Hello! I'm back! By general tally of messages, it looks like I'm doing a sequel. Warning, though – you must read Remember for this to make sense to you!

Disclaimer – I am definitely not L.J Smith. I gain no profit from this, and own nothing that would make it worth your time to sue me! So please please please don't!

Jenny gasped as she woke, sticky with sweat and clutching her blanket with both hands. She waited for her breathing to slow, looking around at her darkened room.

The place in her chest, separate from her heart, thrummed as the July midnight slipped into her room. It had been doing that ever since the night everything changed.

As she had held him, the last of the fading light brushed over her arms. It tingled; giving a feeling of pure, strong power that slipped up her arms and settled in her chest.

It had been there ever since.

She hadn't told Julian this. Jenny didn't understand it herself. But she knew that it was dangerous.

Too dangerous.

Rolling over, she tried to go back to sleep, but the humming inside of her was too strong. Sighing in annoyance and even fear, she got up and stared out her window. It was all dark, all full of sultry quiet. Something inside of her sang.


She whirled around to see her brother. "What?" How could you interrupt me?

"I…I had a nightmare," he said weakly.

"So?" She glared.

He backed away. "Never mind…" She bared her teeth, suddenly wheeling and blocking the door.

"What are you doing in here?"

"I…" the nine-year-old's eyes were wide.

"Get. Out." Jenny growled, and the sound was like nothing she'd ever heard. "Get OUT!"

Joey pushed past her and through her door, shaking. She watched him go, and then collapsed onto her bed.

Oh, God. What have I done? She looked at herself in the dim moonlight. What have I become?

The space over her heart hummed.