by peach83

A/N: A fanfic based on a Korean tv show. This is Full House, HeYa style. This RPF is also AU.

DISCLAIMER: I wish I own Naya, but she belongs to Hemo (I wish ;-)). Everything in this story is all made up. I don't own Full House either, just borrowing the concept because I think it's one of the best.

I repeat, all made up. I don't know the characters personally and I know nothing about their life. Except that they have amazing chemistry (yes, HeYa, you). Disclaimer applies to all chapters. Written for entertainment (and shipping) purposes only.

SUMMARY: Naya Rivera, notorious Hollywood playgirl, has had her share of scandals in the past. She moves into a picturesque house on the outskirts of Los Angeles, which she bought on impulse. It happened to carry something else with it though—a blonde-hair blue-eyed writer that turns her life (her heart, most especially) upside down.

Heather's scheming friends had sold her house. In order to get it back, she agreed to fake-marry Hollywood playgirl Naya Rivera for a year to help the actress tone down her notorious reputation. It seemed so simple. Complications arise as real feelings get involved.


"I'll give you this house back, if it means that much you. After all, it is your parents' home. You grew up here." The striking brunette sounded patronizing as she looked intently at the blonde, both of them standing in her bedroom.

Naya didn't get an answer right away. She held the reproachful look being thrown her way by the not-so-pleased Heather Morris.

"What's the catch?" Heather didn't even bother to hide the distrust in her voice.

They were back at Heather's home, well, now Naya's home, trying to stare each other down. Everything happened so fast. She still couldn't process the events that took place earlier at the party. The party hadn't even reached its peak when they had to leave. She had yet to meet agents and moviemakers whom she hoped could help her with her writing career, when all of a sudden, she was caught in a frenzy of flashing lights, and in a liplock with no other than Hollywood's notorious playgirl, Naya Rivera.

She had no idea how they escaped the mob of paparazzi. It was all a haze to her, but she remembered being outside the office of Naya's agent and friend, Kevin McHale, listening to their loud voices as they argued. Amber Riley, Naya's manager, was also there. And now she found herself here, negotiating with the actress, so that she could get her house back. It wasn't cheap. So she couldn't help but feel apprehensive as to what Naya would ask her to do in return.

"Marry me."

Heather's eyes widened. If she'd been drinking anything, she would've died choking.

"Excuse me?" The blonde managed to squeak out after her shock. The proposal was anything but romantic. It was spoken in the most nonchalant tone possible. She didn't know whether to be flattered or angry.

Naya made it sound like it was an ordinary thing for her. Did marriage mean nothing to the brunette at all?

Naya rolled her eyes at the blonde's reaction.

"I said, let's get married."

"Are you high?" It was the craziest suggestion she'd ever heard. They kissed. That definitely didn't mean they had to marry each other. Where was this even coming from?

"Do you want your house back or not?" The brunette was clearly starting to get annoyed when she didn't get the response she wanted. Her impatience clear in the tone of her voice.

"The answer to that question is easy. I don't understand why you're talking about marriage with me though."

"Hollywood exploded with the news of our engagement tonight. Haven't you heard?"


"Thanks for wearing my engagement ring when I told you to leave it alone, by the way", came brunette's acerbic response. This situation was really frustrating for her. Sure, it was her fault that they got the attention of every news/gossip crew and paparazzi at the party when she kissed Heather out of nowhere to get out of a certain situation. But there wouldn't have been any mention of an engagement if it weren't for Heather's foolishness. She wore the ring, meant for Dianna, that Naya had thrown away two days ago.

"Oh, so you're blaming me, then? You kissed me." Heather's thoughts went back to what happened at the party, and now, just couldn't believe the shameless proposition. How could someone propose marriage that easily?

"You enjoyed it." Naya shrugged with a self-satisfied look on her face. Heather couldn't help but roll her eyes. Sure, Naya's plump lips were way beyond kissable and she had thought about kissing Naya before—just to know how it would feel. But her annoyance with Naya's over-the-top narcissism still trumped the physical attraction.

"Your ego seems to occupy the biggest portion of your brain."

