it's just going to be the two of us."

"Deal." She reached up and placed a kiss right on his lips. She leaned back and smiled. "But first, I need to get out of this dress. Morgan's taking it home for me. Help me out of this limo, Mr. Bartowski?"

Chuck took her hand and helped her out onto the curb. They noticed that a good number of onlookers were gawking at the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Bartowski, standing outside LAX in a tux and a wedding dress. Sarah couldn't help but wrap her arms around his neck, bringing him closer, and engage in a world-shattering kiss that caused most of the onlookers to either mutter "aww" or "lucky bastard".

"Let's go get checked in then change while we wait for the plane, ok honey?" She asked him as their lips were still inches apart. Chuck stole another kiss before nodding his head in agreement.

Morgan agreed to wait for a few minutes so he could take their clothes after they changed. Sarah wanted to keep everything from today, so his tux and her dress were going straight into their closet at home until she figured out something better to do with them.

They walked hand-in-hand through the sliding doors into the terminal. They spotted the desk for their airline and sauntered over. They stood in line, never breaking contact with each other. It was their turn after about five minutes.

They stepped up to the desk, and, to Sarah's dismay, a young, pretty brunette girl looked up at them. Sarah couldn't believe her eyes when the brunette began to look Chuck up and down, smirking. Didn't she see that they obviously had just come from their wedding?

"Good day!" She was way too chipper for Sarah's liking. "How can I help you…." She was fishing for Chuck's name. Sarah beat him to it.

"Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Bartowski. We're on our honeymoon." Sarah said happily, snuggling closer into Chuck's shoulder. "Can we get our tickets please, miss?" Chuck knew that tone all too well. He just hoped that jealous Sarah wouldn't be with them for too long. It was vacation, after all.

The brunette picked up on Sarah's tone and changed her demeanor instantly. She didn't even dare sneak another peek at Chuck while she dutifully tagged their checked luggage and handed them their boarding passes. Chuck never even noticed the brunette standing behind the desk. His eyes never left his wife. He forgot they were even in an airport.

"Have a wonderful honeymoon, Mrs. Bartowski," she said sheepishly. Sarah just smiled back, took her husband's hand in hers, and grabbed their carry-ons.

Before they went through security, they ran to the bathroom, each with their carry on, and changed out of their clothes. Chuck changed into jeans, a Star Wars tee, and his Chuck's. Sarah was also wearing jeans, a white tank top, and her Rainbow sandals.

They went back outside quickly and gave Morgan their wedding clothes. Sarah glared at him, silently telling him if anything happened to those clothes, his nuts would be in a vice. Morgan knew that look all too well after living with them for so long. He nodded. No words were needed.

They said their goodbyes to Morgan, and he was all smiles as he pulled the limo back out into traffic.

"Well, Sarah, here we go. I can't believe we're actually on our honeymoon." Chuck had a a goofy grin plastered on his face.

"I can. Now what do you say we stop wasting it standing around outside LAX? I have some pretty….intricate plans." She was giving him her "I know you can't resist me" face, and it worked. Chuck pulled her in for a kiss, which she broke off too soon for his liking. She nodded towards the terminal, never breaking eye contact. They walked through the doors, striding towards the rest of their lives together.

They flew first class, of course. Chuck wasn't going to skimp on anything. You only have one honeymoon, he had thought. And his Sarah deserved nothing but the absolute best.

When the plane was finally at cruising altitude, and Chuck had calmed down a bit (Sarah thought it was adorable that even though they had ben jet-setting for a couple years, he still was terrified every time a plane took off), Sarah flipped up the armrest between them so she could move closer to Chuck. He obliged and snaked his arm around her waist to pull her even closer. He heard her let out a relaxed sigh. After over four years with her, Chuck could now decipher all of her sighs, and he knew that this was a good one.

Chuck dug through his pockets and grabbed his iPhone. He rummaged through his bag and found his earbuds. Before he could put them in, Sarah grabbed one and put it in her ear closest to Chuck. He smiled and put the other one in his ear.

He started to look through his iPod on his phone for the 'perfect' song, but before he could get very far, Sarah snatched it out his hands. She expertly skimmed down until she found the song she was looking for. Before she pressed play, she looked at Chuck. They were both always amazed at their ability to have an entire conversation in the span of a couple seconds by looking into each other's eyes and not having to utter a single word. Sarah's baby blues pierced into Chuck's heart, and he knew what she was trying to say. That this song represented the truth about them. He got even more excited.

The first couple piano notes altered Chuck as to the artist of the song. Of course she would pick Frank Sinatra. Ever since he'd introduced her to Nina Simone, she'd found her love of music. She not only loved the old crooners, she loved a lot of the more modern stuff Chuck listened to. Like Passion Pit, and Ben Folds, and even Dave Matthews Band, which she admitted she used to listen to in college. But she had waited a long time to play this song for Chuck.

She couldn't help but lay her head on his shoulder as the first stanza started.

Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum

You came along and everything starting to hum

Still it's a real good bet, the best is yet to come

The best is yet to come, and babe, won't that be fine

Neither of them could actually believe they were finally here. Married. En route to their honeymoon. No mission, nobody shooting at them, no Intersect. Just Chuck, Sarah, and two weeks.

You think you've seen the sun, but you a'int seen it shine

Wait til the warm-up's underway

Wait til our lips have met

Wait til you see that sunshine day

You a'int seen nothin' yet

The best is yet to come, and babe, won't that be fine

The best is yet to come, come the day you're mine

Come the day you're mine

Sarah looked up at Chuck and it warmed her heart to see that he was smiling from ear to ear, staring right back at her, love in his eyes. She picked up their linked hands, and laid a soft, sweet, tender kiss onto Chuck's ring finger, right onto his wedding band.

I'm gonna teach you to fly

We've only tasted the wine

We're gonna drain that cup dry

Wait til your charms are right, for these arms to surround

You think you've flown before, but baby you a'int left the ground

Wait til you're locked in my embrace

Wait til I draw you near

Wait til you see that sunshine place, a'int nothin' like it here

The best is yet to come, and babe, won't that be fine

The best is yet to come, come the day you're mine

Come the day you're mine

And you're gonna be mine.

Sarah didn't have to explain why she chose the song. Chuck knew. She was telling him everything she had trouble saying out loud. That this was just the beginning of their life. Almost thirty years alive, and both of them could swear today was the first day of their lives. She wasn't just talking about their honeymoon, even though it definitely applied to some of the lyrics. She was talking about the rest of their lives. How before Chuck, she never really saw the sun. Never really tasted wine. Never lived a day in her life. Until Chuck. Until he broke through every single one of her carefully constructed and vigilantly guarded walls, she had never known life or love. Chuck was her mentor, her teacher, her lover, her savior, her partner, her best friend. She couldn't imagine life without him once he had stubbornly placed himself in the middle of her universe. She didn't mind.

Hours later, after watching a couple movies, then falling asleep with Sarah's head on Chuck's shoulder and Chuck's head lightly resting on top of Sarah's, they were awoken by the PA system on the plane.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached our destination. The local time is 4:00 p.m., and the current temperature is 85 degrees fahrenheit. If you have a connecting flight, and require information on your connection, please see one of our representatives at the end of the jetway. If this is your final destination, enjoy your stay. Thank you for flying with us, and we hope to see you soon."

Sarah stood up first, looked down at her husband, and asked one simple, solitary question.

"Ready to start the rest of our life?"