"Look, I've been involved in too many scandals this year and my PR is on my ass telling me that it's a bit too much, even for me."

"I'm sorry, but I think I missed the part that involves me."

"We're engaged. Or at least that's what people are thinking now. The gossip sites are already making up polls asking fans to vote how long they think I could last before I actually call off the engagement. I'm not going to give them that satisfaction."

"Why not tell the world the truth?"

"Explaining that kiss and how that ring found its way to your finger would be tricky. And I don't think that would help diffuse the situation. And if you think that telling people about my failed proposal to Dianna would be the solution, you must be delusional."

"If you really wanted to propose to her, why didn't you? She might have said yes."

"She doesn't love me that way."

Dianna was in love with Mark. She had been for a very long time.

Naya let out a defeated sigh.

"I'm sick of the scandals. I'm sick of the bad publicity. Half of them may be true but I'm not all that bad. I'm not as notorious as they make me out to be."

"I don't see how marriage would help you. Or me, for that matter." Observant blue eyes remained fixed on the brunette, who seemed resigned to the idea of marriage.

"We'll let people believe that we're in love with each other and we'll live in this house together. They'd think I'd gone soft since I'm finally settling down."

"But I don't even like you and I can't stand you."

"I'm an actress and a good one at that. I don't think you're that bad."

"Are you trying to get into my pants, Rivera? Divas are not really my type."

"Don't flatter yourself because I don't care much about you either. There's not going to be any funny business, we'll just pretend. We'll even have separate rooms. If you can do that for a year, then I'll give you this house back. No questions asked." Brown eyes remained unblinking, locked with a pair of blues, expecting a response.

The proposal earned the actress a wary and suspicious look from the blonde, so she continued.

"One year and then we'll get a divorce. I'll give you this house back as alimony. I'll move out and disappear from your life forever. All you have to do is say yes."

"That's tempting, but I don't really trust you." Blue eyes narrowed at Naya.

"I guess the feeling is mutual. But since we've already gotten ourselves into this mess, we might as well go all out, for both our benefits. It's a win-win situation."

"Correction, you got us into this."

Heather crossed her arms, her mind going through the advantages and disadvantages of marrying Naya Rivera and staying with her for a year.

Getting her parents' house back doesn't sound so bad. She wouldn't have to pay a cent and her house wasn't exactly cheap. It'd probably take her more than ten years to pay for it, and she was sure Naya wasn't interested in selling it back to her anyway.

Besides, being 'married' to a Hollywood A-lister with big connections might help with her writing career.

Also, she might actually be able to help the infamous playgirl.

"What would your agent say when we finally get a divorce?" Heather asked. Naya was apparently doing this for her career and her image. But what would happen after the divorce?

"I'm sure Kevin would find a way to make me look like a heartbroken divorcee and work it to my benefit."

"I need a contract."


"I need proof."


"I need a black and white document that this set-up will be over in a year and that you wouldn't go back on your promise."

"Like I'd stay married to you beyond that period, anyways. I'd barely survive one year!" Naya rolled her eyes at the blonde.

"This isn't really the time for insults, Naya." Blue eyes narrowed with a warning at the actress.

"Fine. Make a contract. I don't care... Just don't fall in love with me." Naya crossed her arms.

"Me, falling in love with you? Do you even hear yourself?"

"I saw you checking me out at that party."

"Ugh, you're insufferable!" Heather felt her face burning in embarrassment having been caught. She wouldn't admit to it anyway. She caught a lopsided smirk forming on Naya's face. Oh how she wanted to wipe the smugness off that gorgeous brunette.

"Just make the damn contract, will you?"

As Heather affixed her signature to the contract she drafted (with an addendum that the contract would be null and void upon discovery by a third person) her eyes fell on the person sitting across from her, busy signing her name. And for a brief moment, Heather recalled how she got into this situation with the Hollywood playgirl in the first place.

She reminded herself of her plans to hunt Harry and Jenna after this. Because if her supposed friends hadn't conned her, her house would still be hers, she would still have a place to live, and she wouldn't have to sell her soul to the great Naya Rivera.

Asian Fusion was so going to pay for this.

But first, we go back to where this all began…